Ba jin and his girlfriend work published The latter because of puerperal fever early death (FIG.)

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& have spent the wife strangers, Luo Shuzhu, cultural life press, 1938, the people’s literature press, 2001)

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a volume of 1936 4 season, monthly magazine, published a paper entitled “the stranger’s wife” of the novel. The author of the novel with deep compassion for the mood, describes a due to the uncertain life, by her husband to sell the wife of others the women a painful life and mood, shows the lower people’s miserable condition of that age. Novel is not long, but the atmosphere of the build, depict within characters, very natural and vivid; The text is plain, but it is quite skilled. The author of the novel signed & other; Luo Shu & throughout; , for readers even editor, this is a strange name.

& other; Luo Shu & throughout; Is a pen name, publish it is ba jin in the recommended when writing your own. The author name Ma Shimi, ba jin is a friend, leave law scholars Ma Zongrong’s wife. The author can write novels, is more than a friend, including ba jin did not expect that. In their eyes, but she is & other; Common friend’s wife, think she’s generous demeanor, eloquent. Throughout the &; (Li Liewen) & other; Who is an ordinary person, and even do not see a little in her appearance. Throughout the &; (ba) so when the this article first wife strangers, later, even the friends are all very surprised. Then famous critic li jianwu said he and other Never dreamed that & throughout; , & other; My ignorance as if a fault is hard and joy since & throughout; . His work with critics make such evaluation: & other; She did not exaggerate, but she has a feeling; She loved the human, but she didn’t cry; In silently to write her a material life, kind, because they don’t force; Character, because she doesn’t like some woman, along the traditional way of life sad feeling to write some sad words. This is the beginning of a normal, is also the beginning of one of the most secure & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Edit published article JinYi said: & other; Read her “wife strangers” of the original & hellip; & hellip; In her simple, elegant style of writing, there are two carved heart moved me true description & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; In the face of JinYi admiration, the new authors also some not confident: & other; (JinYi) I frankly told her my advice, she is a little shy, humble, when I speak, my head low, and I was very excited, in the face of a friend they really want to say the time I was so often, but when I lift up your eyes, and immediately saw her very excited eyes in the light of some strange gratitude, & ndash; & ndash; It wasn’t because be empty false flattery, it is because of the creator of a painstaking work effort not being ignored when its heartfelt joy. Throughout the &;