How great it feels to be able to work in your pajamas. To get up when you want, stay up late and hang out with family and friends when it suits you. That doesn’t sound like you as a self-employed worker? While that may be the perception of many who hear that you are self-employed, the truth is that you work hard every day with no one to supervise you or manager your time or responsibilities but you.

It’s no wonder then that many self-employed people turn their career into a full-fledged business. If they are successful in what they do, they often want to take it a step further. They may continue to work solo but under a professional name or they may take on employees and watch their business continue to grow. How can you move from a self-employed person to a business owner?


Create a business plan for your new business. If you have never created one before, take a class from any of the accredited online collages available these days to learn how it is done. You will have to provide detailed information about what your business does and what you want it to be doing in five or ten years. You also have to include a plan on how to get from point A to point B. This is a good exercise for you to know what goals your business should have and what you should be doing so you don’t make a lot of mistakes for lack of direction.


Not everyone who is good at a certain job can become a business owner. Two separate sets of skills are needed. Determine if you have those skills or if you are willing to invest money to acquire them. You may need to look at some online degree programs and go back to school while you work. You won’t have a lot of free time if you try to do both, but the online learning options will give you more flexibility. Look at the best online colleges with “College Vault”.

If you have a business background, you may not need a full degree. Consider attending a seminar on management, marketing or human resources if you do not have as much experience in those areas. Even if you later hire someone to handle those tasks, it helps if you understand the process.


There are a lot of requirements for a business. You will have a lot of research and legwork to conduct if you decide to turn your self-employment into a business entity. Here are just a few things to think about:

• Zoning. If you work out of your home, will you be allowed to do that as a full business? Will you need a business license?

• Federal ID number. You probably need a federal ID number, but definitely require one if you plan to hire employees

• Business name. What name will you work under? It has to be professional yet catchy

• Business type. Will you be an LLC, a corporation or something else? Check with your local small business attorney

As you can see, there is a lot to deal with and many decisions to make when you move your career to the next level.



Making the decision to go back to school doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes the right frame of mind to stick to the commitment of completing your degree, can be expensive, and there is a lot of hard work and study involved. A little ground work before you start can help ease your transition into college life.


When getting started with any of the available online degree programs, especially if there has been an extended break since the last time you were in school, it is probably best to plan on starting part time rather than jumping into it full time. Starting small will give you some time to readjust to how college life really is and will keep you from feeling overwhelmed in the beginning. Taking placement tests might also be a good place to start because your math or English skills might be a little rustier than you think. Starting with the right classes is a sure way to set yourself up for success.


Reaching out to other adults or non-traditional college students like yourself can give you a better picture of what life will be like while you are all earning your online college degrees. Ask your peers about the challenges they faced while balancing life, family, and school. How did they overcome those obstacles? What advice can they give you to help you get started? Other students will serve as the best real life examples of how online college will be and how to prepare for it.


Look at your schedule and make sure you have a set time to be able to study. Knowing ahead of time that you may only have from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to study on Monday through Friday is a great way to make efficient use of your precious time. If your study time is at home, make sure you have a quiet or private room that you can use without being interrupted. Maybe the use of a library or coffee shop is better, so you are less likely to be distracted by what is happening at home. You might have to get good at telling people “no.” Nobody but you will be able to understand the demands of school and how important it is to stick to your studying schedule. Yes, it will be hard to say no at first, but keep in mind that schooling does not last forever.


Those pursuing online degree programs have many advantages, but one major benefit is being able to go at their own pace. While your classes and homework are very important, it is equally important to create a balance between your school and life. Taking frequent breaks, exercising or just taking the time to connect to your family and friends will help keep create a balance and remind you of the reasons you are going back to college in the first place. That balance is foundation from where you will find the motivation and determination to keep going when things get tough. Find the best online colleges through“College Vault” with flexible schedules to meet your needs.


When choosing a career or a new career path, there are a lot of things to consider. Is your new career something you enjoy doing? Will this field financially provide for your needs? Is there room for growth? These are all serious questions to consider, especially with the technological advances and changes that are rapidly happening daily; it’s hard to predict what the future holds. It may be more important than ever to base your career path on what might be right around the corner, possibly in a direction that is down a road a little less traveled. Here are of the smartest online degree programs to pursue as listed by“College Vault”.


Really any online degree programs in engineering will do. Whether you choose civil, mechanical, industrial, aerospace, computers or any number of specific engineer tracks, you are sure to be in high demand.

Engineers are professionals who solve real world problems using mathematics, science and technology, which are all excellent subjects to study online. You need to be an analytical and logical thinker as well as an innovator of new ideas to succeed in this profession. Getting your online bachelor engineering degree will get your foot in the door while continuing your education and staying current with the latest technology will ensure your job position for years to come.


Similar to an engineering degree, an online computer science degree can give you endless career options and has a very positive job outlook in the years to come. With technology, robotics and computers constantly evolving, there is always a need for professionals who know how to build, operate, code and debug these systems.

Acquiring marketable skills and continuing your education will be an important part of your job security when pursuing your online computer science degree. You might even consider some online business or management degrees to go along with your computer science degree in order to stay competitive in the job market.


Today’s business world is becoming increasingly global. Selecting one of the online degree programs that specializes in navigating international concerns could place you well in advance of those in traditional business programs. Employers and business need people who understand international finance, laws and tax codes, and that is where your online degree in international business or finance would come in very handy. Knowing or studying a foreign language will also put you ahead of the pack and can help secure your career.


Why choose a career in public health? Because you care. Earning your online public health degree puts you in a field that is constantly evolving and changing to keep up with the demands of the public, communities and the populations around the world. Thanks to public health professionals, many people are alive and continue to thrive with the help of initiatives like vaccines, family planning, water and clean air standards and motor vehicle laws, just to name a few. Understanding federal policy and health care are things that are very important in people’s daily lives and will ensure that your path in public will be around indefinitely.


With the ever-evolving higher education system and the massive improvement in virtual classrooms, earning your degree online can open up a world of options for anyone wanting to further their education.

Here is a list of a few online college degrees that can give you an idea of what online degree programs are really like and the advantages to getting your degree online.


Most online undergraduate students study business. With updated methodology, the online degree program rankings have seen significant changes. Teachers conduct online meetings and seminars to connect with students and encourage working together as a group and completing team assignments.

Most business today is conducted mainly online, so it makes sense to learn this way and why it has become so favored with students today. Within business, the most popular bachelor’s degrees are business administration and management, accounting, and finance which could lead to any number of career paths; whether it is marking, human resources, business operations, or finance, your possibilities are endless.


There is no better way to earn a bachelor degree in computer science then on a computer. Learning how to work through complicated problems and lab assignments on your own with only the help of online forums is exactly how it works in the real world and in the field.

By earning your online computer science degree, you will most likely be working with the latest and most current software systems, learning about networking and security and practicing troubleshooting. You could also study different coding languages to become a computer designer and debug computer programs.


Studying for an online bachelor degree in healthcare administration might just put you ahead of the curve. Online students drastically improve their writing skills while attending online degree programs, and those skills come in very handy in the work field, since communication from healthcare managers is a major part of their job. In healthcare administration courses, you could also learn the workings of many different care facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers that could set you on the path to a career as a medical or health service manager.


Earning a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN) can be made possible through an accredited degree program. This allows working nurses to further their education on their own time by completing remaining requirements that involve academic course work online. Getting your BSN means higher pay and greater responsibility as your transition into your career as a registered nurse.

With numerous accredited online colleges available, students now have the option to choose from the best online colleges on “College Vault” with the highest rankings so you can attend regardless of where you live. Earning your degree online connects you with people from all over the country, learning together, and the chance to listen to different perspectives from students of different ages, races, and geographical locations. Getting your online degree teaches self-discipline and time management along the way, as you balance life and school work.