Astronomical spectacle for his full annular eclipse only 7 times in one hundred (FIG.)

astronomical & other; The annular eclipse & throughout; Performed only in one hundred 7 times (figure)

3 queens, New York filming of a partial solar eclipse panorama xinhua hair

& other; The annular eclipse & throughout; Principle diagram

& other astronomical spectacle; The annular eclipse & throughout; 3, appeared in the sky. Astronomical experts said that the whole of the annular eclipse food with multiple countries across central Africa region, mainly the occurrence of the annular eclipse is especially rare, a total of 7 times full annular eclipse in the 21st century.

a solar eclipse, also called a solar eclipse, between the moon and the sun and the earth and occurs in a straight line. At this time for parts of the earth, to the right in front of the sun, the moon, some or all of the light from the sun is blocked, so it looks as if the sun part or all of the disappeared.

day times total solar eclipse, an annular eclipse and a partial solar eclipse of three. At the same time, the solar eclipse, if the visible parts of a whole foods, in another part of the visible annular eclipse, says the annular eclipse, also called & other; Mixed fresh & throughout; , very rare.

& other; The annular eclipse & throughout; How to form? Astronomical experts said that if the solar eclipse occurred during the proper distance to the moon, then observed the sun and the moon from the earth’s apparent diameter is almost equal. But due to the motion of the moon and the earth’s surface fluctuation will cause the distance to the moon in the solar eclipse occurred during hours with slight change, this will cause & other; Mixed fresh & throughout; The formation of.

according to the forecast, this at the start of the annular eclipse, the western Atlantic and other regions can be observed in an annular eclipse, then an annular eclipse into a total solar eclipse, entered the central Africa, at the end of the central somalia. Northern South America, southern Europe and southwest Asia and other regions can see a partial eclipse.

it is understood that a total of 7 times full annular eclipse of the 21st century, the last time in April 8, 2005, the next will be on April 20, 2023.