China’s national treasure “lingyin tongdian” four Buddha stolen when day exhibition (FIG.)

lingyin tongdian

the global times special correspondent in Japan Jiang Feng 】 on August 2, China’s top tripod for master zhu through his representative, said at a news conference in Tokyo, Japan, China’s national treasure & other; Throughout the lingyin bronze &; Four statue of Buddha in Japan on April 5 solstice 6 shizuoka Gemini stolen during the exhibition center. & other; Throughout the lingyin bronze &; Is accredited by the guinness book of world the highest bronze, the exhibition in Japan is & other; Throughout the lingyin bronze &; Four statue of Buddha in overseas for the first time. Zhu said representatives Liu Ning 2, China has formally to shizuoka prefecture police department reports to south, Japanese police set up project team, were investigated. It is understood that all four statue of Buddha with bronze casting, about 45 cm tall, each statue of Buddha is about 20 kg. In recent years, due to the black market prices, Japan around the temple Buddha stolen events frequently occur.

to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the establishment and friendly relationship with Japan’s shizuoka province county, zhejiang province, the two sides in April 5 to 6, held & other; Zhejiang & ndash; The 30th anniversary of shizuoka friendly meibutsu exhibition & throughout; . At the request of shizuoka prefecture, China zhejiang & other; Throughout the lingyin bronze &; Four statue of Buddha also exhibited in Japan. But at the time of move-in, the staff found & other; Throughout the lingyin bronze &; Four statue of Buddha missing. China was commissioned a exhibition company tomiichi corporation announced the news in the venue, all staff and launch site search. In addition, China also commissioned Japan called junk QingYunChe and decompose the scene all garbage, but failed to find any. In order to confirm carefully, on May 24, China also in Shanghai, China customs to return to the expo all containers of scanning, but still have not found suspected of Buddha. Therefore, four statue of Buddha stolen facts confirmed in Japan. August 1, China formally to Japan’s shizuoka prefecture police department reports to south.

& other; Throughout the lingyin bronze &; By zhu presided over design and production of arts and crafts master of China, located within the lingyin temple, as high as 12.62 meters, the tallest tongdian, for the world guinness record the highest bronze. Show the shizuoka prefecture, Japan & other; Throughout the lingyin bronze &; Of the four famous mountains of Buddha & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Samantabhadra, manjusri, somehow, guanyin bodhisattva after casting, because the mold has been destroyed, four statue of Buddha has become orphan works of buddhist art. Japan’s shizuoka prefecture related media also made a large number of reports.

in recent years, Japanese Buddha stolen events frequently occur. In 2008 year, shizuoka prefecture temple stolen reached more than 30 pieces of precious figure of Buddha. The Buddha stolen of Kyoto is also very serious. According to Japan’s “sankei shimbun” reported that in July, a temple of the original Kyoto abbot was arrested for theft buddhas. In March 2009, Kyoto, a crime when the Buddha was arrested on suspicion of theft, police found more than 20 statue of Buddha in the home. Kyodo news agency reported that the Japanese criminal target temple Buddha, may be associated with black market prices. In the Chinese art of figure of Buddha stolen, Japan by the thief’s goal has been from the past Japanese figure of Buddha, turned to the countries, including China, the Buddha. , according to kyodo news agency reported Wednesday in June, a Japanese man carrying 58 pieces of Chinese cultural relics by guangdong outbound, was seized on the spot.

& other; Throughout the lingyin bronze &; Four statue of Buddha stolen, Japan friendly people are very concerned, launch parties, for the Buddha. Liu Ning 2, said at the news conference, the four Chinese Buddha stolen in Japan is a very pity, hope that the Japanese police attaches great importance to, and to solve them as soon as possible. At the same time, he said it was a pure Buddha stolen events, that does not affect japan-china friendly exchanges between the two peoples. It is understood that the Chinese embassy in Japan also said high attention to the case.