Blogger is a day did not update the reader scold is 20 yuan FengDingJia thousand words

recently, network, 25, female writers & other; Green air-conditioning & throughout; Royalty – died, caused uproar in the society. Although proved female writers about her personal physique, is a special case, but & other; Internet writers & throughout; This hidden behind a variety of network reading terminal groups, suddenly pushed into the spotlight.

although some success, but more network writers had a low social status, rights and interests of insecurity, was chased by the reader to scold, every code word day at his desk, and so under pressure for 20 yuan to cap fees may be thousand words.

according to a owns several network literature website company statistics, at present, the literature about 100 original web site, blogger is hundreds of thousands of people, and there are more and more people are trying to join the market gradually expanding industry.

one day did not update the reader called

& other; Green air-conditioning & throughout; Friends said, she writes the night before he died, not bask in the sun in a few days. Blogger is life really so bitter? Served as a website editor of literature & other; Crazy horse & throughout; (net), the network is the biggest pain writers must code every day thousands of words. Network novel is a feature must be updated every day, one day does not update the reader will send comments suck, two days don’t update a lot of readers will loss, turned to look at other people’s stories. Update the number of words also cannot little, little, thousands of words, more than tens of thousands of words, to seize this help the reader’s attention by the lack of patience. Even the notoriously writers, such as & other The great spirit & throughout; Level writers Zhang Wei, net & other; TangGuSanShao & throughout; , also have to write 10000 words a day. Writers & other; West to & throughout; Says he wrote the most bitter, only half a month to go out once, a month to leave the necessaries of life, sometimes write 230 thousand word a day.

the personage inside course of study says, because it requires a lot of energy, network writers are bowl & other; Youth throughout rice &; Mainly concentrated in 18 to 35 years old, age, writers have little more than 40 years old.

however, & other; Crazy horse & throughout; Said the writers life didn’t also people as dark as I thought. Network novel is fast food culture, and the grade of the booth in literature, the readers in the majority with migrant workers, students and young white-collar workers, see network novel just to kill time, the purpose of their writing level requirements, see is a story. & other; Make up the story has its own routines, skilled writers turned on the computer to sit down and make up, to write 6000 words fast 3 hours. Throughout the &; Writers & other; Cry, & throughout; Said that – is very easy, two people fight, you a recruit a type I, let them play for a while, play a few thousand words.

and, most of the network writers is a part-time job, without the money for the family.

have income may only ten percent

& other; Before really bitter is written out. Throughout the &; Crazy horse said, code word more than a day, also can’t get much money.

although network novel website & other; Qidian & throughout; Declared, the website have been born 10 paid millions of Internet writers, hundreds of writers annual income has more than 100000 yuan. But the writer & other; In peace & throughout; Said: & other; 100 network writers, at least 100 no income, the remaining 10 people, they worked so hard to write a month, to make several packets of cigarettes money, have got the income of the average white-collar, only 1 person, may be able to earn an enviable wealth. Throughout the &;

network writers which has several calculation. The first is metered into. Network literature website generally charge readers 2 to 3 cents per thousand words fee of reading. Crazy horse, according to the writer to share very little, actually. Hits the revenue generated, network operators and literary web sites according to the ratio of 6:4 points first, site and writers on half again, but the site often say no to so many, so writers can get 1/5 or even 1/10 of all income. Cry, mentioned, is divided into high risk for writers, one thousand no clicks, write how many words are white. Writers & other; Throughout the apocalypse &; , according to a website which calculation standard is this: ordinary writers write 30000 words on the website, web editor will review the text, after and the author to sign a contract with the copyright; If not for the first time through, the need to write 50000 words after approved by the writers take the initiative to apply for, don’t through to 100000 words; If didn’t through 100000 words, basic is writing the book.

after the writer gradually accepted by readers, web site to the payment system also has improved. Paid by thousand words of writers can get a stable income, submit websites have the statistics, how many words each monthly statement payment at a time. But that sounds pitifully low remuneration, crazy horse, thousand words FengDingJia is 20 yuan.

there are some websites for signing writers have a & other; Perfect attendance & throughout; 2000 words, as long as the daily updates, regardless of the quality stand or fall has a 500-1000 yuan every month, some college students at the perfect attendance and earn some pocket money.

of course, this is just for signing writers, more and more people are busy writing unwanted & other; The workers & throughout; , said the party of the apocalypse, usually with one in 20 people can sign up pretty good.

weak part often is conditioned by the website

network writers still have to learn patience and self regulation. And social status of network writers & other; The path & throughout; The writer can’t than. Due to network literature does not enter the mainstream, and the connotation of writing all bad, from a purely literary Angle to see, most can only be called & other; Literature garbage & throughout; , so the network writers has always been looked down upon, and even some writers at their work also denounce it as & other; Garbage & throughout; .

in the face of the website, the writer also always lack, especially in the early days of the network literature, literary web sites, writers can only be subordinate to the website, the website has what to what rights and interests, not to have no, can’t go to. Now, writers are often required to sign & other website; ‘ll & throughout; . A literary website: specified in the electronic contract within the validity term of contract, the author shall not be the same as the pen name of the provisions of this agreement or a similar name, pen name, author, or any other name, website in writing during the period of signing new works published or license a third party, use or development. In fact, many writers in different pseudonyms in multiple sites open column, earn more money, & other; ‘ll & throughout; But also a sign, although had broken and this kind of circumstance, or continue to take risks, or be dead set service for it.

website will be divided into signing writer & other The great spirit & throughout; And & other Small & god throughout; , write good writers called & other; The great spirit & throughout; Baby, it is the site. Qi said, in order to prevent the great god being poached, website will monitor their on-site mailbox, as long as see great god inbox have suspected manuscripts to delete letters. The authors also have their own group, the group is composed by site management, does not allow outsiders to join casually, lest be & other; Search & throughout; Loophole.