“Bosom friend” upcoming strongly questioned said the lack of moral bottom line

cultural system reform under the big trend, investors as & other; China’s official website the first & throughout; In a wildly popular market, people’s rising share price than the price listed 3 doubled, and created the first two of China’s capital market. Compared to People’s Daily, the media, bosom friend to culture media field set & other China journal throughout the first &; Records, but open channel news agency securities combing the media reports suggest that emotional way and insist on 27 years style constant companion sparked market and public opinion of the disputes, questioned whether it should be listed, bosom friend in the future success of listing is still unknown.

outlet to the Shanghai stock exchange listed

the public familiar companion magazine also intended to land capital market. According to the China securities regulatory commission website published on April 27, the ipo issuance supervision department declaration enterprise basic information table “, according to hubei media bosom friend is really in the process of new listings & other; In the first instance & throughout; Stage, its listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, a sponsor for changjiang securities, sponsor representative wang fang and He Wenxi artificially.

according to the Yangtze river daily reported, existing 1926 newspapers and 9490 magazines in mainland China. If understanding friend media listed successfully, it will be listed the first domestic journals.

Beijing securities channel May 4 in hubei media website see bosom friend, it said, Olympic media group, the predecessor is bosom friend magazine, founded in January 1985, the hubei provincial government approved the establishment in 1 2000 hubei companion journal publication industrial group co., LTD., 2006, 8 menstrual consent, general administration of press and publication department of the approval form & other; Throughout hubei media group & bosom friend; .

website, according to the disclosure of information by bosom friend started with 30000 yuan, the total assets of 794 million yuan, net assets of 632 million yuan, in 2009 net profit of 109.8 million yuan, the annual tax is 147 million yuan. Group 2, 9 issue monthly distribution to more than 1000 copies of the core industry of understanding friend magazine month now a circulation of more than 600 copies. Its website understanding friend self-proclaimed & other; Throughout China’s emotional portal 1 &; .

suffered three questions listed is refers to the lack of moral bottom line

don’t adhere to the style of 27 years and price 4.5 yuan instead of the journal bosom friend, although in the domestic lifts a & other; Bosom friend body & throughout; Agitation, but in recent years, with the celebrity in court, and derived the media credibility social discussion and met with criticism.

west China metropolis daily reported, understanding friend listed face a lack of moral bottom line; Vulgar content gray; Three main question credibility crisis.

according to the Beijing daily reported, “bosom friend” through a lot of copy the tragic love story, tortuous, celebrity anecdotes, and elite culture form, and occupy the vast rural market. Have the personage inside course of study thinks, “bosom friend” long-term story spread desire and infringement of celebrity privacy and the lack of media’s social responsibility, should not be approved.

reported that the famous writer bi shumin believed that the lack of moral bottom line companion magazine, damage the dignity of the writer, over and over again, the lack of the writer at least respect. “Bosom friend” several times due to violations of the writer and star’s reputation in court. In 2009, for example, the bi shumin and around the world in 114 days: look more lofty life appeared in “bosom friend”, signed by bi shumin. Bi shumin said & other; It is all a pseudograph, wanton fabrication my tone to attack my son. Throughout the &;

, sociologists xia xueluan, a professor at the university of Beijing, “bosom friend” not only by the false information to win the eye, can’t just rely on emotional content. & other; Should improve the cultural quality, culture, class, leading the reader’s cultural consumption, truly become a healthy culture, carrying forward the high grade magazine. Throughout the &;

reported that 27 years the success of the “bosom friend”, rely on the media is not developed, wander in lower-tier cities, urban and rural copula, rural readership. The China academy of press and publication, applied theory research director Xu Sheng countries believe that popular journal without content, brand upgrade, will be more and more marginalized, a discourse in society will gradually decrease.

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support voice said that listed or not has nothing to do with moral

Beijing securities channel combing the media found that listed on the know how challenged at the same time not the voice of the support understanding friend.

the China youth daily commentary said, not everyone has to love “bosom friend”, regardless of style and narrative & other; Rural brand & throughout; Don’t say, a legal media enterprise, according to the procedures for public, when a & other; Moral & throughout; Within the business. The logic of their own capital market capital market, you can not buy it of publication, can even despise its story, but not in the name of morality to public.

the other shenyang evening evening news reports that the capital market has capital logic, in the listed companies all have no goods, only to obey the law and illegal enterprises. Any company listed enterprise as long as have the legal conditions, according to normal procedure approved, no one can deprive the rights of the listing. “Securities law”, the company law, the securities and futures commission administrative rules, haven’t heard about & other; Listed must have a grade & throughout; This rule. The bosom friend, 6 million circulation, the leading domestic journals how explanation? Strong mass base is the best proof of “bosom friend” existence value.

the yanzhao evening news reported that companion magazine listed is not only a cultural issue. Reports that are not listed, the bosom friend is always there, with the moral standard to judge the commercial behavior is not reasonable. “Bosom friend” style or not is a moral proposition, and it can be listed, it is within the legal framework of market behavior, will both confused and preset conditions, social mentality is not healthy, such social mood also is not rational.

public was an unknown

from the SFC to disclose information, according to the Olympic media currently in & other; In the first instance & throughout; State, understanding friend media public issuance examination committee recruit, still need to experience. The Olympic media success will still need to wait for the CSRC further announcement.

according to the shandong business daily, in fact this is not understanding the media spread the message of the listed for the first time, even from a shell, such as Hong Kong listing different path selection. Cic advisory, a senior researcher at Xue Shengwen said in an interview, the Olympic media listed may encounter obstacles, policy issues, and perhaps most difficult & ndash; & ndash; & other; From the world of the domestic media experience, understanding friend group, advertising, distribution business has listed standard, so the key is some policy limit, the limitation on the publishing industry will be embodied in the master of publishing business including that of final adjudication. Throughout the &;