Austria international wizard school can send the diploma to cultivate modern harry potter

the global times reporter Pan Liang 】 do you want to learn to make love potion or make pumpkin carriage? Austria international wizard school is set up for you.

according to the Italian network run 24, Mr Starr cher’s international wizard school only a few kilometres from the Austrian capital Vienna, now for the next student admissions. Students to study in the school after six months, if can get a diploma, have passed the examinations and join & other; Toad wizard to spit association & throughout; . In the foreign students also need not & other Visualization & throughout; Listen to the teacher to the school, because the school is ready to remote teaching package, it can even provide tutoring online teaching.

students in the school to study astrology, magic, botany, herbology, energy channel, healing, divination, etc. In addition to take seven test and turned over to the paper, will be awarded & other; Wizard diploma & throughout; . The headmaster Mr Starr cher said, he wants to borrow modern science and technology, let students along the & middot; harry potter “series of footprints learn wizard this career more modern, more & other; Science & throughout; Side. In view of the students growing, France’s le monde, according to the school might be in the near future to create a & other; Throughout modern & harry potter; .