China is the world’s football origin Cuju has formed during the warring states period

in the tang and song dynasties cuju door

the cuju scene in the film and television works

, in the spring and autumn period and the warring states period was one of the biggest cities in our country. Developed economy and the people of substantial life make qi of the spring and autumn period and the first of five powers and the warring states period seven male power, also become an important birthplace of qin games, fighting cocks and at six, some traditional games, such as play bow was already quite popular in, which draw bow also called cuju, actually is the most original football game in our country.

cuju in warring states period has formed

football is the most attractive in the world today the first movement, the modern game originated in Britain, and the football originated from ancient Chinese cuju. Cuju is extends for over two thousand years in our country is a traditional sports and entertainment.

in the history of cuju, it appears a lot of names, like the bow of the earliest, the most popular cuju, cuqiu activity, play round, and so on. But the unity, the most common is called cuju.

about cuju is recorded in the our country has a lot of, among them, the ce & middot; qi “and” the historical records & middot; biographies of shu was the earliest historical records of cuju. But the two books record is the same story.

the early third century BC, the famous home, I became the prime minister of zhao, in order to jointly resist qin, he came to the qi capital, alignment XuanWang vomit a lotus flower in his trail left such a famous saying: & other; Very rich and solid, its people blow Yu, drums, blow up, harps, cockfighting, walking dogs, six bo, play 踘. Throughout the &;

the article of “ce” formed in the warring states period, the western han dynasty Liu Xiang is edited and literature of the warring states period “ce”. When the shiji sima qian’s writing, he was almost the same repeat the description of “ce”, that is to say, sima qian is completely agree with “ce” in description. This paragraph describing two information to us, one of the qi developed economy, culture and sport is very prosperous; Second, is the cuju at this time has been formed, and became popular in the middle of the lower people.