Cao cao’s tomb newly discovered cao cao mouth water beads The villagers to prosecute as scholars the escaped prisoner

on December 4 in the afternoon, the hebei xingtai destination police microblog revealed a surprising news: tomb boasts more than a dozen false evidence and overnight stardom network & other; 闫沛东 & throughout; , real name is Hu Zejun, on suspicion of dozens of online fraud has been pursuit for nearly 6 years.

news that caused a backlash in cao cao’s tomb is located anyang & ndash; & ndash; Cao Caogao ling team captain wei-bin pan said: at the beginning & other 闫沛东 & throughout; Against cao cao’s tomb, view all scraped together; In cao cao’s tomb found the anyang city west high cave village, the village committee director Xu Huanchao said, & other; Original 闫沛东 claimed that cao cao’s tomb fraud, to personal attack and damage to us. We want to Sue can’t find him, such as the police caught & lsquo; 闫沛东 & rsquo; , we will be able to tell him. Throughout the &;

hebei & other reward 500 yuan hunted by the police 闫沛东 & throughout;

4 PM the day before yesterday afternoon, signed & other; Xingtai destination, a spokesman for the public security network & throughout; Weibo said: & other; Recently, the destination is on the track of Interpol fugitive Hu Zejun online, found & lsquo; 闫沛东 & rsquo; Is the online are hunting for the escaped prisoner Hu Zejun & throughout; .

yesterday, the reporter called xingtai destination handling the public security bureau police officer’s contact phone number, a staff suggested a reporter login destination public security bureau official weibo and blog.

the reporter discovers login, xingtai destination police data show: Hu Zejun, male, born on July 3, 1969, the census register seat: hebei province xingtai ren county 225 days mouth zhuang village township in au.

police investigation, around 2005, Hu Zejun pretending to be a media reporter, that can provide legal advice, do STH for sb the person, the wrong case. In May 2005, wang mou Hu Zejun to help the locals won a land dispute, fraud wang more than 56000 yuan. On February 23, 2006, public security sub-bureau after investigation will Hu Zejun listed online destination the escaped prisoner. The police investigation found that Hu Zejun multiple falsely use another producer name, including & other; 闫沛东 & throughout; One, suspicion of many fraud cases.

destination police also published a blog post: man of the open network & other 闫沛东 & throughout; The identity of the mystery: & other; 闫沛东 & throughout; , 2010 network and the media to track the man of the hour, because of its assertion about the contention of cao cao’s tomb, caused the attention of people from all walks of life, & other; 闫沛东 & throughout; Claiming to be & other; The United Nations world new economy (China) research & throughout; Secretary-general, the China cultural development inside executive editor, & other China’s three kingdoms culture research center & throughout; Consultant. Hope people actively exposed to provide cheater & other; 闫沛东 & throughout; The identity of the escaped prisoner Hu Zejun and clues. To provide for investigation leads individuals to provide 500 yuan reward.

& other; 闫沛东 & throughout; Often cheat, a month ago disappeared

how destination police believe Hu Zejun is website that master cao cao’s tomb & other; Fraud & throughout; Proof # & other; 闫沛东 & throughout; ? It was reported that this year, the public security organ after the net a clear action, xingtai destination surrenders, police stepped up their prompt Hu Zejun efforts, many times through the relatives, village officials advised the surrender.

on November 10, when visiting a friend Hu Zejun destination branch police learned that during the spring and summer, Hu Zejun has repeatedly claimed that the oneself is the media hyped & other; 闫沛东 & throughout; .

xingtai police will Hu Zejun photos and media on & other; 闫沛东 & throughout; Photo comparisons to determine & other; Physical characteristics consistent throughout the &; . Subsequently, the police found the Hu Zejun in rented houses of ren county county, & other; Two bungalow is about 20 square meters, only 100 yuan a month rent for & throughout; . The landlord said, & other; In March 2011 to October, hu a rented here & throughout; , but the registration name is wu jun hu. The landlord, & other; Wu jun & throughout; Doesn’t often rented land back, occasionally see, & other; Wearing a pair of glasses, often wearing a trench coat, looks sven. Throughout the &;

police show picture please identify landlord, the landlord spot, the police pursuit Hu Zejun is rented the house & other; Wu jun & throughout; . But Hu Zejun has moved in a month ago, the landlord did not know his whereabouts.

police also noted that online & other; 闫沛东 & throughout; Blog since then no update, the phone number is posted on the blog. & other; Investigators in October visit Hu Zejun relatives, he should be got some wind. Throughout the &;

comprehensive analysis, the final xingtai police determined that cut a dash in cao cao’s tomb agitation & other; 闫沛东 & throughout; Is Hu Zejun.

police investigation found that at large during Hu Zejun ever use Ren Jianan, abib, xu-bo liu, chang-li liu, 闫沛东 alias and implementation of fraud. In addition, Hu Zejun use cell phone number change very frequently, deal with mobile phone number and its address in shandong, henan, Beijing and hebei handan, hengshui, xingtai, and many other areas.

and new archaeological finds of cao cao’s tomb

cao cao mouth water beads

precious jade is very rare to see

& other; After a survey of around the cemetery and ground sites, cao cao’s tomb, tomb (2) around the latest found six buried tomb. Throughout the &; Yesterday, in charge of anyang Cao Caogao mausoleum archaeology experts said, the buried tomb is the grave of cao family members, or ministers of princess, because there is no, not yet.

according to the Chinese academy of social sciences researcher at the institute of archaeology Tang Ji root, said cao cao’s tomb unearthed stone relics such as ling, is a very special limestone, scientific name called oolitic grey stone, the stone after hundreds of millions of years to form, nature is very difficult to find, but in taihang mountain in Lin. These stone after nearly two thousand years of cultural relics buried underground, groundwater, soil scale disseminated for a long time, has been attached to the surface of the cultural relics, & other; Fraud & throughout; It is not possible.

experts also the identification of the water beads of cao cao mouth, think the oval glass beads are kinds of jade, pure texture, very precious. The earliest beads are to find the quality of a material and of the Ming dynasty, cao cao’s tomb found in the history of the beads forward again in one thousand.