Chen yinque couplet “walker” sun half the tsinghua students draw

in 1932, tsinghua university held a newborn matriculation, Chinese department Liu Wendian invite tsinghua yuan & other; The big four mentor & throughout; One of the famous historian Chen yinque for Chinese exam questions. At that time, Chen yinque is set to rest the next day, they hastily grass ordinary Chinese paper & ndash; & ndash; Composition in settled down. Another topic & other; Pair of & throughout; , top allied to & other; Sun walker & throughout; . Results more than half the examinee made white.

this & other; Pair of & throughout; For the & other; Throughout the &; For full mark of examinee, only Zhou Zumo (famous linguist, a professor at Peking University). A & other; Zu chongzhi & throughout; Also as required, because & other; Face & throughout; & other; Sun & throughout; Can be in pairs. Zu chongzhi’s northern and southern dynasties when the mathematician, is the world’s first accurate numerical of PI to seven digits after the decimal point. And the examinee to & other; The king of & throughout; To well. Famous scholar is the king of the qing dynasty jiaqing years, gaoyou, jiangsu province, who inherited his father Wang Niansun phonological learning of xian, gaoyou wang’s father and son, is he academic contribution is very big. Examination of every answer & other Monk tang & throughout; & other; Pig eight quit & throughout; & other; The sand monk & throughout; Didn’t pass the exam.

this league is adopting su shi du works which states the warlock xie (JinChen) jun oblique lines: & other; For fear that is before Mr Walker, a shout of Korea’s back. Throughout the &; & other; Han Lu & throughout; As the dogs name, & other; Line & throughout; With & other; Refund & throughout; All steps in a verb, & other; Throughout the &; With & other; Throughout the &; For.qing. Dongpo this coupon can be said of antithesis literature of China. In addition, Mr Hu (lakers) sun (Sun) is an ape, and & other; Walker & throughout; With & other; Comfortable throughout the &; Meaning can relatively sound.

when the movement was at its vigorous development, so someone in the newspaper criticism of tsinghua university archaic and should not be a strange questions & other; Pair of & throughout; Take an examination of students. Chen yinque put forward four reasons: first, test the examinee can distinguish.qing and notional and its application; 2, test the examinee can distinguish between level and oblique tones; 3, test the examinee reading much and Tibetan language is rich and the poor; Four, test your ideas organized. Chen yinque the interpretation of the article is published, the & other; The wave & throughout; Is calm, visible Chen Gong fame quite.