Lost more than two thousand years “history” ep

bamboo slips of the warring states period the first tsinghua university research. Hai-jun guo taken

our newspaper Beijing on January 5, graceful, si-si liu zhao) after nearly two years efforts, tsinghua university to collect the bamboo slips of the warring states period of the first research results published in Beijing today. The release of the results, not only including carrying was lost for more than 2000 years of the warring states period in the history, but also recover the history of chu and historical geography, at the same time will help to solve the academic history problem of debate for a long time.

it is understood that the advent of tsinghua, Jane, a total of more than 60 articles, 15 series report, plans to publish the first edition of the “hidden bamboo slips of the warring states period (one) by tsinghua university, including” Yin to “, “Yin letters patent”, “cheng may”, “bao xun”, “over night”, “gold Teng”, “huang door”, “the public” and “chu ju”, etc. 9 articles.

unearthed xue-qin li, director of research and conservation center of tsinghua university, this batch of bamboo slips of the warring states period by tsinghua university in July 2008, the number of bamboo slips (pieces) of about 2500, its content is the more, the history of books, mostly in has been found in the bamboo slips of qin had never seen before, has a very high academic value. Tsinghua Jane involved in the core content of Chinese traditional culture to history, archaeology and ancient philology, document widely profound impact on many subjects.

himself already a long time of the pre-qin literature has found more

the advent of the hidden bamboo slips of the warring states period (one) by tsinghua university, received 9 article, first 8 article belong to “history” or similar to the history of literature. The history is the most important to study the history of the pre-qin classics, which is an ancient historical literature compilation, select and compile the history of myth has a best article, burners, but after the qin dynasty mostly lost. The early han jinan FuSheng only twenty-eight, said the thespring history. Said at the end of the order (or) when emperor wudi QuFuKong wall found in ancient history, the 16 papers more than FuSheng report and then himself. And in the western state of Turin get & other; Paint book & throughout; This, also bereavements. Since then has more than 2000 years, tsinghua Jane is found for the first time the history and similar books.

there are properties in tsinghua Jane class in the history of our predecessors did not see the documents, such as “bao xun” received an article, this is also since no one ever know. JianWen told king wen of zhou for his son dying featuring words, rao and shang dynasty ancestors on the legend of a micro.

“the thirteen classics existing appearance” of “the history of a is said to be from the hole in the wall of the ancient history, after many scholars study since song dynasty, already was later this presumption, but until now there are scholars for his conviction. Tsinghua Jane’s prose in the history, help to solve this dispute.

xue-qin li, tsinghua Jane also confirmed that the ancient book “shifu” some article is one of the important literature can be on a par with the history. Such as “imperial gate”, “the public” two all have very important historical value, writing extensively mapped, and many places Jin Wenxiang comparison, and handed down to read it, can be many problems in correcting the rhymes.

according to introducing, tsinghua Jane a over night, recorded ji fa conquering eight years in various countries (further) victory back to weeks after all, in the king of the temples & other; Drink to & throughout; Ceremony, participants are featuring, duke of zhou, bi male, male, XinJia, calling as escape, teacher is the father, etc. The content of the ceremony in drinking composing poetry, poetry in JianWen. This article and history & middot; business book of the “west” Kan li “, and correct the “big history biography, shiji li for wen wang’s thought. The bamboo slips have historical value, literary significance.

for recovery of geography of history of chu

according to introducing, hidden bamboo slips of the warring states period (one) and tsinghua university (collection of “chu ju” one. “Chu ju” Jane’s nearly half a meter in length, is the longest in tsinghua, Jane. The article style similar to the ancient books handed down from ancient times in the article, in the world this is described in detail in ChuJun lineage and celebrates its place to live, even start from the legendary ancestor of chu, season, sites have been talked about in the middle of the warring states chu king (401 BC & ndash; Before 381), enumerates the column celebrates its location and the reason for the migration. Many of these places can contact has found the development control, for the history of chu geographical research and work of cultural relics and provides a number of clues, will promote the in-depth development of chu culture study.

the income of the tsinghua university bamboo slips of the warring states period (one) of 9 bamboo slips of paper, are the writing of chu during the warring states period, with special structure style. It is understood that the “golden Teng”, “huang door”, “the public” and so on have the rhymes, as compared to promote chu text study is very convenient, the new knowledge can be a series of chu text.

our newspaper Beijing on January 5, graceful, si-si liu zhao) after nearly two years efforts, tsinghua university to collect the bamboo slips of the warring states period of the first research results published in Beijing today. The release of the results, not only including carrying was lost for more than 2000 years of the warring states period in the history, but also recover the history of chu and historical geography, at the same time will help to solve the academic history problem of debate for a long time.

it is understood that the advent of tsinghua, Jane, a total of more than 60 articles, 15 series report, plans to publish the first edition of the “hidden bamboo slips of the warring states period (one) by tsinghua university, including” Yin to “, “Yin letters patent”, “cheng may”, “bao xun”, “over night”, “gold Teng”, “huang door”, “the public” and “chu ju”, etc. 9 articles.

unearthed xue-qin li, director of research and conservation center of tsinghua university, this batch of bamboo slips of the warring states period by tsinghua university in July 2008, the number of bamboo slips (pieces) of about 2500, its content is the more, the history of books, mostly in has been found in the bamboo slips of qin had never seen before, has a very high academic value. Tsinghua Jane involved in the core content of Chinese traditional culture to history, archaeology and ancient philology, document widely profound impact on many subjects.

Global: sun tzu judo sun tzu is stressed

all Japanese judo union says the museum, a couple is training. Han Shengbao taken

Beijing, Tokyo, May 30 (Reuters) : Japanese judo and sun tzu’s the art has the indissoluble bond

reporter Han Shengbao sun ran

reporter arrived at the Tokyo all Japanese judo union says pavilion, there are eight floors, maintains an elderly, youth, women’s and so on, occupies a floor for the locker room alone, in strict accordance with the judo hierarchies, accommodation also account for a floor, judo athletes reception at home and abroad. Archive shows the pavilion on the development process, as well as in the history of the most famous Japanese judo 19 players, photos and life also exhibited special Japanese & other; The father of judo & throughout; Governs the remains of five lang.

says museum was founded in 1882, founded by Gardner, in his grasp out & other; & with throughout; The secrets of the later, gradually developed its own set of judo techniques and theory. Staff gave reporters governs five lang’s calendar, he told the reporters, often held high-level game and seminars.

in the building of the seventh layer is the judo training and competition, eight layer is the audience. Reporter saw, old team and the youth team is training, each accounted for half of the scene. Players sometimes & other; Arm lock & throughout; , from time to time & other; The conjugate neck & throughout; , borrow the opponent’s strength and the hilt as far as possible, to adapt himself to the opponent and uniform opponent. In this method and behavior by Gardner summarized as: & other; Rivals push you when you pull him, opponents if you when you push him & throughout; . This is one of the tactical principle of Japanese judo, this & other; Make the force & throughout; In principle, with the grandson to fight in the proposed & other; From grain on enemy & throughout; , & other We eat on the enemy & throughout; Skillfully by enemy force is similar to the point of view.

according to introducing, the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo in judo classified as official event. Judo through the opponent fell to the ground and win the game, it is the only Olympic sport where allow choking opponent or breaking an arm. Judo is a kind of very strong antagonism of competitive sports, it emphasizes on the degree of adept skills to master, rather than the balance of power. This kind of competitive sports, is deep the Chinese sun tzu’s the art of the essence.

the spread of sun tzu in Japan has a long history, judo and sun tzu’s the art has the indissoluble bond. In the Japanese vocabulary, judo & other; Soft & throughout; , which means gentle, tender, soft and flexible way of competitive, its connotation and sun tzu’s the art & other; Soft – & throughout; , & other Yi sheng & throughout; Thought is consistent. Judo & other; Flexible namely power & throughout; And give technical technique, the principle of display & other Firments begets, such as a ring of endless & throughout; Secret, reflecting the & other; Thanks, thanks to its toll throughout the &; Deep, deduce out & other; After beginning as a virgin, such as tuotu & throughout; Wonderful.

according to the historical records, about in the year 720, Japanese pop like a sumo wrestling match, called & other; Body art & throughout; . Later because Japan is under the influence of Chinese philosophy, the Japanese people according to “the book of changes” and sun tzu’s the art & other; With soft system just & throughout; Theory, & other; Body art & throughout; Renamed & other; Jiu-jitsu & throughout; . This is called & other; Jiu-jitsu & throughout; The martial arts, is the development of Chinese boxing, and sun tzu’s the art far-reaching impact on Chinese martial arts.

boxing potential through art since ancient times, could not worth doing. In Tokyo GuWu institute covenant of a tablet, saying, & other; Chen Yuanyun blows the spread of the celebrities. Throughout the &; Chen Yuanyun is a Chinese martial-arts expert, he will be China’s traditional martial arts to the hula, become popular in modern world judo.

the Japanese art of war, experts say, a tactic of judo, its principle and sun tzu said & other; Avoid sharp blow inert & throughout; , & other To put to stay throughout the disorderly &; , & other To wait for breakdown & throughout; , & other Nearly stay far & throughout; , & other Reporting to law & throughout; , & other Be satisfied with hunger throughout the &; , as well as & other; Avoid its momentum, the idle return & throughout; And how similar. Sun tzu’s the art advocates & other; Yi sheng & throughout; To argue that intelligence with chocolate, to fight against brute-force and recklessly, show & other; Soft – & throughout; The characteristics of that. With “Sun tzu put forward, and be good at fighting, come early to avoid the enemy’s momentum judo tactics is waiting for the enemy morale negligent failure to beat him, won by the enemy and strength, and through to the enemy’s getting win.

think Japanese martial arts coach, & other; Conveniently pull him when pushed, pulled conveniently push him throughout the &; Tactics, reflected the judo & other; Make the force & throughout; The principle of. Judo is based on soft with just the unity of opposites, the technique to the strong advocates maintaining internal energy and try to relax your body state, use less as far as possible their own strength, and the use of your opponent’s strength to beat his opponent.

Talk to zhou enlai law of wine: a third of the drink no more than my capacity for liquor

because of Beijing and other cities has drunk driving cause casualties incident, I again remind of the years of premier zhou has left us. Drink to self-discipline warned repeatedly before his death, and did not drunk and no vomiting-inducing toasts. Now to revisit these speeches and regulation, how important it is.

in the early days after foundation, premier zhou see reports of adverse impact on individual diplomat drinking too much, after criticism from the diplomat, has made a diplomatic personnel in charge of foreign affairs and a third of the drink no more than my capacity for liquor regulation, notify each department carry out at home and abroad. At that time, I work in the xinhua news agency, she heard the message. Later when I was abroad as a resident journalist in China, and to me communicate a variety of disciplines related to foreign affairs, including the rules. In the early 1970 s, I transferred to the foreign embassies, with some comrades in the study all aspects of the foreign affairs discipline, this drink is also discussed.

I work to the ministry of foreign affairs, premier zhou in the great hall of people called the moment of opportunity to listen to his speech. Every twelve o ‘clock at night, the waiter brought you get teary, everyone was eating get teary, with premier zhou talked about all sorts of problems. On one occasion, I do not know who is mentioned to drink, premier zhou said, can drink some wine, but not too much. In diplomatic occasions, of course, are not allowed to, can’t more than a third of the drink, this is the foreign affairs discipline. Even in daily life, at home, too much is not good, not only hurt the body, and easy to spoil the broth, and even cause unpleasant, damage the harmony between the family and relatives and friends. Anyway, drinking must pay attention to self-discipline.

then, I can’t listen to him several times to drink too much. On one occasion, he also talked about the experience in Moscow. He talks to Moscow in early 1950 and signed the treaty. At that time, chairman MAO was in Moscow. Stalin is often in the middle of the night after the call, please chairman MAO and his past. President and his thought to discuss something, after just know is drinking. The big table there are a lot of wine, food is also very rich. Participants are some leadership, don’t talk about anything else, is gossip, drinking to drink until the morning to go home to sleep drunk. Premier zhou said, drink, so not only hurt the body, and influence the work; We no matter which level of leadership, drinking to self-discipline, and do the lower also should pay attention to protect our leadership, let them drink less, more can’t drunk.

I saw premier zhou was in a small conference harshly criticized a diplomat, to an embassy diplomats vomiting-inducing toasts, causing the latter drink many, had an accident when driving back to the embassy, also hurt people. He said angrily, this is a serious violation of diplomatic discipline. Later be vomiting-inducing toasts, including foreigners and Chinese. He also said that our comrades have a very bad habit, is vomiting-inducing toasts, liquor, is much more than those who drink, drink many comrades body is broken. And, not only to the Chinese vomiting-inducing toasts and give foreigners vomiting-inducing toasts, causing some foreigners to drive back out of the car accident, and are a bad influence.

I used to work in the embassy in Europe for many years, know local police and the courts to especially deadly event handling is very severe, ordinary people are afraid to violate. Us embassy in a banquet or reception, a lot of guests to apologize to us, said they have to drive back, cannot drink or drink beer or wine. Some joy drink Chinese liquor guests, in particular, are mostly take a taxi back and forth, or by car, parked nearby yard, to take a taxi back to the second day early in the morning to pick up again. We joined the local banquet and conference host doesn’t give us vomiting-inducing toasts, let guests to drink as much as they can drink.

in the past, we all have no, to participate in public or private after dinner by the department of a car or by bus to go home. Now, a lot of people have the car, drunk driving events that trouble is greatly increased. Therefore, back to premier zhou was drinking to discipline the provisions of the speech and did all kinds of drink, have great practical significance.

& have spent

Yuan shikai short-lived by: the age of twenty-five handfuls of chewing ginseng pilose antler

yuan shikai died five years of the republic of China according to the lunar calendar may people (on June 6, 1916), a lot of books and articles mentioned yuan’s death, called him & other; Fear and death & throughout; . Comes the apprehension of yuan, naturally brings yuen & other; HongXian imperial & throughout; Dreams dashed. Yuan so behavior angered people indeed, sparked national outrage, friendless, placed under siege, finally in apprehension attack, die. Yuan three daughter tsang snow also wrote, cancel the monarchy, & other; From then on he etc into a disease (yuan), finally died throughout the &; . But after he read these words, always unavoidably will let a person produce illusion, which seems to be as long as the yuan will continue to sit & other; Emperor HongXian & throughout; The & other; Dragon & throughout; , from the apprehension of trapped, he would not & other; Etc into a disease & throughout; , life will naturally continue. This is the death of yuan simple due to political reasons. However this is not a yuan died at this time of the whole truth. We found that in the yuan should & other; Young & throughout; Died at the age of 57, is another reason. It is this reason made even yuen & other Emperor HongXian & throughout; Continue when, his physical condition, denied his long life.

yuan had a strong, and later into the army, it is reasonable to infer that, after the yuan even got sick, not to give up the bucket. But yuan later so-called health strong, in fact just hide behind the facade of lifestyle. In short, yuen short-lived, actually already decided by his lifestyle, if the so-called Rome was not built in a day.

according to 1913 yuan, under age 17, after in tianjin Yuan Fu main TaoShuDe memories, but the father and his two generations in yuan account, or until he himself is squire yuan yuan died. Get up at five in the morning every day, he said yuan into the office to review for a while after file, & other; Then a cup of tea, beef broth, chicken juice. Four color at breakfast, steamed stuffed bun, a bowl of chicken shreds surface (usually only eat the steamed stuffed bun one or two, the remaining by attendants points early charging & throughout; . & other; Around 10 am, into the velvet antler a tureen. Fall, into the ginseng. 12 noon lunch & throughout; . In the afternoon & other; Snacks for western food, and then take self-made adjustable Dan, fur seal kidney. Dinner at seven o ‘clock & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; It is not difficult to see, yuan & consumption by other For blood more physical, ziyin impotence & throughout; . Due to too much blood and physical, yuan often suffer from toothache, constipation, so that every three two days to please make a diagnosis and give treatment of traditional Chinese medicine or enema & hellip; & hellip; These outsiders is unknown. Tao lunch eat content, not yuan, tsang snow recalls, his father’s favorite lunch eat steamed duck, especially after the winter & other; Each meal will eat & throughout; . In addition to braise in soy sauce meat, Fried shredded pork with chives, etc. This is the crux of the problem. Information is an important cause of human’s improper to eat into the food, the improper including eat, strong complement. And the body of excessive food intake, stranded, accumulated upset the balance of nature. Eat in nutrition, such as not normal excretion, accumulate in the body also will gradually become & other; The poison of the source & throughout; . As the excretory burden is overweight, so toxins will be moving the whole body, influence blood cleanliness and pollution the environment inside the body. In this regard, yuan & other; Supplements & throughout; Is a good example. Yuan everyday take supplements, since s & other; Often put a handful of ginseng, velvet antler to eat in mouth & throughout; . In addition & other; Also employ two nurse, he ate every day (yuan) the two wet nurse throughout the milk of the extrusion &; . In the short term, you might really gives the impression of yuan is a sound constitution. But & other; Is the traditional Chinese medicine medical speaking, ginseng, deer antler, etc., are hot supplements, he did shine in eat, day long, is not does not affect his health & throughout; (tsang snow). And we found that in a daily food in the yuan, to find the shadow of vegetables and fruits. The bible & middot; the old testament, the first chapter of genesis account: & other; I (god) will land on all herb yielding seed, and all the trees have nuclear fruit, all give you for food. Throughout the &; When our ancient ancestors had been is staple food with fruit, anthropology, archaeology, anatomy, and history has proved that. Visible no matter what the social civilization progress, diet culture, how to change the structure of the digestive organs, digestive process and biochemical reaction was the same as the ancients. Knowing this, we also it is not hard to understand, the more yuan supplements, the more likely they were to accelerate the pace of his dying. Until he is 56 yuan dim and sighed: & other; My body is not line, ginseng antler tonic cannot be accepted. Throughout the &;

short-lived yuan, in addition to diet, nourishing & other; Out of line & throughout; , another reason is that in erotic. Yuen harem, no fewer than ten, they bear the 32 children in yuan. These children when I was a child, TaoShuDe recalls, & other; More deadly, as father, slightly longer or are not very strong. When Beijing pop a xiehouyu: & lsquo; The son of President & ndash; & ndash; Ginseng pilose antler. & rsquo; Namely the & throughout; . The so-called & other; Throughout more than a deadly &; , in the words of today is a little overweight. This is not the symbol of child health. Think much eat tonic, yuan will fill an aphrodisiac, in fact, he didn’t know, ginseng pilose antler as senior tonic, not anyone can take, and taking the amount of absolutely exquisite. Without restraint just take, such as yuan, is like sex, will produce a great harm to the body, in the long run, is bound to the cost of life.

Lin yutang quit interesting fact: three weeks is said to give up smoking thought “dirty”

beam, Lin, it is said that liang and Lin yutang. The two men too many similarities. For example, both in prose masters; More than two people in learning what; Both learning and Chinese and western, proficient in English, I have compiled all chinese-english dictionary or english-chinese dictionary, Lin yutang used languages of both Chinese and English writing, liang shiqiu English literature, Shakespeare. Also, both with the lu a little bit over a period of entanglements, Lin yutang has cosied up to lu xun’s first, and then have deteriorated due to the different, so that there was a time, and mainland China print with lu xun and Lin yutang had a group photo taken photos, not to him, is he is changed into stone. Liang shiqiu is because & other; Literary form & throughout; Open BiZhen with lu xun, lu xun refers to & other; And homeless throughout the &; & other; The capitalists of spent running & throughout; Mainland, so that in the 80 s, before almost no more lintel’s work. Again, it is in the 80 s, liang, two people like Lin & other; Cultural relics throughout the &; Be & other; Discover & throughout; Come out, as & other; Master & throughout; Works, popular, it was not until this century gradually returned to plain.

these similarities, if to be fine and comparative study, every bit must be a long, surely there will be someone to do it. Compare the here is just a detail of their life, which is the former smokers, they adopted a completely different attitude towards smoking and smoking cessation.

there are now some people talk about culture, quite like antique brokers, a mouth like speak & other; Throughout thousands of years &; How, or & other Since the ancient times & throughout; How. As if the more ancient the more valuable, says tobacco is the same. The tobacco industry and even grant project, hope to find a tobacco in China & other; Throughout ancient history &; Proof. In fact, tobacco is not a native, but is widely used. It was introduced into China in the wanli period of Ming dynasty. The song dynasty, the plum & other; A sichuan tobacco, sleeping city wind, yellow plum rain & throughout; With the tobacco swear. For now the passage of cigarettes (called cigarettes) in the past, at best, is more than one hundred years history in China.

beam, era, Mr Lin two start smoking cigarettes has gradually unified & other; Smoke places throughout the &; , but they are in this & other; Gradually & throughout; Phase and the yankees, now take the pie, and pipe and cigar is seen, as for the earlier snuff, hookah, would have been seen, whether also tried, did not dare to predisposed. Smoking in that fashion is a fashion, with the smoke of a Mr Xi is not surprising that, neither brought the endeavor, not a contempt for science. But by the middle of the last century, that is, two gentlemen were successively implemented to quit smoking, smoking is harmful to health, had already been disclosed to science.

Mr Lin’s quitting smoking was a failure. He quit about three weeks & other; Repentance before throughout the &; , is in turn said he quit smoking & other Coma & throughout; , & other; Weak & throughout; And even a & other; The idea of dirty & throughout; . If this over and over again in 20 days, with modern cognitive, addictive nature of nicotine in the tobacco, smokers will make it difficult to get rid of the dependence on tobacco. In recent years, the dependence on tobacco has been confirmed by the world health organization (who) is a chronic disease. Relapsed smokers, does not have the strength of the relationship in willpower or character, especially Mr Lin smoking friends & other; Smoking & throughout; The temptation, so that he and other Withering directing & throughout; , finally, heavy & other; He has throughout the &; And never to give up smoking ever since.

as tobacco dependence patients, and relapse, should find a doctor, to seek help to quit smoking. Mr. Lin is, however, is unwilling to do so. He would not admit his failure, more disdain for help. He advocates self-centered, is a man of his own way. His original conception to quit smoking, probably enlightenment on the dangers of smoking, and found it is not hard to stop smoking. Wait until boil the illusions about nicotine addiction, however, he will find out some kind of rhetoric, for their the relapse is said to be his new enlightenment and return. To prove the rationality of the new return, he intended to find some strong reason to quit for no reason. He said: & other; She read JiaXuan word, “the poem of wall and not smoking, can? Do not deny? Throughout the &; And he said, & other; Who knows, the thesis will happy happy energy, meaning to fly, god mind open-minded, front rhyme flow, party a piece, and also will study, knowing god, chests are not thwarted, fugue, meanwhile, is even read. This kind of mood not smoking should he do? Throughout the &; Such chicanery, interesting in response, like an urchin discursively to find out some reasons & other; Reasons & throughout; For myself & other; Broken vase & throughout; A defence. Imagine of the tang and song dynasty is no tobacco, but when the wall poetry, JiaXuan word, meaning is not to fly, god front hair rhyme flow? ZhuangZhou, the horse moved, qu yuan, Song Yuzhi fu, li bai, Du Fuzhi poetry, dongpo, JiaXuan, wang shifu, Ma Zhiyuan song, which is written by smoking? Writing is not, how much more on reading! But, Mr. Lin thus defended his smoking. You take these as he zhuang language, think that smoking is whole have such a significant relationship with writing, reading, not fooled. He really just want to quit smoking failure in a funny text mixed lai in the past. This is a small side in his character. His advocate of humor, loving, not the different temperaments. , of course, at that time of the risks of smoking is not as it is today, otherwise, Lin when I wouldn’t call him by his daughter smoking & other; You try it & throughout; .

Mr Liang, seems to be more reserved, serious, unlike Mr Lin more influenced by zhuang zi, like Lin articles such as powerful and unconstrained style, arrogant, informal, and beam it fine rigorous, fluent euphemism, although they all appreciate the humor.

Mr Liang just gave up smoking a life, from now on never smoked. Is not smoking, not according to his own, he when the quitting, has a history of decades of smoking, smoking has risen from a pack a day, in turn, two packs, once again to listen to. A listen to is 50, addiction is big. But, he did not choose & other; Auspicious day & throughout; And no & other; Gen room throughout the &; , just the old, together, the rest of the cigarette thrown into the trash, cigarette holder, lighters, pipes, tobacco package will give others. Then has carried on by smoking, brothers, but finally didn’t suck, a success.

if of articles, I prefer Mr Lin yutang’s text, if of smoking, I appreciate Mr Liang more such attitude: & other; I smoke suction for decades, the last to change a breath of air at no cost. If someone’s mouth smoking in public places, or spray poison fog straight to my in front, I was heading for the hills, in the mind inwardly curse: & lsquo; I used to is the appearance of this pair of hate! & rsquo; Throughout the &;

I appreciate this attitude, because I have had several decades of smoking history, there have been such introspection, but because of my life, seen too much death & ndash; & ndash; For the sake of smoking. China’s tobacco industry celebrities like to tell the story of smoking, but they never mentioned that Mr Liang this conforms to the modern concept of cognition and attitude. Strange!

Lirong ordinary for the last ten years: select portrait don’t let the child worried

if speaking of performing artists lirong left the world in 2000, at that time doesn’t seem to react to come over. Whenever possible, especially at the feast, the figure of the old man, always remain time and time again on the television screen, let a person feel her smiling face, a familiar is still close to the people of this world. This week, in the last decade in lirong with little babysitter had written about their new book “the last decade lirong”, by jiangsu literature and art publishing house. Book, has become a cultural symbol lirong is added carved by glaciers, silhouette, a thrift, love, wisdom, strong and humorous old man vivid up increasingly in the sheet. Such as lirong the & in the other I am a common people, to ordinary, ordinary ground to walk & throughout; , this is a vivid, so warm and precious originates from life.

at the beginning of 1990 to nanny ya-jing zhang lirong Beijing suburbs yard, or a young girl I had just graduated from high school. In & other; Small hometown & throughout; Identity with lirong, the text also show mutual support between the younger generation and their elders. Ya-jing zhang is a man of heart, that time is in the form of a diary note with lirong the memorable moments of life, including lirong type simple words of wisdom. In YaJing burning fire resistance, said anything when he found stuffed with chopping wood does not burn, lirong told her & other; To virtual to real, the fire & throughout; ; Refused to an enterprise to pay big money show, in the face of YaJing, lirong told her & other; Keen on gaining petty advantages suffer, sensitivity to shame & throughout; . Book also have the optimistic with a lonely old man in later life, such as ni ping ya-jing zhang record a conversation with lirong. Ni ping jokes, & other; Zhao Ma, you single so many years, also don’t want to find a spouse? Throughout the &; & other; What do you want to find a spouse? Throughout the &; Lirong replied: & other; Just want to find a spouse as my wife. Throughout the &;

in between the two-bedroom apartment buildings in the city and suburban yard lirong in later life, in addition to performance, etc., most of the flowers, such as cleaning, cooking, chat again flowing and ordinary things. There is no lack of the book’s & other; Pyrotechnic gas & throughout; Details of life, and the whole of China didn’t have a few people don’t know the big celebrities, has been internalized as frugal life habit, also happily. & other; In the small yard, there is a buried half coarse porcelain small cylinder, is used to store up special fertilizer use. The fertilizer from the chicken bones, bones in the kitchen, there are some leftovers, etc., until after fermentation with these natural fertilizers to feed the plants and trees. Picked eating pomegranates, chew red hawthorn, is pure natural green food. She also taught me how to use the rest of the water wash dish to water the flowers, use the laundry water to scrub the floor of the room, etc. Throughout the &;

and lirong was diagnosed with cancer, after the last more than a year of life, also is a person cry. Such as lirong choose portrait section. & other; See grandma is from cabinets move album, with five photo album, each decorated with hundreds of photo album, she is illuminated and stills, was a photograph of her youth, middle age and old age & hellip; & hellip; Small static, you see this picture? Can see in the picture with a blessing of & hellip; & hellip; I think for a moment to let’s studio enlarge a nearby, stay up, once I have that day, and then take out, don’t let the children in a hurry. Throughout the &; And as lirong tend to tenaciously cling to the four courses of chemotherapy, grit your teeth and put the food into his mouth, threw up, grit your teeth and eat some food, doctors say she can do this persistence has hit a record, the hospital lirong while still does not forget wittily and doctors are kidding, & other; Before the enemy to the sister jiang to torture, and finally wear bamboo stick in sister jiang fingertips, how cruel. Let me see, not that kind of criminal law, with chemotherapy to confession effect will be better. Throughout the &;

write down these words ya-jing zhang, is now an editor, also has joined writers association in tianjin. With lirong decade, lirong continue to encourage her to study, study, the nature is another story. And in the book, lirong covered her the story of the last decade, that’s not what she seems to have be & other; Squashed & throughout; On the TV culture symbol, and become a symbol of the most simple but life, optimistic, kind, integrity, intelligence, as if it is the most familiar warm smiling face.