Beijing homo erectus may be cannibals with hyenas to recognize for body (figure)


hyenas skeleton

a torrential rain in July this year, Beijing fangshan district in the western suburbs of the affected, after it was revealed at risk of collapse of zhoukoudian ape man relics so worse. Recently, protection and restoration of site plan has entered the argument.

in fact, although & other; People in Beijing & throughout; Image among domestic textbooks for decades has been, but scientists at home and abroad has not stopped the study of these old bones and controversy, on many of the things they not so consistent with our traditional memory & ndash; & ndash; Such as their official name & other Beijing homo erectus & throughout; Rather than & other; Peking man & throughout; Today, also not be the ancestor of the Chinese; And called & other; Man hole & throughout; Long Gushan cave, that may also is not their home of happiness & hellip; & hellip;

skull evidence?

& other; People in Beijing & throughout; Long Gushan near zhoukoudian site is located in Beijing, is a by large cave sediments gradually filled with hundreds of thousands of years. From 1927 to 1927, were unearthed here more than 5 skull, the skull fragment, 14 bone, teeth, more than 100, and a small amount of broken bones. Unfortunately, most of the fossils in world war ii is missing.

researchers have long noted that & other; People in Beijing & throughout; The fossil skull is far more than the body skeleton, skull with suspected broken and scars. Long Gushan second presided, German anthropologist unearthed weidenreich step as well as the French scholar, think that this means & other; People in Beijing & throughout; The wind of that there could be a killer. Cannibals will neck and facial bones broken, dig out the brain eaten, then cut off the rest of the meat body.

at the time, people have another kind of prehistoric humans in Europe & ndash; & ndash; Neanderthal fossils, as well as New Guinea cannibalism among indigenous found similar phenomenon, weidenreich proposed & other; People in Beijing & throughout; Cannibalism is also on this basis. But the domestic educational world mainstream did not agree with this view, they think skull deformity, scars are more likely to come from eating the hyenas.

but the weidenreich left China, away & other; People in Beijing & throughout; Fossil precision plaster model, after the liberation of domestic also unearthed a skull with a small pieces. Under the electron microscope scanning, indeed some fossil shows traces of stone cutting, homo erectus that Beijing is likely to cannibalism.

however, some other fossil eyebrow bone, head and other parts, but shows the hyenas canine teeth bite marks, the skull at the bottom of the hole is reflecting the hyenas forelimbs masterpiece; The trace of human stone without sight. A femoral damage on the surface, also with the modern spot hyenas spit it out after the bite bones characteristics.

it is best not to imagine what happened: hyenas limbs to hold the victims, with a strong mouth chew off the whole face, then open skull, eat delicious juicy brain in the cranial cavity, chew bones of limbs again & hellip; & hellip;

prehistoric & other; Broken bones machine & throughout; ?