Changsha mawangdui was preached good feng shui reiki horses have been stolen dig (FIG.)

writing in site, on the hill was made of earth, everywhere, some even bare roots.

writing in changsha, hunan unearthed by famous simba after Mrs Of the body for a long time, a large number of precious the western han dynasty lacquer ware fine silk, silk fabric, texts and the world-famous. But in recent years, dark biography writing well in the changsha residents, soil & other; Reiki & throughout; , some people have stolen digging writing in horses, to grow vegetables, flowers, and even for salted duck egg. Hunan museum curator byalick grieved: absolutely can’t dig!

site up & other; Stolen holes & throughout; Abound

located in changsha city, writing in the liuyang river, is the prime minister and his party in the early western han dynasty changsha Hou Licang family cemetery. In the excavation of cultural relics departments successively implemented in the 1970 s, three in writing, no. 2 of the tomb were is the pale, no. 1 tomb were for his wife of the famous simba after Mrs, tomb no. 3 were is the son of the pale. Huge amounts of cultural relics unearthed to explore become one of the major archaeological discovery in China even all over the world in the 20th century, mawangdui site also therefore become an important cultural foundation of the han culture.

the site has 1000 beds of mawangdui hospital of hunan province is located in the corner of the hill, stands at the entrance has written & other; Hunan provincial cultural relics protection units throughout the &; Stone, a stone path to the depths of the forest. Site on a hillside, 3 tombs built site museum, grave, grave has 2 1 backfill.

along the stone steps up the hill, the reporter found that in the woods, slope protection, and even writing backfilling on horses, there are more shrubs, grass vegetation is digging, the soil have been got.

a management personnel said, clinging to the pyramid-shaped mound on mountain road, pedestrian crossing need side before, now been planing to lateral wall of the soil layer, go up have become unobstructed. Tomb no. 1, no. 2 the ceiling of the tomb was frequently after soil, vegetation, exacerbating the current scour problem, lead to the ceiling was originally laid floor slab edge of collapse.

a few visitors to the site of the college students, told reporters frequently encountering & other writing sites; Stolen soil & throughout; , they already feeling nervous, confused.

& other; Spirit throughout the soil &; Stolen for vegetables flowers

a writing site management staff, told reporters here & other; Stolen soil & throughout; People mainly is the citizen in all directions. Originally, with the expansion of changsha city, originally located in the suburb of writing in site, has been in the downtown area. Some live in & other; Reinforced concrete jungle & throughout; The citizens, the attention to the writing in ruins of the earth.

some citizens, the good earth rare in the city, what’s more, writing in the ruins of soil is & other; Authentic loess & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Perennial with woods penetration of humus, used to planting flowers and vegetables fertility, pickling salted duck egg is selected. In addition, writing in symplectic chasing Mrs Remains more than 2000 years, enough to support the soil here is stained with & other; Reiki & throughout; The effect of, even have a prolong life.

it is because the spread of this statement, in changsha city many people then, under the cover of darkness secretly took the loess. Over time, appear on the site of & other; Stolen holes & throughout; Abound.

hunan museum curator byalick, told reporters after digging problem, hunan museum had been sent to the scene to understand and survey, find the reason so many people to writing site soil, mainly because of the feudal superstition.

who is in charge of the range of who?

in tomb no. 3, the imposing manner of the western han dynasty tomb and shabby old modern buildings constitutes a sharp contrast. By an old electric fan in the sweltering heat to cool the ticket office, the reporter sees, the two old man employed in controlling the pavilion. They get 300 yuan a month base salary, commissions from the price of 2 yuan tickets 2 cents. According to the usual every day more than 100 person-time, holidays more than 200 people visit the size calculation, two administrators pay only enough food and clothing.

administrator Guo Yiru told reporters, including her existing 2 person is responsible for managing the tomb no. 3, the pavilion. For throughout the site & other; Stolen soil & throughout; Citizens, they have repeatedly to stop. But such a large FenShan, they & other; Old arms legs & throughout; Was available.

reporter then contact department, they said, writing in ruins as a provincial-level cultural relics protection units, should be & other; Apanage management & throughout; . Person, mawangdui hospital of hunan province logistics security, said a staff for nearly half a century, the hospital obligation to spend a lot of manpower and material resources to maintain site surrounding environment health, landscaping, etc. In view of the & other Stolen soil & throughout; Phenomenon, hospital, despite the pull up at the entrance of ban on earth banners, to find & other Stolen soil & throughout; Behavior to stop, but only depend on hospital guard part-time site protection personnel control, really overwhelmed.

byalick said, according to the provisions of the managements within the scope of the who’s who is in charge of, because of the writing in site is located in hunan province mawangdui hospital inside the mountain, all staff in and out of the hospital is the hospital responsible for release and regulation, so writing site safety protection work has been by the hospital, hunan museum is responsible for the guidance, coordination and cooperation. 3 graves were mawangdui hospital of hunan province and hunan province museum, the two together in care, specific tombs is the maintenance of the hunan museum itself is responsible for.

& other; Writing has backfilling, if earth for a long time, will pose a serious threat to the site. Throughout the &; Byalick, mawangdui hospital of hunan province has said it will strengthen management. And once & other; Stolen soil & throughout; Problems aren’t curb, hunan museum will hunan cultural relics departments to petition for enforcement of the law.

(xinhua news agency Su Xiaozhou star)