British scholar: qin Terra Cotta Warriors inspiration may be derived from the ancient Greek statue

according to the British “daily mail” website reported on December 11, Lucas & middot; Nicole thinks, buried near the ling gallery of 8000 large sculpture, & other; Probably & throughout; Is the result of the Greek engagement with China. He pointed out that the translation of its latest bring inspiration to qin shihuang ancient sources introduced large statue in the west, these data demonstrate China’s first emperor ordered the manufacturing terracotta warriors, in earlier times twelve life-size statue. These bronze statues ceased to exist, they are destroyed after the death of emperor qin shi huang.

now as a school of Oriental and African studies, university of London, a senior lecturer Dr Nicol said: & other; Most likely scenario is that China’s first emperor of the Terra Cotta Warriors are the result of Greece and China’s early contact. Throughout the &; Before qin shihuang, China has not made a life-size statue of the idea of making large statue he thinks China from Alexander the great movement. Nicole translation, according to the 12 statue impressed the qin shi huang, he ordered a replica made of bronze. He wrote in the journal of college of Asia and Africa, China and Greece, there was a link between the Terra Cotta Warriors manufacturing under the influence of Greek culture.