Why Your Futon Mattress Needs A Cover

One of the ways you can protect your futon mattress from lumping and sagging prematurely is to get a futon cover for it. There are covers specially made for futon protection which are water resistant. Futons are prone to moisture absorption and placing a cover over it will reduce the chance of it being affected adversely. The covers are easy to remove and are just as easy to wash when the time comes.

Why your futon mattress need a cover
This is why you might need to get a futon cover – protection from your pets.

When making a purchase, the cover won’t always be included with the futon mattress sale. They are a necessary accessory, however. Regardless of the construct of your futon, water absorption can still be a problem for the cotton batting and having a cover will prolong the lifespan of your futon bedding. They are inexpensive and it’s not a bad idea to have a couple on hand so that one may be applied while the other is being cleaned. If you need an affordable futon mattress, you can check out this cheap futon list@ foamglobes cause they have picked the top 10 rated futon on the market and reviewed them to help you make the purchase decision.

How exactly can a futon mattress cover protect my futon sofa mattress? Well for one it will block damage from spills, prevent the fabric of the mattress from getting dirty or from staining. But most importantly it will help keep your futon’s shape longer because it is water resistant. The durable canvas material fits over the mattress and is sealed securely with a zipper that wraps three-quarters of the way around the mattress. This makes it easy to remove and wash as needed.

Other things futon mattress covers will protect you from is the infestation of bed bugs, pet dander, mold and mildew spores, odors and so on. Cotton futon mattress is the most susceptible to these kinds of issues so taking preventative measures from the start will help eliminate potential problems from ever occurring.

Sizing The Cover Of Your Futon Mattress

Easily the most underestimated requisite people think of when purchasing a cover, for futon mattress protection, is the size of the mattress. A standard cover will fit a mattress nine inches thick and 60″ by 80′ in dimension. That’s a full-size futon mattress. However, a queen size mattress will still fit into it. They are made somewhat larger to account for today’s varying thicknesses, so you won’t need to purchase a queen futon mattress cover unless you first measure the mattress against the cover you want to purchase. All it boils down to is reading the measurements on the packaging and making the correct adjustments. Which leads us to the next concern:

Cover Care For Futon Mattresses

Size notwithstanding, you need to consider other factors when using a futon cover. Primarily, how to care for it. This may seem arbitrary and not a real issue, but for many, it is an issue of some concern and is often overlooked. Knowing how to care for your futon mattress and cover will keep both long-lasting. Here are some key notes:Cover Care For Futon Mattresses

  • Washing: you should wash your cover(s) at least once a month. It doesn’t require them going into a washing machine, but only being sponged with a mild solution. You can use ivory soap and warm water. Make sure your sponge is clean and free of dirt. Once you’ve given it a good wipe down, towel dries the cover.
  • With futon mattresses, covers are pretreated and preserved during manufacturing. There is no need to use a preserving agent of any type. These agents include saddle soaps for leather futon covers, any sort of abrasive cleaner or ammonia. These products will quickly ruin your mattress cover.
  • Keep it out and away from the sun. Sunlight will fade most things exposed too long to it and will destroy the brilliance of any color.
  • Store extra covers in a breathable atmosphere to avoid mildew and odors.
  • For maximum wear prevention, flip and rotate your futon cover every time you flip and rotate your mattress. This will cause it to wear evenly and not to develop premature holes.

Overcoming A Jammed Futon Cover Zipper

Sometimes, as with any kind of zipper, the zipper to your futon slipcover will get stuck. Either the fabric warps in a washing machine (see notes above about this) or it gets caught in the fabric while removing or replacing it on your mattress. The one thing you shouldn’t do is force it. You may damage the teeth that the zipper runs along and then you’ll have a worthless cover on your hand. Using wax or soap can sometimes help release the sticking if the fabric of the zipper is warped. If it is caught on the canvas you will need to take care to slowly pry the material from the zipper. Use tweezers or needle nose pliers to hold the zipper and carefully tug at the fabric of your futon mattress cover until it is free.

Who Needs Futon Covers Anyway?

You’re looking for futon covers and don’t want to get ripped off or make the wrong choice regarding styles, etc.  You’re smart.  Don’t worry, because it is almost impossible to make a bad decision these days with the number of options available.  And, for the money, you can always just get a different futon cover.

Many people just don’t realize how much they can save you in terms of wear and tear and clean-up.  While they may not work as well as using a flea bomb for your pets, they can at the very least keep them from getting into the mattress material.  For example, a cover on a guest couch/sleeper can be changed along with the sheets to keep your guests feeling clean and comfortable each time.  Also, imagine having a few different styles of futon mattress covers and being able to change the look of a room drastically in only minutes flat!  They talk about how easily and cheaply paint change affect the look of a room, imagine what updating and enhancing your covers can do in much less time and no mess to clean up!  There are so many varieties to choose from these days that you’ll find a quick browse online will just get your imaginative juices flowing.dogs on the futon

There are so many styles.  Does a wear out looking beige or black futon cover have you feeling dingy and old?  Well, for under $100 in most cases, you can completely change your old dusty and hole-riddled futon slipcover for faux suede or animal print futon covers.  If you like, you can go for leather futon covers (heck, even faux leather covers) are available.  The only limit to the look of your futon is likely your own imagination.  Get online and look around, you’ll see colors and styles that you never thought of!

Are you thinking about going green? No, not the color.  Environmentally friendly style green.  You can even find organic kinds of cotton and hemp fabrics as cover materials.  Not only can these be more hip but hemp also has greater durability to it.  While these fabrics may cost slightly more, you will be saving in the long run.  Not only that, your friends will know who to ask next when they are thinking about doing the same thing.

It really all comes down to personal style.  Part of your style is that you like the laid back, comfortable, flexible and simple styling offered by having a futon in the first place.  They are a great way to get a perfect night’s sleep for your weary guests and provide better support and comfort than those air mattresses.  To get more bang for your decorating buck, get some new futon covers and enjoy the rest of your week knowing that at least you don’t have to worry about THAT project for a while.