Chen yinque’s eve drink half a bowl of gruel Joke life itself “immortal rice”

spring and autumn periodEach wen-jing wang

biography text, zhou zuoren, I read also read Chen yinque. I like zhou’s prose, but his & other; Cartilage & throughout; I have bad feeling.

two phase comparison, & other; Professor of professor & throughout; Mr Chen yinque in the Anti-Japanese War period, as a Chinese people’s hard character, more let I respect. Such as Chen family trapped in the fall of Hong Kong, New Year’s eve each drink the half bowl of gruel.

in the spring of 1939, Chen yinque receive Oxford University professor of sinology, the family decided to Britain. In September 1940, Chen yinque ready for the whole family in the UK to Hong Kong passport, but because of the war eventually trapped in Hong Kong.

after the Pacific war broke out, the Japanese attack tens of thousands of people in Hong Kong, Hong Kong have fallen. Chen yinque crowded not refugees on the plane, so that the stranded in Hong Kong. After the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, Chen yinque left temporarily at hku, stays at home.

he readme own situation: this time & other; On December 8, the Pacific war again, when the traffic jam, unable to leave. Hong Kong occupied by Japan, had to sit home empty for half a year. Throughout the &; Leave Hong Kong, no source of income, family life and into a rut. Daughter Chen Meiyan had hard life at this time:

& other; Island life difficult, blocking traffic, schools and shops closed. People nervous all day long, every saved no rice, food is more nervous. Mother was ill, still must struggled to find his family food rations, have to control our food, sweet potato root and I eat good, every one steamed out blisters semi-dry loose after rice, called & lsquo; The fairy rice & rsquo; , that is very good. Throughout the &;

New Year’s day in 1942, Chen yinque deeply touched, as a New Year’s day are assigned, the union at the end of the cloud: & other; Rob gray eyes see sorrow, half cold ash can cry more. Throughout the &;

at the Spring Festival approaching, of the Japanese military police learned that Chen yinque world famous scholar, he tried to win him. As in Peiping to make zhou zuoren as pseudo official, wanted him to help Japan to do things. The Japanese military police to China in the Chen family sent some flour, Chen yinque rebuffed.

: according to che-san Chen & other; Have Japanese scholars wrote to the headquarters to them not to trouble professor Chen, army style Hong Kong commander, the commander sent military police to take care of the family, send a lot of bag of flour, but the police moved into the house, Chen Chen for Jenny to drag, just don’t eat the flour of the enemy. Throughout the &;

Jiang Tianshu’s Mr Chen yinque chronological book also records the: & other; Smell of Hong Kong’s day is a person with golden 40 Wan Yuanjiang FuYinKe institute of Oriental culture, Chen yinque away, for free. Throughout the &;

in 1942, New Year’s eve night, trapped in Hong Kong to study a master Chen yinque, only drink the half bowl of gruel, each family will eat a duck eggs, even had a Spring Festival.