Brunettes Always Look the Best

The debate of blondes versus brunettes is one that has existed for a long time. People will strongly give their opinion of which women are better, and in some cases, they may get into heated arguments over it. Even if neither options are someone’s favorite, they still have a preference between the two. It affects women’s choices in hair color, and men’s choices in women. I often get escorts from an escort agency in Las Vegas. Whenever I get an escort, I prefer to have a brunette escort because I think the hair color looks better.

There’s something about a woman with long, flowing, brunette hair that just looks so good to me. I think back to all of the shampoo commercials that I’ve seen over the years and how amazing the women with brunette hair look when they’re showing off the results of the finished product. All of my favorite female celebrities have brunette hair. That’s not to say that the blonde ones aren’t attractive, but I think the brunette ones are even more attractive than them. Even before I started getting escorts in Las Vegas, the women that I’ve dated have mostly been brunettes, except for a few.

I’ve got a date with a brunette escort lined up next week and I’m really looking forward to it. The moment I saw her profile on the escort website, I knew that I had to arrange a date with her. The escorts that I get are all so beautiful and they have nice personalities as well. It’s pretty easy to strike up a conversation with them. The nights that I have with the escorts don’t just stop at talking, as things quickly get into some intimate moments. The moments I’ve had with these women will be in my mind for the rest of my life.