Cave in South Africa is now 1 million Human history with fire before pushing (figure 300000)


in the process of human evolution, the use of fire is a milestone, and people from when to begin to use fire, has been the subject of intense debate archaeology.

according to foreign media reports this morning, a new study conclusion shows that human beings in a period of more than 100 years ago homo erectus may have started to use fire. This conclusion to push forward the history of human use of fire in 300000.


cave in South Africa is now 1 million ash

Boston university, university of Toronto, Canada, and researchers from the Hebrew university in Israel, analyzed from South Africa stevie walker cave bone and carbide plant ash.

stevie walker cave in South Africa’s kalahari desert edge, is one of the most famous archaeological sites.

by the analysis of the sediments in the hole is contained ash burned bones and plants, the sequencing of age 1 million bones and ashes. They are all in the same spot burned and buried. In addition, there are some pieces only surface smoked trace, this is proof that human control in the fire.

from this collection was found in the hole more than 30 meters, which is not the result of wildfires burning, is likely to be the product of the early human interested in heating or cooking, a finding that provides the first evidence of human use of fire.

low significance

the latest issue of the journal of the national academy of sciences published related research report. & other; Control the fire has been the important turning point in the evolution of human & throughout; , an anthropologist from the university of Toronto, he said, & other; This analysis will push forward the human use of fire time in 300000, according to human ancestors as early as the period of homo erectus may begin to use fire. Throughout the &;

the Israeli Hebrew university in 2004, according to a report, the history of human use of fire can be traced back to 790000 years ago, this conclusion is considered by many scientists as & other; Strong & throughout; .

Sun Xiaomeng compile/intern reporter ciro Guo Yue

human turning point before pushing 300000

walk upright

4 million years ago

use languageMore than 200 years ago

use tools, fire

1 million years ago


3 million – 4 million years ago

artist (early ape man)

1.5 million – 2.5 million years ago

homo erectus late (ape)

200000-1.8 million years ago

early homo sapiens

30000-250000 years ago

late homo sapiens

10000-50000 years ago