CAI and small impatiens no relationship? Family confirmed that the relationship between two people is (FIG.)

CAI with small impatiens no relationship? Family confirmed that the relationship between two people is (figure)

CAI family photo, taken in Beijing in 1915. CAI born (in) the firstborn of arms end, Mrs Liu (right)

a lifetime commitment to compatriots for personality must letter to witness the fierceness of husband and wife & ndash; & ndash; & ndash;

to me, the good and bad is born. Unfortunately, permanent disability caused by medical accidents at birth; Fortunately, grew up in a normal and no ordinary family, my grandpa Cai Duan is general CAI’s eldest son.

I have grandpa CAI 13 in the show, was regarded as a child prodigy. 17 years old was admitted to changsha too, and has since become a protege of the giants of ideology and culture. 18 be join when studying in Japan, to the military for national salvation. Lead the army was successfully held in yunnan uprising in 1911, declared independence in yunnan, as yunnan area, two years later FengDiao capital. Kleptocratic proclaimed himself in 1915, had their grandfather inventions of Beijing, launched the nation back in yunnan uprising, overthrow the HongXian monarchy. Grandpa had died in Japan in 1916, is a state funeral in changsha capital, become the history of the republic of China & other; The first person of a state funeral & throughout; To just 34 years of youth, wrote a brilliant saga. And when the national history and family history overlap together, record and pass them, became my unshirkable responsibility.

general CAI’s wives

in 1981, the film “bosom friend”, CAI generals and phoeny fairy story across great river north and south. The film and television works is more general CAI’s popularity, but also for our family brought some problems.

about CAI, people usually think small impatiens. In the relevant film and television works, general CAI around women seem to only have small impatiens.

in 1981, the film “bosom friend”, CAI generals and phoeny fairy story across great river north and south, when some people say that my grandmother is a small impatiens daughter-in-law. This kind of misunderstanding from time to time. For literary works but also in the lack of rational cognition of the s, a movie is more general CAI’s popularity, but also the family brought some trouble to us.

with Liu Senying order doll close

I have two wife, grandpa CAI general. Big lady call Liu Senying, treasure province (now hunan shaoyang city) government state. When I was a child because of not popular with her stepmother, so be foster in uncle Liu Huige home. Once when grandpa age of dissatisfaction with her parents and sister moved from shaoyang county government, started to the liu xue at the age of 6. Liu Huige is local show, he saw komatsu slope (CAI, formerly known as gen Yin, word loose slope), intelligent, and he gave him, niece Liu Senying betrothed is a doll close to two children. Betrothal, grandpa was seven years old, and had my grandmother was four years old. Until the winter of 1902, studying in Japan had grandpa home mothering, not formally marry. Because my grandfather in 1900 changed its name to & other; E & throughout; , so after marry once grandmother also have a new name & ndash; & ndash; Liu Xia her virginity.

in 1904, had returned home after graduation, my grandfather had just spent six months in hunan in guangxi. After six months, his mother and his wife received in guangxi, the family lived together for five years. During this period, Mrs Liu for grandpa gave birth to the lotus and the lotus two daughters.

in the spring of 1911, grandpa go to yunnan. At yunnan military composition is very complicated, senior officers in the northern dint, belownormal officer in Chinese cadets also have a good momentum, two people are a mixture of revolutionary and the conservative molecule. Are used to hide one’s grandpa was hidden, outside of work, & other; Living in isolation with people, calm and steady, retreat & throughout; (memories).

in October this year, wuchang began shaking the country. Yungui governor Li Jingxi than thought, he always appreciate, and value of system (brigade) CAI unexpectedly led the army uprising, recovery of kunming, night time alone declared independence in yunnan.

yunnan marry Pan Huiying

yunnan after independence, grandfather served as viceroy of yunnan. Set up temporary military government fiscal reduce at this time, the newborn, grandpa had kept to their monthly salary and the battalion commander (from $600 down to $60) at the same level. Meals a day is only two yuan had grandpa’s care family, no mother and wife and daughters around. His brother defected to him from hunan, he said there is no place for you, give brother 20 dollars, let him return home on foot.

was grandpa’s family and friends can’t see the past, think we should find a wife to take care of him. After connecting and matching, grandpa had married the clearance gongsheng Pan Tingquan’s daughter & ndash; & ndash; The 19-year-old Pan Huiying. Grandpa always frugal, his marriage things simple, in addition to close LiaoYou and DouDuFu within the relevant staff, outside all don’t know. From yunnan to Beijing, from Beijing to yunnan, to the last to go to a doctor, whether leisure or danger, regardless of health or near death, time has been more than four years Mrs Pan by had grandpa’s side. These four years, Mrs Pan had two sons and one girl.

had grandpa moved into Beijing, had the mother Wang Shihe liu’s wife and two daughters from Beijing. When Mrs. Pan shu lotus born daughter is two years old, the eldest son end raw (namely my grandpa Cai Duan, is the end of his birth) has just was born, a family of eight people reunite in cotton alley no. 66. But only live for a year, CAI mother is because of not used to come to the city life, clamoring for home. At that time, liu’s wife just gave birth to the first three daughters, but the female die less than one full year of life. Grandpa had let liu lady with her two daughters and end serve mother went home.

born grandpa side by adoption to Mrs Liu

have grandpa this arrangement, and want to have multiple meanings: way to end life adoption to Mrs Liu, has just lost a woman she is a kind of comfort; And had grandpa could not be personally serve mother and feel guilty, Mrs Two years of birth, finally had a son, let the sun with grandmother and that of the old man is also a kind of comfort; Three, this is in June 1915, while advocating the monarchy will raise Ann has not yet been established, but top political already feel the wind. Into Beijing as early as 1913 before, grandpa has said, if the yuan shih-kai proclaimed himself, they will be first against him. See yuan shikai to monarchy, the move was grandpa there will be a thoughtful, the family out of Beijing severance is imperative. Although my grandfather wrote in the letter to a friend: & other; Wife to see the children less virtuous, to end life to pay it, not be at ease. Throughout the &; But the trend so, cannot not to.

before Mrs Liu towns, the family go to photo studio took a family photo. Perhaps at this time was my grandfather are ready to throw his wife besshi, bloody battle for the country, so take photos as a souvenir!

in November 1915, grandpa left the Beijing and tianjin, to yunnan armed for yuan. Before he left his military uniforms, MEDALS, the content such as saber send to mother, determination, to do or die. At that time, yuan shikai power that day, the domestic has no political power to oppose him, had grandpa is holding with body Xu Guozhi heart alone to righteousness. After the founding of the people, my grandfather had grandpa relics donated to the museum of Chinese revolution.

hot letter witness CAI couples deep

after months in to overthrow HongXian imperial nation uprising ended in victory. Bitter at the front, grandpa was in command, careful cloth administration, also Mrs Pan wrote many letters, complained to the thoughts of his wife and children. Sometimes even a day letters of ligatures. The violence that is the precious letter in a little box, Mrs Pan has been with him. It’s a pity that the vast majority of lost in the migration of the Anti-Japanese War, leaving only nine letters.

on January 31, 1916, had grandpa rate of national protection army after the invasion of sichuan yongning told of the news pan wife gave birth to a son, he wrote in the letter: the good sister like sticks to see: & hellip; & hellip; My younger sister to return after birth in successive years, due to blood loss, appropriate reference of cultivate. If there is a good nurse, hired to total to early. Son name can be named as the yongning, mark.

May 16: English such as sticks to see: & hellip; & hellip; And you went away for a long time, recall extremely deep. Months Ke to yong, official business is Jane, and come a long way back, when shining on my chest. If can battle plane, sailed to five degrees, the image of good, when not Chou yi medicine to disease. Months ago has since hunan newcomers, whole house unharmed, end them health fitness, one meter, the week will be two years old. Is not the time, so, back to the past, different sense of present and past. If quoted before letter “yongning and end, how’s it going? Any difference? The vision of yong son? Can be like the son of god eyes alight? The son born February, because there was no milk, is rather weak,.more specifically, after hemp mammy, beginning on Sundays. After a bit fine, lusty spirit is very prosperous. This son is how, is good with his brother? Old three self after returning to yunnan, seems not very comfortable, recently?

On May 20,

: yesterday pick locus, comfort me, borrow think county qing ji, and can have fun, and very, very. School employed nurse, choose the fit disease-free, nature and thick advisable; And milk thin thick, should also is can & hellip; & hellip; A military bitter have your mother and child, despite my hectic in looking at a photo taken to send for her love.

to fukuoka, a doctor at a hospital

on November 11, 1915, grandpa had left Beijing, in tianjin for a week. At that time for seven or eight months pregnant lady pan followed by tianjin, squire in the side. 18 had grandpa ship to Japan, opened a breathtaking journey; Wife and daughter pan shu lotus by grandpa’s side rulers He Pengxiang escorted down, meet later in Hong Kong and grandpa, together with Vietnam in yunnan. In aqua blue village in yunnan province, they also escaped the assassination of the yuan shikai pawn.

in August 1916, has been appointed by the central government and the governor of sichuan warlord which had grandpa left chengdu in spite of illness, to go to a doctor, Mrs Pan with daughter shu lotus and only half year old son yongning accompanied. On November 8 in the morning, grandpa died in fukuoka, hospital, only 34 years old. Mrs. Pan cut had grandpa a strand of hair wan in own bun, in this way, and together through the closed and loss of husband, until forever.

listen to my grandfather telling a story

small impatiens recalls in his later years, she knows when CAI general also don’t know anything, just feel general CAI is a decent man, who taught her to read, to give her stories of The Three Kingdoms, the water and life. She said after general CAI left Beijing nor wrote her a letter.

said grandpa, grandpa had troops with yuan shikai’s army after the news of the battle back to their hometown, CAI mother king TaiFuRen just before dawn every day with her daughter-in-law and grandchildren to hide into the mountains, to the mountain home after dark. Every day, for several months.

CAI mother king TaiFuRen story

ask liang CAI whereabouts

had grandpa had talked about in the letter to Mrs Pan: & other; At the beginning of class the following, the smell of the move, when be shocked, after will open. Cover mother Ming’s sense of honor and bravery, will not to be corrupt, thus to worry about. Throughout the &; He believes that understand the important principle thoroughly mother will support their action. But as the saying goes, leaving home mother worried, what’s more, his son is a battlefield, mother how don’t care about? King TaiFuRen he asked grandpa teacher liang qichao and other friends and relatives, but Mr Liang already from jinnan, so no answer. King TaiFuRen). Finally received grandpa had sent back from the front of his letters from home, just just a little mind.

my grandfather was only one and a half, when the dead of winter, the mountains and were afraid to make a fire every day. After spring had measles, high fever is not retreated, breathing difficulties, and the mountains of medicines, was in critical condition. Luckily someone gave it to a local magical folk prescription, eat really see the effect, is picking up a life back.

once grandpa did not die going on but also didn’t see the mother side. In 1915, CAI mother left home and became a mother and son two people part forever. After the victory of the nation, not only had grandpa is known as & other; Reengineering republic first & throughout; King, CAI mother TaiFuRen has also been a hero mother, live in changsha new tsai residence, by courtesy. Grandpa said, local officials to CAI mother hunan school have courtesy call, but she refused. People don’t want to come, she would hide to someone’s home.

CAI mother education grandchildren to remain frugal family trait, written characters of paper, write the fine print in between the lines. Ordinary people home, evening tea pot left out the day, but in CAI, with tea to drink, can’t afford to waste. CAI mother died in 1935, the government of hunan province has set up a funeral service committee, obituary both at home and abroad. Chiang kai-shek and wang ching-wei, hu hanmin, yu, li tsung-jen and general ho ying-chin speech mourning.

& other; The military restricted zones & throughout; CAI mansion story

CAI said the battle for the nation is not honor but internal friction

my grandfather told me that changsha CAI mansion is & other; The military restricted zones & throughout; . Warlords in the 1920 s, no peace throughout the city of changsha, today is hit the teachers, the teachers scored again tomorrow. But no matter which school warlords control changsha, would send troops to protect tsai residence, prevent the bandits soldier of fortune looting.

I grew up in grandpa’s side, for had grandpa, grandpa even with family members rarely mentioned. I remember my grandfather to be one of the most is two things: one is out of Beijing had grandpa on the eve of the yuan, a friend advised him to say, you now sick body, such as cure the disease to the war. Said grandpa, I can’t, wait me get better, old yuen mercy also sit tight. Another thing is after the success of the nation, people congratulate the had grandpa, praised his state has just made the outstanding contributions. Said grandpa gave it’s not the matter, defeat the invaders in order to be active.

had grandpa always stressed that people should be unity strength, defense, make the country and the nation to regain independence, has the hope of revitalization. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull