CCTV anchor 200000 monthly salary is a legend Journalists exposure host real income

long gone is the old news is out to stir, the base is commonly referred to as & other; Dig the grave & throughout; . Last week, one of the most unreliable & other; Dig the grave & throughout; Is about CCTV host wages that something: rui-ying li, Dong Qing, LuJian dozen CCTV line of mouth at more than 20 monthly salary (note that monthly salary), seems to play the eye eye, but the so-called new spice, put a search engine is back into old news that the two years ago, and rumours that early.

today’s survey not critical & other; Dig the grave & throughout; That something, but something about the host wage. Although this is a in the eyes of most people cover full & other; Make money ring & throughout; Career, but in fact, after contact with a lot of host of morning paper reporter, most people heard the legend of more than 20 a month, the first reaction is stare big eyes: & other; Where have so many, too exaggerated. Throughout the &; Turn when it comes to their income, and is basically a blue: & other; Give the money inside, not much more than you do journalists. Throughout the &;

so, host situation how? Instead of talking about those wonky, go with the morning paper reporter understanding once chaired the real income of people.

real income is far away from imagination

income, it is a very sensitive topic. When the morning paper reporter tried to use & other; How much do you earn a year & throughout; This cut to the chase to interview a host, is the most resounding answer the blare of the phone.

at the same time, the host is a united, columns, region of the type of work, so be on the question of income, is not an easy thing. Therefore, the interview is a process of wits, by now the host, the host of the before and people of all around the edge of the host, reporter finally got the point roughly.

CCTV: 200000 monthly salary is legend

about CCTV host income, always dare to speak Zhao Pu ever revealing a version: basic wage is 2968.31 yuan, coupled with the host “excerpt” a class of 200 yuan, on half a month is 3000 yuan, together with less than 6000 yuan. This version, however, because of widespread and more than 20 monthly salary gap is too big, immediately encounter various & other; Criticism & throughout; . However, morning paper reporter investigation, according to the results of Zhao Pu this version of the basic, overall, CCTV news anchor and basic on the average monthly salary of ten thousand yuan. Every 20 more than a month, or let it stay in legend.

internal staff told reporters, according to one of CCTV CCTV host monthly income structure is mainly divided into basic salary + bonus + various subsidies. Basic salaries, business unit level of basic salary as the title, number can’t be too surprising. So Zhao Pu Revelations 2968.31 a month of basic salary, only more not less, and no increase in recent years. Bonus part is mainly on the show total number calculation of the payment, which hosts calculate by the number of the payment is not high, no matter what channel is hundreds of dollars each, news channel of the host to run by running, total basic presided over and some of the large column, the variety show host to the high number of the cost of the party, but also maintain in several thousand yuan, basically fewer defect is a mirror.

basic salary and bonus are dead Numbers, allowance that is relatively a bit mysterious. The CCTV staff told reporters, in addition to different levels, subsidies have high low, it remains to be seen whether the host into some awards as well as the overall revenue of each section. Revealed for CCTV host is not particularly high for income, so the host this month there will be some bonus, but certainly not found in the legend. , for example, someone has to jump out of the CCTV to host, but also a total of 9000 yuan a month at that time, coupled with a variety of benefits, annual income but also more than ten thousand yuan. So the host to make money only to find a way to in the outside, but the CCTV host people headaches, CCTV in this block has more strict, don’t say speak, even out to host a business activity, have very big restriction.

in addition, more intriguing is CCTV host people’s costumes. This part of income has been the traditional CCTV project, but also a year then to 10000, however, most again to add a year more than 10000 makeup subsidies. The money looks impressive, but for the CCTV host, especially on (the) emcee of the show, the party, it is far from enough. If the male host can a few pieces of more than 10 of the necktie suit to supplement & other; To cope with & throughout; In the past, for female host, is but a drop in the ocean.

local TV: stable high-paying have road

than CCTV host, local TV is more flexible. From the reporter understanding, now the mainstream local TV to host treatment are divided into several categories: the first is similar to CCTV’s salary bonus system, the so-called & other; System & throughout; Wages; The second category is the will to a handful of top inside the host to sign it, characteristics and the same system is much higher than other host amount; The third class is completely market-oriented, what all have no salary, bonus, allowance, do a programme will give how much labor, but the number is decided according to the influence of the host, has the strength of the host is often a programme will be able to have an income of ten thousand yuan.

these compensation system have their own advantages. The first kind of host while carrying on the salary is not high, but in stability, and local TV in host & other; Imparting & throughout; On the attitude of the relatively loose, so you also can earn through business activities & other; Extra money & throughout; . The second category of releasing the host, after is the third class in the first category of traditional host and the host to find a balance between pure market. But to accept this way, the host will encounter a problem, is the high salary may also contain their brokerage, so accept advertising, the scene outside has to be set in the smoke. After the top of a TV actress, originally in Taiwan has enjoyed millions yearly salary treatment, but is because of the consideration of various restrictions and personal development, resolutely decided to participate in river’s lake.

best host, by contrast, are in the third type. Since the superior strength, that you can’t have what relation, stability, making money is the hard truth. To be sure, however, compared with the free host, this host also can make a platform of a satellite TV, some can even sign exclusive agreements, only in the TV host, can’t go to other units. But he was not, by contrast, because signed an exclusive, enjoy all kinds of hard welfare in Taiwan, replaced by a high service fee. Such as a line to take charge of the entertainment of TV higher-ups, a program for labor is 4-50000 yuan, he is now a week have two show, the light one month show labor income is nearly 400000 yuan.

but for this kind of top host, this show income is & other; Something & throughout; . One of a line of satellite TV producer told reporters, this grade of the host and in Taiwan are benign relations of cooperation, mutually beneficial win-win, in the end, don’t look at income, blunt exposure he was willing to do, because it can ensure his popularity, to win more benefit in the business market. In addition, there are more flexible now a lot of TV, a host presided over a beauty show, for example, labor is only opened thousands of block a, only he ten a fraction of the normal labor, but the program to sell cosmetics he can cut, so he will accept.

free hosting: half a artist from place to place

than these two also count in units of the host, claims & other; Imparting sent & throughout; The freedom of the host is pure take the market as the core, based on independent film company or individual studios, pure artist route. Besides rushing in television host, and now the rise of the network program also can see their shadow, and host, act, sing, endorsements, etc. It is their way to make money. Might put it this way: they are hosted by artists in the most suitable for people, and most artists in the host rocks.

this group of people born also have no matter. Was originally a host and then flow into market for many, such as Qiu Qiming, by, huang jianxiang, etc, also have hosted by artists of both originally, such as the model of ai, guo degang crosstalk performer was born, and so on. And their income range, if only from host a to analyze, they and the TV host is relatively similar, the third class is pure with labor, and how much depends on the weight of each other. A engaged in artist brokerage industry tells a reporter, at present this kind of host, the highest in the first phase of the program there are 7 – $80000 price tag, and a line of freedom in the host, one can get 50000 yuan, up and down even by recognition of the market, but many more are 1-20000 yuan first phase of the program, however, don’t look down upon this number, a quarter show said there are more than ten period, less free host and there is no limit to the platform, can freely across TV live, as long as he is too busy to come over, connect two or three programs, hosting fees alone make a 2, three hundred thousand a month is not impossible.

but when the host has its drawbacks as well as freedom, is the lack of a fixed platform, especially a line of satellite TV, more than for a & other; Free & throughout; Spending too much resource. As a result, the audience can see, in addition to a few very influential line free host, most of these hosts are in the second and third line of TV & other; Si & throughout; Mix, assemble on the network platform, the amount of income also basically is to rely on show in the heap. From their perspective, the need is a lot of exposure, improve their market value, but the risk will also accompany around. A TV insiders told reporters, before one of CCTV’s famous host came out after the first years can also be a sinecure often appear on TV, but too much stress on the market over the years, the new host and come out a lot, with his professional scope restrictions, now the market value is much less than the previous years.

the host of the bitter who know

ordinary people’s eyes, only to see the host flash on the screen, but they are not known to outsiders is the profession of hardships. Actually, no matter any industry, there are the top winners, there are numerous in the underlying struggle of ordinary people. Those ordinary people and white-collar work work, make money as housing subsidies home, but because of the TV screen this small squares of infinite amplification, become high-paying jobs in the countless people imagine.


s case

in addition to broadcast is compiling and writing

small Q a terrestrial channels host

small Q just after graduating from broadcasting institute, I successfully entered a terrestrial channels when the host. She tells a reporter, first learn broadcasting major, she to this career full of expectation, but really, to be going to work but found no matter from the income and career development, all have no imagination so simple. & other; Remember the first time I get salary, I also have a little disappointed. Throughout the &; Said the little Q, a lot of people think that the host is a well-paid profession, but whether she such a terrestrial channels or work in a TV classmate, income and other workers in the distinction is not big in Taiwan, and other Basic salary you know, basically is to block 1000, Taiwan in order to save cost, in the four gold are also in accordance with the minimum standards to hand over, dead wages didn’t any flower heads. Throughout the &; Fee in different places is, the last show a money, but said the little Q, the income is also poor, most of the host the last program has several hundred yuan level, let alone show limited resources, not to say that we would like to some more more, so more down, or daily news anchor income is the most stable, at least can guarantee the last mirror every day.

now producers would never let host will do these live broadcast. Said the little Q: & other; Today’s host are basically all-around fighter, knitting, writing, information should be proficient in, before each on the show I have to do a lot of material collection, sometimes responsible for writing, or even cut programs to have been involved. Throughout the &;

, by contrast, the host of the column efficiency is good it is very important. & other; If it is a ratings high column, of course, the hand of the producer can control the money, sometimes have the audience prize, also can be assigned to the point, at the feast, the producer how much meaning. Throughout the &; Said the little Q, after all, this part of the income is not controllable, producer and easy is not big, relationship is good, is an important factor decided to host income.

Case 2


struggling with consumption and a chance to

L miss a TV channel host, resigned

L miss in 2003 after graduating from a GuangYuan, into the television station, when the host was a good game, most of the students took to the host. But now, her classmates in both hold one party capable, has worked as a reporter, director, or already leave the station, when civil servants career change, ever dream of, have their own place.

& other; Many people think that the host is a good career, but most people don’t see that behind every successful host, is a large group of elimination or along the host. Throughout the &; Miss L told reporters, when entering the industry, she was told by the teacher, will try to get employment indicators, at least need to have an absolute returns unit trust in, but in fact, to be able to get employment quota of people is rare, can mix to the channel to hire, column has been a good way, not to mention in this circle, there are numerous don’t get the contract, and other This group of people only on the show have the payment, usually haven’t their salary, bonus and welfare, mix miserably, few thousand a month. Throughout the &;

but even so, still some people choose to remain. & other; In our station, will not take the initiative to drive away a host of, as long as consumes the lives in Taiwan, and then one day can solve the identity, so there are a lot of small host consumption, wait until the day dawn is coming. Throughout the &; But miss L agree, want to have this opportunity, ability, relationship, be short of one cannot.

as for the like by, can ignore the system safeguard oneself go out to travel, in the industry is really rare animals, except for the courage, still need a lot of opportunities to do it.


s case

some relations to become famous

M: miss a producer

and any workplace stories, host of this industry is full of & other; Palace calculating & throughout; nullnull