Body discovered 24000 years ago reveals American indians have European descent (FIG.)

Beijing, Nov. 22 (xinhua) according to foreign media reports, a body discovered buried in east Siberia Malta at the bank of Lake Baikal, brought two big surprise to the anthropologists, and finally reveal the American indians have European ancestry.

it is reported that the dead body discovered was a little boy, died 24000 years ago. He probably three or four years old, wearing the crown ivory, bird-like pendant, beads and trapped under a piece of stone.

the accidental discovery of the anthropologist, is one of the little boy’s DNA is the same with western europeans. This shows that in the last ice age, humans from Europe on Eurasia travel distance is far more than previously estimated. Although Malta boy’s skin and hair can’t survive, but his genes suggest that he should have brown hair and brown eyes and skin with freckles.

another unexpected finding was that his DNA with the contemporary Indian DNA match proportion about 25%. For a long time, the first arrived in America is believed to be related with the east asians from Siberia. And now, seems to be among the first to arrive America, is the Siberia of Western Europe and east Asia somewhere.

on November 20th, Dr Weiler, reeves and his colleagues to the findings, published in the journal nature. The article writes, & other; We estimate that, through the form of the gene flow, 14% to 38% of all Indian ancestors from this a old population. Throughout the &;