Borrow a fox “liao zhai zhi yi” of oral mei husband: let husband’s guilt

Ming Jiang Yin “plantain beauty figure”


“liao zhai zhi yi” fox out of the mouths of teach mei’s art


ever since the dawn of civilization, the seesaw battle with the small three never sleeps, fighting spread for thousands of years, because of the gender inequality in the patriarchal society, gender inequality and inequality caused by strategy, war mostly develop in a direction conducive to the small three, that is still around today so-called & other; No part of the husband and wife, just don’t work hard throughout the small three &; Such as slanting reason heterodox. Equality between men and women have not been to the best of all, everyone must still be hard.

however, in the long battle, the industrious and brave beautiful ladies in China, we use the price of blood has gained rich combat experience, for later sisters for personality independence and a happy marriage, established the immortal feats.

to critically absorbing predecessors’ experience, today, we are going to ascend to the qing dynasty, back to the period of pu songling, ascend to the “strange stories constant niang” in the article & other; Fox art & throughout; Time & hellip; & hellip;

the first two stages: passive defense initiative weakness to send

words hong zhu. Ms is a standard of beauty, and husband hong yip & other; Two love yue & throughout; Years, was in crisis. Flower heart of the husband’s concubine: a room called the bridge. Baodai that you say, no curve to curve, the measurements are also very sorry, compared with ms zhu, that level through the street, not just one or two, but it happened that this has not yet out of poverty mistresses, incredibly let beautiful marriage life in the family in ms zhu repeatedly lost ground, savage let-down, milk is crumbling. So, her pain, she don’t understand, she complains, she abuse, but the situation has been developing toward to her.

dissatisfied housewife find a teacher

unwilling failure of ms zhu, support has been looking for his comrades. One year, finally to the comrades. That’s her new neighbor & ndash; & ndash; Mrs DE, called constant niang. Constant niang thirty franchisee, facing the struggle situation is also similar to ms zhu: husband flower heart, had the concubines, and more seriously, concubines appearance & other; What JuanHao & throughout; But 20 years old. However, war has been inclined to constant niang. Ms zhu fine eye observation, discover the young beautiful mistresses have been & other Basic need not & throughout; State of constant niang has been good, completely dominate the home of the good things.