British scientists reveal the undead worms anti-aging mechanism explain why cell aging

one called Planarian (Planarian) sector worm a striking tissue repair ability, cut them in two, both sides can regenerate new muscle, skin, gut, and even whole brain, regeneration and the like can be infinitely. American physicist network reported that recently, researchers at the university of Nottingham reveals their infinite regenerative life behind the support mechanism, for the study of human cells to overcome aging, anti-aging characteristics of hope. Relevant papers published in the journal proceedings of the national academy of sciences in the United States.

one of the reasons for the cell aging related to telomere length. Telomere is at the end of the DNA chain & other; Protective cap & throughout; , as to prevent the line at the end of the shoelace small glue stick. Cell divides, telomeres get shorter, the telomeres get too short, cells lose the ability to divide. If an animal can keep the length of the telomeres indefinitely, it may be apart forever, it can never die. Previous studies showed that keep telomere length by a kind of the activity of telomerase. In most of the sexual reproduction biology, the enzyme in the early development stage only show the biggest activity, loss of activity as we age, began a shorter telomeres.

Nottingham university’s school of biological aziz & middot; Abercrombie, says baker planarian stem cells can somehow avoid aging process and keep their own cell division. In mature planarian stem cells, chromosome can take the initiative to maintain telomere length, in theory they are immortal. They made a series of experiments, two kinds of planarian is a kind of sexual reproduction, the other is a clone, that is simply divided into two sections.

they identify a telomerase gene, shut down after the gene activity, planaria start shorter telomeres. They then examined the gene activity and the relationship between telomere length, when he found the planarian regeneration of the asexual reproduction, the genes for telomerase activity increased greatly, make the stem cells can keep the telomere length in the division; And sexual reproduction planaria didn’t show like this. The researchers on the differences between the two was very surprised, because both planaria have unlimited regeneration. They speculate, or sexual reproduction planaria will eventually appear shorter telomeres, or they don’t require telomerase is through a mechanism to maintain telomere length.

abercrombie baker said their next goal is to study the mechanism in detail, this to understand the basic process of some related to aging is of great significance. Asexual reproduction planaria can maintain telomere length in the regeneration process, from here to the reason of finding out an animal immortality.