Beginning of the han dynasty have award given “la” fat is equivalent to 1 year salary

bring about ancient patriotic judgment hall with Chinese New Year red envelopes, officials also please eat subordinates.

when winter comes, local officials often think kyou-kan purchase heating charcoal, filial piety to the six department officer money, this call & other; Carbon worship & throughout; .

every year, nearly a year of hard working people focused attention on the in & other; Annual bonus & throughout; The big red envelope. Year-end bonuses has experienced the history of how to change? What is the difference between their year-end world?

year-end bonuses when xing:

han & other; La give & throughout; Fairly thick

the award in our country have long. In the eastern han dynasty, to the twelfth month, the emperor began to military baiguan year-end bonuses. Han officer instrument is recorded by & other; La give & throughout; A: general, thereof the money 200000, 200 jins, 200 welcome japonica rice, beef into, hou, 150000, 100000, about 50000, a captain history 30000, shi, will be, a doctor in 20000, thousands of stone, six hundred, 7000, samurai lang, feather Lin Lang 3000. It was said that three fairs and general monthly salary is only 17500 money, get this time year-end bonuses, the equivalent of a year’s salary.

is the bread of song dynasty officials including pay (money), millet (m), the position of money, public money, money, job field, the beverage to volume (travel), cooking materials, fuel, etc many dazzling names, wages are tall, but very few year-end bonuses. Winter solstice every year, the emperor sent senior officials year-end bonuses, prime minister, tang dynasty, and used to seal the king’s minister, each person only five sheep, 5 end, two stone meters, two jars yellow rice wine.

at the end of the qing dynasty emperor multi-purpose pockets reward ministers. Yu ting continued record “load: qianjia period & other; The close of the year when the nobles are given; Minister of command is given & lsquo; But each peace & rsquo; Pouch is a & throughout; . The reward of just how much money will be filled with pockets? Late emperor gave to the big pockets with the prince of Mongolia, general equipped with all kinds of jade in a; Xiao-he package with four, one copy each of the built in gold and silver in; Xiao-he package a again, within four gold and silver money, gold and silver Ke four, it is quite generous & other Annual bonus & throughout; .

during the period of the republic of China, the shop man, company staff generally have a year-end bonus. Year-end bonuses have more with less, the shopkeeper or manager may have a thousands or hundreds of blocks of ocean year-end bonuses, a few guys and ordinary workers, or a few blocks of ocean of year-end bonuses already very good. Shops and workshops have a batch of apprenticeship, apprentice is generally no wages, but has a year-end bonuses. Generous boss will give a ErSanShiKuai ocean red envelopes, tube apprentice would mean boss a good meal, this is a good meal can also be a year-end bonus. At that time (lunar calendar), 360 days a year between the meat long day about 20 days. These days most concentrated in the first month, landlord to long meat is a kind of woo said of encouragement, owners, and in not to long meat will be blindfolded miserliness. This meat is also long year-end bonuses.

after the founding of new China, the planned economy era of the factory and office unit shall practise a system of physical distribution of benefits, at the end of Chinese New Year not hair year-end bonus, or tickets, but food is the most typical chunks of frozen hairtail, chunks of frozen meat, or letting people lined up to take turns to get tickets, ticket sewing. Sent money also useless, because you have money to buy is not what good things without a ticket. Everyone’s annual harvest depends on the unit is & other; Severe department & throughout; Ever, the director of the factory director or & other; Skill & throughout; And & other Drive & throughout; . With the deepening of reform and opening up, the goods on the market greatly rich, physical reward gradually cancelled, the unit started issuing year-end bonus at the end of the year.

year-end bonuses from

revenue way different

media reports recently, in the depths of the economic crisis of the Spanish government in order to let the firemen self-raised year-end bonuses, tax exemption to let them do calendars for models to sell their own. While in ancient China, senior officials award by a court to issue, collectors of year-end bonuses and smaller need themselves to find a way to generate revenues.

the wei jin period, the qin and han dynasty official documents written on bamboo slips, official documents in the process of conveying rigged up the document with pockets, again on cement paste, under seal. Another department receives this pocket, peeling cement, empty out the official document, document the pocket become waste. When the bamboo slip pockets with leather, silk, there is also a linen cloth, can be sold. Saving more pockets and to sell on the market, by the end of the year-end bonuses.

practical song dynasty there was a time when they are permitted to folk usury. Usury principal, has the government allocated & other; Capital & throughout; And & other Public money & throughout; And the officials themselves up funds. Profits, national finance small head, places, most interest is put into the assets, some of the goodies for the tail and head of the use of hair, hair red envelopes.

during the Ming and qing dynasties is very low and high officials kyou-kan year-end bonus is not court, but from local officials. Local officials to channel more money at the time, and some of the poorer kyou-kan was. Local officials for access to information and get kyou-kan coordinate, when winter comes, often thought kyou-kan purchase heating charcoal, filial piety to the six department officer money, this call & other; Carbon worship & throughout; . Have a poem the yue: & other; Snow at large under nine heavy, do my official official department hanging lights. Frequency knocking tin stove, fireplace molten carbon red jade do. Throughout the &;

in fact, charcoal worship festival bonus is the Spring Festival, called on local festival worship. Carbon is worship & other Present age & throughout; (New Year), so local officials presented generally does not directly say the number of the letter attached, and eight by plum blossom poems rhyme, ten rhyme or dozens of rhyme to replace, if 40 liang silver is said & other; Forty sage & throughout; , three hundred and twenty, said & other MAO poetry throughout a &; And looks very elegant. Someone gave baylor carry out one thousand two hundred pieces of silver, and the envelope is & other; Thousand buddhas name throughout the &; Four words, but this dude don’t even know the meaning, also show it to the others, then open it, only to find that there are one thousand two hundred silver ticket.

year-end bonuses to know how much: someone glad someone sorrow

how to make their year-end hair ball, lower-income happy, is a global problem. Annual bonus distribution abroad, from quantity to and China have many different ways. Ordinary civil servants in the United States in addition to get a salary cap, almost no any nature of the subsidies and hidden income, no performance bonus, no stock dividends, nor year-end bonuses, scientific research and education institutions also not issuing year-end bonuses, even not every company has annual bonus. In the United States, the annual bonus award aims to reward outstanding employees, motivate them to work well, so not everyone can get. Even if there were, amount is not big, is about 1% to 3% of annual income. In the American economic barometer of Wall Street, a report said this year the total compensation of the investment bankers and traders to fall 8%, only about half the level in 2007, years ago Banks threw cold water on employees year-end bonus expectations.

in Japan, from the general workers to civil servants have year-end bonuses. Many companies in Japan, in addition to every 6 months to send half a year, the year-end awards, April will send again once a year bonus, but not issued to the employee, but sent to employees, Mrs Called & other; Mrs. Bonus & throughout; . Japanese companies believe that Mrs. Bonus is very important, can supervise staff better wives to support her husband’s work.

Swiss company employee bonus mainly with the group’s annual surplus situation and individual business success rate for the whole year. General of small and medium enterprises, in the company full-year surplus ideal under the premise of employee business success rate in 100% or more, can obtain the equivalent of three to four month year-end bonus; Success rate at 50% and below, just get the year-end bonus equivalent to 1 month. And the year-end bonus is mainly composed of civil servant in the year’s work ability and the performance rating decision, for the first year of income is about 94% of basic salary, the next year, according to ability and earnings rise 2% to 2%.

British civil servants year-end bonus and performance, some senior civil servants year-end bonus of up to 50000 pounds. Civil servants in the declaration in accordance with the law, must, but the wages, bonuses, allowances, benefits and benefits such as free, and all kinds of income. In recent years, the civil service high bonuses triggered controversy. British prime minister David Cameron came into power in May 2010, began to vigorously on civil servants & other; Crazy & throughout; Share out bonus, deep cuts in civil servants.

French no provisions must send bonuses to civil servants, the vast majority of civil servants year-end bonus equivalent to 8% of the total annual salary. Even the minimum & other; Social integration benefits & throughout; People can also get a festival bonus at the end of each year, amount range from 150 euros to 500 euros.


hair or not hair

not unit & other; Legal obligations & throughout;

annual bonus is short for whole year one-time bonus, refers to the administrative organs, enterprises and institutions such as the withholding agent according to its annual economic benefit and comprehensive assessment for employees work performance throughout the year, grant the one-time bonus to employees, including annual salary and performance salary, the annual salary system is practised to cash units according to the appraisal situation of salary and performance salary.

the national bureau of statistics on the total wages of provisions on the clear: & other; Total wages is composed of the following six parts: hourly wages; Piece rate; Bonus; Allowances and subsidies; Overtime wages; Salary that pays below special situation. Throughout the &; The “rules” of the attachment on bonuses in the relevant interpretation worker pay also explains, ShengChanJiang including above award, award, safety award, examine the block of various economic indicators, early completion award, ocean shipping dispatch award, year-end bonuses, etc. According to the rules, can maintain & other; Annual bonus & throughout; Belong to the category of wages.

however, & other; Annual bonus & throughout; Unlike the minimum wage and social insurance premium of pay labor law mandates that the content is same, not unit of choose and employ persons must send. According to the labor law and other The production and operation of the project unit according to its characteristics and economic benefits, independently determine the unit of wage distribution and wage level & throughout; Term, unit of choose and employ persons autonomy, on whether the implementation of annual bonus system in the unit did not implement annual bonus system, the two sides had agreed and no award, laborer requests for pay bonuses are unfounded.

implemented on January 1, 2006 of the civil servant law and regulation, the comprehensive evaluation of civil servants, performance, inexpensive, can, frequently, only in evaluation & other; Good & throughout; Or & other; Competent & throughout; To get year-end bonus; While & other; Basic competent & throughout; , do not enjoy the year-end bonus; Regular check is identified as & other; Incompetence & throughout; , to reduce a position level; Annual appraisal for two consecutive years was identified as & other; Incompetence & throughout; , it shall be dismissed.

new survey

half enterprise intends to

raised their year-end

for society, award is like a prism, reflecting the welfare of the gap between different industries. Annual bonus distribution problem is essentially wealth distribution, both involves first distribution and allocation, again perfect year-end bonus system for unit of choose and employ persons and laborer is & other; Win-win & throughout; So, for society and laborer.

a few days ago, a research center released the 2012 enterprise award research report, according to the report, compared with 2011, fifty percent of companies will be slightly raised year-end bonuses, ten percent enterprises remain unchanged, but nearly forty percent of enterprises will be reduced their year-end & ndash; & ndash; For sixty percent of enterprise employees, in 2012 won’t be worse than the previous year. In the survey, 71% of people questioned in the state-owned enterprises, 64% of people questioned in the corporation will be increased year-end bonuses, and of foreign companies to raise the proportion of the annual bonus is only 52%.

a recent media & other; 2012 year-end bonuses workplace investigation & throughout; Found that 96.88% of people think annual bonus distribution will affect employee loyalty to the enterprise. For most enterprises, due to the annual bonus distribution has become a habit, annual bonus incentive function, at this time can be appropriately innovation, such as reward travel, holiday is becoming a new way of year-end bonuses. Many years later, the employees may forget that the boss gave him a red envelope is filled with a few ticket, but the beach or the beauty of the scenery can be good memories of himself or his family life.