Chiang kai-shek wages as hu shi more monthly only take 800 pieces of the ocean

in 1933, the national government promulgated the civilian officer GuanFeng such as table “, to set the standard of civil servants’ salaries at all levels. In accordance with relevant provisions of the table, then the country’s supreme leader, take salary with director and ministries chief executive director, the legislative yuan, is a month 800 pieces of the ocean. Mr Big-name, worked in the republic of China’s ambassador to the United States during the Anti-Japanese War, from the relevant information, his salary but far more than the Chiang kai-shek and li.

in 1940, the national government established the ministry of foreign affairs consular officer officer GuanFeng such as table, ambassador to the United States every month can get the two parts of salary, one is & other; Throughout this them &; , namely the basic salary, monthly 1000 pieces of the ocean (real issue, according to purchasing power converted into foreign currency and exchange rate, the same below); The second is & other; Frequently throughout the scope &; That post subsidies, monthly 1400 pieces of the ocean. Two pieces of summary, monthly salary is 2400 pieces of the ocean. & ndash; & ndash; Yangcheng evening news