Chen duxiu’s former residence will fix draft “new youth magazine site” exhibition

this morning, in the dongcheng district cultural, economic news conference, the reporter understands, this year in tsinghua temple, Chen duxiu’s former residence and so on a number of cultural relics and historic buildings teng retreat repair work, cultural relic restoration rate reached 68%. In addition, the outer urban southeast turrets reconstruction work also will focus on promoting.

it is known that tsinghua temple was built in the Ming dynasty xuande is seven years (1432), the formal completion of nine years (1444). Rebuilt in the qing dynasty. Now the dongcheng district cultural relics census register project. Sits, the gate of the original three, now only QianDian and in the temple, palace have been converted to remove, the original structure.

the refund only involves the surrounding range of the hall, room is mainly for repairs tsinghua temple hall do preparatory work.

Chen duxiu’s former residence is located in the hutong negate 20, whiles it faces north. The entire courtyard covering an area of small, east-west and north-south direction equal length, are 17 meters, yard to the southeast of the missing Angle. Now the Beijing municipal cultural relics protection units.

according to Chen duxiu early engaged in revolutionary activities in Beijing time to textual research, he lived in the hospital s should be between 1917 and 1919, and the continuing revolution activities such as the editor of the journal new youth. According to the dongcheng district Wen Wei, Chen duxiu went back home for & other; “New youth” magazine site & throughout; For exhibition.

outer urban southeast turrets reconstruction scheme for adjustment of waiting for the formalities of examination and approval

the reporter understands, this year in dongcheng district on the style and protection of outer urban southeast turrets reconstruction project, has carried on the adjustment scheme, the current capital and planning are in place, waiting for the formalities for examination and approval of the construction in the site recovery.

it is known that outer urban southeast turrets reconstruction project is currently consulting with longtan industrial park to dismantle ZuoAn door dongli 7, 7 b part of housing. Because the city related department to adjust the original design scheme is put forward opinions, new scheme has been revised by the dongcheng district government to the municipal water department for advice.

the dongcheng district Wen Wei Li Chenggang, director of the introduction, the outer urban southeast turrets ZuoAn door turrets reconstruction scheme has been fine-tuning now. New solutions from the construction of the turrets shape and structure is not big changes.

the question now is to consider the position relationship between turrets and beside the river, involve the flood control zones, so is working with water authority formalities of examination and approval of relevant departments such as planning, financing and planning schemes are in place, waiting for the complete formalities.

near ZuoAn door outer urban southeast turrets currently best repair condition, is expected to be the first to start.

front door is expected to return water in the streets

the dongcheng district government work report points out that this year will be celebrates its 860th anniversary as an opportunity to continue to push forward the front door historical culture environment construction, to accelerate the development of west front door remaining plots, basically completed and theater, historical and cultural museum front door project, and will to the ancient SanLiHe park project as the breakthrough point, start the east front door repair renovation project in an all-round way. East front door will repeat & other; The water in the front door & throughout; The picture, the project is currently planning and demonstration stage.

the dongcheng district Wen Wei Li Chenggang, director of the introduction, the project to promote native will keep style, not involving the residents’ housing demolition. (reporter Yang poem every)