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(155-220), i.e., cao. Ji, nicknamed “, qiaocheng (now anhui recommend her county) people. At the end of the eastern han dynasty, in the yellow turban insurrectionary uprising, gradually expand the military strength. ChuPing for three years, yanzhou, take the first, the misty xu ying. With its name after orders, successively made lu bu and other kingdoms. After the battle of guandu cuhk broken lombardi, unifying in northern China. Take 13 years, carry for the prime minister, army south, defeated by coalition forces and the red cliff. Su. Xelloss proclaimed himself, after fuck for the emperor.

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when the three Cao Caoyu annexation of dongwu ZhuGeLiangFeng good life to jiangdong to sun quan, unite against cao. Zhou yu was the key of soochow, zhuge liang to persuade zhou yu, play hard to get a way: & other; One meter, I don’t have to take both the sheep take wine, soil offer printing, also don’t have to crossing; As long as a herald, sent two men to jiangbei to cao cao, million-man army flag will roll off. Throughout the &; Zhou yu asked, & other; In which two people? Throughout the &; Zhuge liang said: & other; When I was in longzhong, heard that cao cao in was to build a new & lsquo; The bronze & rsquo; And edifice in it. He heard that early Jiang Dongqiao public two daughters, big Joe long yue, yue cole, all has the capacity of drop-dead gorgeous, an appearance. Once vowed: & lsquo; We may clear the four seas to become emperor industry; One may have to jiangdong two Joe, place of bronze, in old age, although die without regret. & rsquo; He rate of millions of career — jiangnan, actually is only for the two women. Why don’t you go to the general Qiao Gong, use money to buy the two women, sent to cao cao. After getting their cao cao, contented, BanShiHuiChao inevitably. This is the coup Fan Lixian xi shi, still hesitant? Throughout the &; Zhou Yudao: & other; Cao cao want 2 Joe, have what shall have no? Throughout the &; Zhuge liang said: & other; Cao cao’s youngest son, written writing. Cao cao had ordered him to write an article “the bronze Taiwan fu”. FuZhong meaning, single channel to his home, vowed to marry Joe. Throughout the &; Zhou Yudao: & other; Mr Can remember this assignment? Throughout the &; Zhuge liang said: & other; I love the gift, once put it back down. Throughout the &; Say that finish, to the “bronze Taiwan fu” recite it again. Among them & other; Joe took two southeast, joy throughout the associated & seize the day, A language, really want to get jiangdong second Joe’s meaning. Zhou yu listen to great anger, stand up, pointing to the north big scold a way: & other; The old thief insult! Throughout the &; Zhuge liang hurriedly dissuade said: & other; By the princess and the han dynasty emperor, today in order to back the enemy, the folk of the two women have what a pity? Throughout the &; Zhou Yudao: & other; Husband did not know was that big Joe is Sun Bofu’s wife, Joe is Zhou Yuzhi wife. Throughout the &; Zhuge liang pretended to fear: & other; I really don’t know this matter, insistently blather, death to death! Throughout the &; Zhou Yudao: & other; With the old thief sworn enemy, I wish Mr. Helped me. Throughout the &; Hence, two people then ordered coalition against jun.

this is luo guanzhong in the romance of The Three Kingdoms to render cao cao covet two Joe beauty subjective intention. A novelist, is not to be trusted. Because in the battle of red cliff sussing out 13 years, the bronze was established 15 years, no & other The bronze spring deep lock two Joe & throughout; . Luo guanzhong assign Cao Zhiyuan & other; Even the second bridge between xi, if sky 蝃 Dong & throughout; To & other; Joe took two southeast, happy one day together & throughout; A purely fictional novels. But if speak of the beauty of The Three Kingdoms period, people won’t forget & other; Jiangdong two Joe & throughout; . Through the accounts of jiangdong two Joe in the few. Chen shou’s “center cloud: & other; Sun ce personally greet zhou yu, grant corps commander, namely with two thousand people, fifty horse riding. Zhou yu at the age of 24, Wu Zhongjie shuro. To zhou yu er faith LuJiang out case of cattle, brought the spring after long valley. Worthy of, policy to jingzhou to zhou yu for the army, brought jiangxia satrap, to anhui, pull out. Be Qiao Gong when two women, both national color also. Policy since the big Joe, zhou yu to marry Joe. Throughout the &; PeiSongZhi note the biography: & other; Policy leisurely play zhou yu yue: Qiao Gong two women are internally, doing the digging, we two people also sufficient for huan. Throughout the &;

take four years of the eastern han dynasty, sun ce three thousand military forces from lombardi, back to jiangdong to restore his ancestors, under the support of old friend zhou yu, futures city of anhui province. Anhui city eastern suburb, streams, surround, a village in shochiku & ndash; & ndash; Joe’s apartment, the posterity is called Qiao Gong so curtilage. Joe public two women very beautiful and intelligent, known. Because sent hiring the people around, got to invite Qiao Gong allowed, into a pair of sisters. So, there is the sun ce affair big Joe, zhou yu to marry Joe.

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in backyard with a ancient Qiao Gong so curtilage, clear and deep water. Generation of two sisters in the grooming, often a & other; Threading carefully write hills, the pine ZhuXiao PeiHuan & throughout; . Every time a makeup, they left the residual fat powder in the abandoned Wells, long, well water flush the rouge color, water taste also do carmine. And, behold, it had rouge well bills. There are poems said: & other; Two women xiuse Qiao Gong clock, colchicine BingDi lotus open. Throughout the &;

another way of saying that folk also going around. 2 Joe marriage is not voluntary, sun ce, zhou yu forced marriage, two beautiful women to TouJing suicide, and our father, and sat by the well, relative to cry, tears from drops, fell into the well, dyed red Wells. As & other; Sky column throughout the old man &; Wu to wind the cloud: & other; Both women pay princes, pour chief national h&q Hugh, who know purdah Wells, still have the tears flow. Throughout the &;

from two ways, a pair of sisters flower, at the same time to marry two yingjie all over the world, one is male is slightly superior, a sublime jiangdong Sun Lang, one a merry ti tang, and both wenwu shuro, is a happy marriage. Perfect match, of course, two feelings mutually yue, love touching. However, two Joe really happy? Big Joe’s life is actually very bitter. Sun ce marry big Joe is twenty years old that year, big Joe is 18 years old, it’s a pity that day envy good marriage, while cao cao and guandu lombardi war two years later, sun ce is preparing to Yin incoming xuchang to meet han emperor, inherited from cao cao & other; Were to the emperor & throughout; Authority, sun ce assassination by xu gong’s house guest, died at the age of only 26 years old. Big Joe and sun ce only after three years of husband and wife. At that time, the big Joe at best in their early 20 s, the youth was widowed, side only infant son Sun Shao, how no white flag above my door! Since then, she was only ChaoChao crow mark, and night alone the blanket, put up, raising orphans. Years may wrinkle the generation of beauty, but I didn’t know when to die!

little situation better than her sister, she and zhou yu harmonic harps, conjugal love spent twelve years. Zhou yu looks beautiful and skilled in music, still circulating & other; Song is flawed, shuro gu & throughout; The proverb. And zhou yu’s coach, deep love and live together, army Crusades west war, and participated in the history of the famous battle of red cliff. Two years after the war, & other; Yoga also jiangling for luggage, and in the hills, ill died, when the age of 36 & throughout; . In the 12 years, zhou yu as general armies of soochow, jiangxia howie, red cliff cao cao, exploits hehe, famous; But not forever, but deathless my renown and death in the hills, when preparing captured the profit just 36 years old. Then, Joe about thirty years old, though, at first lost love, the misery can also imagine. Beauty of thin, two Joe culture in jiangnan, led a lonely life. Wu Huang Wu two years died of Joe, at the age of 47 years old. As there was poems said: & other; Frigid two burial in enceinte, one for shuro a little. Throughout the &; Where the tomb has no table, flat grave, han brick. By 1914, yueyang Joe’s tomb and the tomb of the dormant. Now there are engraved with the official script & other; Where the tomb room & throughout; The tablet.