Boys love letter courtship rejected xing network hot words 160000 words “very touched but still refused to”

a boy love letters to write 160000 words of wuhan universities courtship, but still refused. 12 after the nikkei newspaper reported the story, given the various media reprinted, actor called & other; Brother love letter & throughout; While Internet hit. The end report & other; Was touched by the girl, then refused him & throughout; , triggering netizen crazy to imitate a sentence, gave birth to the latest network new words & other; Very touched but still refused to & throughout; . Love letters author Wang Wenjin days decline media interviews, respond to our newspaper for the first time yesterday.

[cause] a 160000 – word letter courtship rejected

Wang Wenjin is mandarin college majoring in engineering management at hkust boy, he wants junior ronaldinho (not his real name). Ronaldinho often ask his professional problem, he thought to write a word love letter in the curriculum design for her.

starting in February this year, he insist on writing every day, most wrote more than 7000 words a day. Results, write longer and longer, with poetry, essays, diaries and other various forms to write down the unrequited love mood, eight months down and wrote 160000 words. He would love a binder, named “I don’t want to let you a person”, cover the course design style, in & other; Singles day & throughout; To the girl. Unfortunately, although each other was touched by the said, but did not accept confessions.

[red] net friend borrow & other; Very touched but still refused to & throughout; Self-mockery

12, the news release is made into weibo. Within hours, the hundred words of weibo is forwarded tens of thousands of times. As forwarding microblogging users more direct reference report & other; Was touched by the girl, then refused him & throughout; End, soon gave birth to a new idiom: & other; Very touched but still refused to & throughout; , and thus led to a net friend to make a sentence. For example, & other; Today I wrote a 160000 – word application, request the boss give me a raise, the boss of receipt, very touched, and then turned me down & throughout; , used to express some thoughts still have been rejected, finally sad collection field of self-mockery mood.

yesterday, & other; Very touched but still refused to & throughout; Body popular events in weibo hot topic charts. Twitter even appear & other; Very touched but still refused to body inventor Wang Wenjin going to lecture in the school & throughout; , & other Love letter has XX part by ronaldinho formula to calculate a false & throughout; Such as false news.

“response” reporter to interview, I am very touched, and then rejected their

network events due to the accident, the love letter between the author? & other; Had nearly 50 phone calls these two days, many media want to interview me, this makes me very touched, and then turned his back on them. Throughout the &; , Wang Wenjin yesterday in an interview with our reporter, also use & other; Very touched but still refused to & throughout; Response.

Wang Wenjin tells a reporter, surrounded by many students know this matter, and the media each how much is putting pressure on him. Basic don’t answer the phone in the past two days, in addition to eat, don’t go out. Now has calmed down, he said, believe that online hot spots will soon be transfer.

in the face of all sorts of gossip, Wang Wenjin said that oneself did not make any response, just use the extracurricular time do you think we should do, will not affect learning, also didn’t feel have nothing to lose face. Of course, the girl with his attitude, also did not change for his popularity.

a net friend give his message is representative: & other; These days, you can use the truth touched a girl, but I can’t marry a girl, moved because sometimes don’t need the money, they may marry daughter-in-law without mother-in-law asked house. Don’t believe, you change a love letter of 160000 words to 160 square meters of house in Beijing, the result is different! Throughout the &;

& other; I don’t quite agree with this view. Throughout the &; Wang Wenjin said. He mentioned and the girl a little thing in everyday communication, & other; I have sent her a few hundred dollars silver pendants, said she is too valuable not to receive. But I 8 dollars buy a glasses box, she was very happy to accept it. Therefore, the university’s emotional and material not too big relations. At least I personally feel that the love or in the university is very pure. Throughout the &;

the girl eventually rejected Wang Wenjin, this makes a lot of net friend to say sorry and sympathy for the sufferings of his. & other; I clinging to her, she also to the person that oneself like, this is quite normal. Regardless of the outcome, we should respect each other’s choice. Throughout the &;

Wang Wenjin said he hoped the media don’t too much attention to him, do not affect him and the girl’s quiet life. Today, on the network crazy has itself out of this matter. & other; I am still prone on the window watching it. Throughout the &; He said.

[behind] poke to young people emotional problems

a courtship rejects the campus story, how can so popular? Wang Wenjin around a classmate told reporters, in addition to coined a new word, it is possible that this incident has poked their peers of emotional problems, sorry. In today’s university campus, love it, especially the boys chase girls, in fact is not easy. & other; Do so hard don’t succeed, you don’t know what to do. Very not easy have so strong profession, has not been agreed & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; The girl said helplessly.

netizens use & other; Very touched but still refused to & throughout; To make a sentence

netizens cigarette version 】 【 & other; Guo Jiafeng & throughout; : yesterday, jinling university college boy CAI one, the right girl sent a car to him his 212 days 160000 cigarette smoke cigarette butts. This car cigarette brands including Chinese, yuxi, septwolves, 35, etc., mainly in order to commemorate the 212 night sleepless nights missing to the girl. He will be the loading and named “I don’t want to let you a person”. On the girl was touched by the receipt, but found no place to deal with these cigarette butts, then turned him down.

“review version” yesterday, the handsome, I ignored for a long time for human resources management review of more than 20000 seconds. This review includes the content of the model, principle, main content is to define the relationship, and so on. I summary to turn it into a word named “I don’t want to let me a person naked exam”. Human resources was touched by the paper said, then turned down my ace.

version 】 【 food yesterday, a student to the dining hall east sent a letter he wrote 160000 words of advice in 212 days. This advice includes essays, short stories, poems and other literary style, the content is mainly to recall in the dining hall to eat a variety of special ingredients, demanding better food, and a binder and named it “my jack Bauer points you half. Dining hall was touched by the boss, and then turned him down.

“customer version” yesterday, a senior at the boy for his clients a 160000 – word PBC template, including the detailed guidance, and named it “to you every day, I don’t want to chase, materials, appealed to customers to fill out. Was touched by the customer, and then turned him down.