British couple wants to sell a haunted my old house Captain Titanic was born in this (FIG.)

bonner couples and their & other; The haunted house & throughout; (page screenshots)

international online features: according to the British “daily mail” reported on April 5, the British couple hopes to ship captain Edward & middot; John & middot; Smith (Edward John Smith) was born houses to sell, because they really unbearable & other; The captain ghost & throughout; The torture.

this house is located in the 19th century British Staffordshire trent river stoke city (stoke – on – trent), Smith was born here, until he was a teenager maritime career before you leave. Neil (Neil) and lewis & middot; Bonner (Louise Bonner) couples spend 35000 pounds in 2002 (350000 yuan) to buy it. In rent the house for 10 years, many & other happened here; The deuce & throughout; And the paranormal.

Mr Boehner said: & other; Many years ago there was a young man lived there, he called said they saw the ghost of captain Smith. Although the captain didn’t wear uniforms, but can still be recognized him. Other tenants also report some strange event, such as sometimes feel a chill struck suddenly, like an iceberg. Throughout the &; Five years ago, suddenly flooded the kitchen of the house, just like the Titanic.

the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, boehner couple decided to the price of 80000 pounds (about 800000 yuan) to sell the house. Mr Boehner said: & other; Contact the Titanic let its attractive, obviously can provide people with a lot of interesting conversation. Throughout the &; Boehner said Mrs, to sell the house news has drawn many people’s interests, even the Titanic museum to telephone counseling. (Yang)