Beethoven exposure from complaining about no money (FIG.)

recently, Germany baker institute of Brahms found a letter from Beethoven. In this letter, Beethoven complaining about no money and ill, life is not easy.

lv beck Brahms study suggests that the letter 6 pages long, with a signature and seal stamp letters sent a letter to object is another composer, Beethoven was going to let him to help sell the ownership of a piece of music. But the most striking in the letter words of complaint or Beethoven. Beethoven said their financial situation worse, in the letter also suffers from the eye, his nephew, the tuition is too high and no one to take care of after his death.

according to introducing, this letter of Beethoven’s letters scrawled in character and have more alter, look untidy. It is estimated that the value of the sealed letter from more than 100000 euros.