“China’s napoleon” who always stand behind the sun side and (FIG.)

48-1 March 1913, sun yat-sen (front), the qing dynasty (second from left) before and after (second from left) tai chi-tao wrote, entrepreneurs with Japan yokohama auric bank in Shanghai to discuss the crusade against yuan shikai problems such as funds.

48-2 qing dynasty (1874 ~ 1916)

qing dynasty: don’t have to work yourself into

this silent again, always stand in the side and behind, will be full of emotion and full of wisdom, into line unmatched power, on the way towards the republic.

one day in 1914, americans Tom linebarger received Chinese qing dynasty sent a large package.

after Sept. 29, the two had met in Chicago. The a judge in the Philippines, always sympathetic to the Chinese revolution of American, put forward to the qing dynasty that first visit to the United States, he hopes to write biography, therefore, ask him to write some material can be used in the biography.

now, who keep to send the parcel. Start work when unpacking, Tom linebarger excitement & other; Shaking hands a bit & throughout; : & other; I think that containing a brave general life history data. Throughout the &; He carefully opened the package, & other; Like a pilgrimage believers ZhanDou books & throughout; .

in the parcel, it is a document with a typewriter into, long & ndash; & ndash; Calls upon the government to support China’s democracy, against CuanGuo. There is no word of qing dynasty personal meritorious service and great achievement and life.

the qing dynasty, the word, is strong, and sun yat-sen and called & other; Throughout the founding 2 jie &; , ZhangShiZhao elegiac couplet said & other; No, no of the republic of China, there will be a man in the history of & throughout; . Wuchang began before the revolutionary 10 times experienced by revolution, presided over by qing dynasty mostly, & other There is almost no and no service & throughout; . ZhangShiZhao early in the context of the shen Jin said: & other; I smell: talk about overseas revolutionaries of ten thousand people, is better than talking about revolutionaries have ten people in their own country; In the concession about the revolutionaries of one thousand people, is inferior to the revolutionaries in the mainland shall have one. Throughout the &; Who’s taking huge risks and in-depth, it is the study of the history of the consensus of scholars.

this silent again, always stand in the sun’s side and behind, will be full of emotion and full of wisdom, into line unmatched power, on the way towards the republic.