China performance artist in Paris “dangling” : foot red smoke (FIG.)

network heat transfer suspended figure

walking is sun wukong this mythical figure will live, but recently, called & other; Throughout the first person of Chinese performance art &; Jingzhou city, hubei province artist Li Wei, in Paris, France staged an & other; Weightlessness dangling & throughout; Reality show, the scene photos to weibo, cause netizen estimations. The film & other; Foot & throughout; Red smoke, suspended in mid-air, this is some netizens for PS technology make photos, really true existence. Li Wei before accepting a reporter to interview. :

decryption & other; Dangling & throughout; Method is hung wei the

is definetely celebrities such as successively forwarded Li Wei & other; Dangling & throughout; According to, in the network, in the photo Li Wei dressed in robes, foot on each of the xiangyun general red smoke, as if in a state of weightlessness dangling, amazing. & other; Actually by hanging and to implement. Throughout the &; Li Wei said, this is often seen in the movie stunt technology, at the foot of the & other; Xiangyun & throughout; Being ejected from his special shoes. This group of photography, called the “Buddha in Paris” is his & other; Weightlessness dangling & throughout; Performance of one of the group.

remind impending danger please do not imitate

the magician often secret to keep his mouth shut about their performances, Li Wei has everything to teach, & other; I this is not a secret, but the audience to imitation is not very easy. Throughout the &; Many in the film and television play, the stars are hanging by wei acting all kinds of wonderful fighting scenes. Li Wei said, in fact, hung wei, a test of physical strength, he was in creation, often more than an hour, so he run every day, and practice of the horizontal bar, parallel physical strength and endurance exercise, not only that, but are likely to encounter in the process of creation & other; The moment & throughout; . Recently in Switzerland, performance art, dangling Li Wei suspended cableway in going forward, marching to a half, the motor suddenly out of the situation. But danger lasted only a few minutes, his head off in the end.

looking forward to the artist will be back next month holding exhibitions in hubei

show in Paris & other; Dangling & throughout; , many people onlookers, that’s not Li Wei creation goal, his ultimate goal is to make it into photography. Next month, he will bring these works exhibition to wuhan. It is understood that in 1970 Li Wei born in jingzhou city, hubei province, learning at college oil painting professional, begin to contact behavior art at the same time. & other; His own body as an art medium is blended in among them, feel more art. Throughout the &;