British reveal agent files: world war ii and 007 prototypes have obvious similar (figure)

about & middot; Thomas

during the second world war he is one of Britain’s most outstanding agents, nearby the beauty around, hardly a gun body, has also been torture by the gestapo. A new wave of Britain’s national archives, according to declassified documents forest & middot; & other; Tommy & throughout; & middot; About & ndash; Thomas is probably 007 series fiction James & middot; The prototype of the bond. The author pay close attention to his 007

about & ndash; Thomas is the British air force lieutenant colonel (pictured), code & other The white rabbit & throughout; Three times, was sent to the Nazi occupation of France, was arrested by the gestapo, after subjected to torture. Pen in Germany after the Buchenwald concentration camp, he managed to escape, to return to the Allies. A British historian, Sophie & middot; Jackson from Britain’s national archives found about newly declassified documents & ndash; Thomas with bond. The file content shows, in May 1945, British intelligence staff, the author of the 007 series, Ian & middot; Fleming told colleagues, about & ndash; Thomas has to escape the clutches of the gestapo. At that time, Fleming contract & ndash; Thomas belong to different intelligence agencies, this is the first time two people coexist.

Jackson in the new “white rabbit: James reality version & middot; true story of the bond, reveals the correlation. The daily mail on 23 she was quoted as saying: & other; This shows that Fleming about & ndash; Interested in the story of Thomas, then pay close attention to. Throughout the &;

reality similar to many novel

Jackson said about & ndash; Thomas with bond has many obvious similarities, for instance, two personal life, the relationship between man and women attitudes towards women, in addition, about & ndash; Thomas engaged in secret agent way & other; Like all imaginary characters & throughout; . She said that about & ndash; Thomas’s experiences as a bond, & other Those experiences Fleming know & throughout; .

Jackson, for example, 007 series first “casino royale”, bond by enemy tortured, the gestapo torture about & ndash; Thomas is the same. In “from Russia with love,” there is such a scenario: bond in & other; The Orient express & throughout; On the dining together with disguised as ally enemy agents. About & ndash; Thomas had a similar experience in the mission, on a train in France, with the nickname & other Lyon butcher & throughout; Nazi Klaus & middot; Bobby conversation. About & ndash; Thomas get rid of or escape from the enemy techniques used include jump the train, strangled the guards, make-up, take the hearse, etc. The bond is used.

war plagued by nightmares disease

with bond, about & ndash; Thomas often carry weapons. He had a close shot a enemy agent in Paris, France, then to take the body thrown into the river. In the eyes of others about & ndash; Thomas charm, personal address book contacts in most are women. It is also with similar characters bond.

in real life, about & ndash; Thomas Barbara with your partner hasn’t been married, but Barbara over his last name. About & ndash; Thomas Lillian relationship with his wife, because his wife had been living in occupied France, two people failed to divorce. About & ndash; Thomas became a British hero, but pay a heavy price for it. After the war ended, he has been plagued by nightmares and disease, died in 1964, aged 62.