Biography writing site soil inspired a lot of citizens in violation of earth (FIG.)

writing in site, on the hill was made of earth, everywhere, some even bare roots.

writing in the ruins of soil & other; Reiki & throughout; ? In one thousand & other; Fairy soil & throughout; Growing flowers grow better? These seemingly inconsequential rumors, however, some believe. Recently, it is frequently to someone writing in ruins of soil on the hill. & other; We have to get out the warning signs and banners, prohibition or. Throughout the &; Yesterday, the burial site of mawangdui hospital of hunan province officials said helplessly.

citizens reflect

often someone to hill soil

& other; A few days ago I saw an old woman with fiber bags of rice soil, to buy food with folded trolley on a put, was secretly give away the soil. Throughout the &; Mawangdui hospital retired worker li said angrily. Mr Li told reporters that the recent months, often see someone with a trolley and weave bags, to writing in the ruins of soil on the hill, in the majority with the elderly.

& other; Writing is elysian fields in one thousand, they say, the soil here have reiki, flowers, vegetables with it both long and very lucky. Throughout the &; Mr Jiang has repeatedly in mawangdui hospital to see someone soil. These people tend to use dark plastic bags soil, carrying directly out of the door, the guard often perceive not.


burial site was destroyed by the removal of vegetation

yesterday morning, the reporter comes to writing in 3rd grave. At the foot of a grave hill, a prominent position on the hanging & other; Here for the provincial cultural relics protection units are strictly prohibited in the mountain soil & throughout; The banner.

despite the ban on earth’s warning, but everywhere can see traces of soil on the hill. More than can be seen along the stone path up the mountain, slope turf vegetation are digging, the soil was got. One, the yellow soil has inward concave nearly 8 cm, a 2 meters high tree saplings most roots bare outside.

& other; Everyone to earth, sooner or later, the hill will be plane bald! Throughout the &; The residents are very worried.

cultural relics department

cemetery site without authorization, the removal of illegal

in view of the behaviors of someone in the tomb site soil, mawangdui hospital general affairs section chief Li Huijun tells a reporter, the hospital on this matter very seriously, is set up around the grave last week about warning banners, staff had to stop for many times, but to little effect.

writing to the prime minister in the early western han dynasty changsha, pale and his wife after the burial, 1956 have been announced for the provincial cultural relics protection unit, has unearthed a complete history from 1972 to 1974 and more than 3000 pieces of precious cultural relics. & other; In the range of protection, all the damage of cultural relics protection units and destruction of cultural relics protection unit frame style, are illegal. Throughout the &; A surnamed huang furong district cultural relics management staff, told reporters that earth or suspected illegal without authorization. As for the so-called writing site soil & other; Reiki & throughout; In one thousand, & other; Fairy soil & throughout; Such as growing flowers grow better rumors that is nonsense.

received this reporter, furong district cultural relics management carried out a field investigation immediately, relevant staff said that is the case, and report to the superior. Before instructions down, they will be joint provincial museum, mawangdui hospital and streets, communities, to strengthen supervision. He called on the citizens to voluntarily protect the cultural relics. The author: the reporter Eunice li intern MoYu IfengLogo Xu Weijia