Bai juyi poetry “wage” prime minister stood at 90000 yuan a month

& other; The man’s wallet, a woman’s age & throughout; , which is considered to be the two secrets of the modern workplace. However, on the Internet, a lot of people are keen on their own income even daily expenses are shown in detail, network said & other; Exposed salary & throughout; . In fact the ancients also have payroll, will also take out the sun!

hanshu has records of the western han dynasty dongfang shuo bask in salary, only poor & other; Pay a sac millet, money throughout two hundred and forty &; . A capsule millet, refers to a bag without hulled millet; Money two hundred and forty, refers to the three two hundred and forty baht money. When the job is DongFangShuoGang all one month salary.

writer bai juyi in the tang dynasty exposed salary is the most elegant, chosen are mostly simple and beautiful lines, not only to express feelings, also left a valuable data for the later generations. He had in his life to do all sorts of different levels of salary when officer are written into the poem.

bai juyi early do household cao such small officer, said he and other 450 thousand them money, month in twilight. Throughout the &; At the age of 35 officer to county commandant, he wrote “concept mow mai”, wrote in a poem & other; Today I what qualities, not farming. There are surplus LiLu stone, three hundred characters. Throughout the &; To oneself to do farm work can have the bread of three hundred stone, is very ashamed.

37 years old, he had left gleanings of positions, salary suddenly expanded several times, wrote in a poem & other; In shame about paper 2 photos, old pay money since three hundred thousand. Throughout the &;

at the age of fifty, bai juyi officer to the secretariat, the salary is easy to let his life: & other; I more than 50 of cloud, not is a bitter old man. Secretariat of two thousand stone, nor for straw. Throughout the &; 54 years old, he again when the secretariat, he recorded in his “question new: & other; Hundreds of households states particularly expensive, two thousand Shi Lu outspoken poverty? Throughout the &; Treatment was really nice.

since then, bai juyi wage bullish year after year, prince office less peaked when fu, & other; Two goods in BaiQian officer, government hired me as a free people & throughout; , not only high salary, but also very at leisure, envy others. Before she died, bai juyi still remember leaving the from of an old woman in the family “, finally bask in the sun: salary & other; Long life and seventy-five, and with them fifty thousand. Throughout the &;

in the song dynasty, officials of the most generous salary, is 10 times that of the han dynasty, the qing dynasty six times. Besides them money, and John Paul m, therefore the size of the song dynasty official mostly jinyi cate, luxurious life. Emperor song zhenzong had greatly give officials a raise for the first time to jiayou years, movable and officially established & other; Paul make & throughout; , prime minister, the tang dynasty month pay three hundred penetration, at the time of each stone prices about overland to consistently reduced, it is concluded that prime minister salary equivalent to RMB 90000 now.

at the moment, people surf the Internet in my spare time in wages is, might as well just bask in the sun also own ability, will promote themselves as motivation.