Blue and white porcelain yongzheng 3 million pound homes put 45 years nobody know (FIG.)

a qing dynasty emperors period of blue and white porcelain vases, 16, 2.6 million pounds in Britain tennant auction, plus a commission, a total of 3 million pounds (about 29.73 million yuan), the original estimate of 20000 pounds than a treasure 100 times more! Incredible is that it’s a valuable vase in sellers put 45 years, never know.

put 45 years old vase home nobody know

, according to the daily mail, The Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday, the British tennant auction houses, antique experts tennant Yorkshire in northern England recently held a treasure of regular home visits, accidentally discovered the valuable only blue and white porcelain vase. According to the declined to give a treasure of the identity of the person, the only dowdy old vase has put 45 years in his home.

a treasure people at first thought it’s a nondescript vase but only imitations of the 19th century, the best value of 2 to 30000 pounds. But 40 years after the study Oriental porcelain tennant in a glance, that it is a rarity.

yongzheng blue and white porcelain that buyers have

it is understood that it’s a blue and white porcelain vase is 39.2 cm high, carved with about two dragon with five claws, carving work is very delicate, bottom section bearing & other; Throughout the qing yongzheng year &; With the words. From the painting techniques, it follows dense detailed packing type feature of early Ming dynasty. Later, after a number of other experts around the world to a consistent, the vase is the Chinese qing dynasty yongzheng period (1723-1735) blue and white porcelain.

news, buyers flocked from all over the world. On the 16th of this month, the vase in Yorkshire tennant formal auction auction hall.

3 million pounds was a treasure people

after as many as eight rounds, up to 10 minutes of bidding, the qing dynasty yongzheng vases ultimately hammer for 2.6 million pounds, plus the auction house’s commission, Santa clarita, a total of 3 million pounds.

tennant antique experts said that although the qing dynasty vase is less than the value of the Ming dynasty antique, but found in relatively remote Yorkshire so treasure level is not easy. It is reported, a reluctant to disclose the identity of the Chinese Hong Kong buyers bought by telephone quote this vase. Little lang