Chang ta-chun: I am a “do exactly the opposite of” literary world in the “key”

the graph is chang ta-chun

the evening of May 5th Taiwan writer chang ta-chun zeng xianzi the science museum in jinan university international conference hall tells & other; Was the dream: parents’ generation life & throughout; . He has three & other; Ambition & throughout; : a, I hope more people know Chinese classical poetry; Second, in the hope that more people close to the Chinese Beijing Opera and kunqu opera; Three, in the hope that more and more people picked up his brush to write.

named after mainland city streets of Taiwan is a simple & other; National imagination & throughout;

my family background is & other; Mainlander throughout the second generation &; With label, which is very. And I was about ten years before and after the birth of this generation are more or less able to in a certain time periods in the life more rich and to imagine their own nation. And toward the generation of one hundred and twenty, the kingdom of their imagination, is another story.

I went to grade school in the Catholic private school. After graduating from primary school, I again in a private high school read a junior high school. At that time, I often have to east-west across the whole of Taipei city, from home to school. At that time, the street names in Taipei is very strange, such as changchun road, liaoning street, east road, nanjing road, the road austral, small doors, road. On the surface, it is highly consistent with Chinese territory. That’s true.

but the streets of Taipei naming also let a person feel curious. For example, some friends curiously ask, why only the nanchang street in Taipei, and not in other cities in jiangxi province? Some of the city name, we think of jiangxi ruijin, for example, to contact the Chinese modem history, probably will understand. In the streets of Taipei, named also slowly looked its links with the map of China. We see a street named a province or city in China, it is often only on the name, the meaning of the inherent meaning is not so obvious. The imagination, and national identity, is not like & other; I am Chinese & throughout; So simple, it is much more complex.

Thirty years

a few days ago, the Rolling Stones concert to be held in Beijing. When there, the author of “descendants of the dragon -troika appeared. According to my friend paraphrased, however, the presence of most young people don’t know him, and only know leehom wang. I see, not only young people at present, most young people are the situation, I’m afraid. I’d like to take this problem, we as a child on the cultural background is the streets of Taipei city by means of contact throughout the history and culture. And this link is not a single, at that time. Its interior has many strange effect.

when I read the second grade, one day, my father told me about the streets of Taipei, and the provinces in mainland China travel story. These for me to establish a never before imagined national concept plays a great role. Father as a young man in the mainland have done the surveyor, actually also is labor, measurement of land in the hot sun. Remember at that time he was filled with deep feeling ground say, in the experience of the most happy is, the moment of jump into a big bucket full of water, and whatever the water is cold or hot. Perhaps happiness is so simple but important.