China’s new musicians dadawa: save grown on the land of China


dadawa, China’s new music, ancestral home in changsha, hunan province, was born in guangzhou. Participate in production and the “sister drum” album sold all over the world, 56 countries accumulative total sales of 3 million copies, music YingXiangPian premiere broadcasting in 81 countries, make music milestone for China and world music.

since the start of 2009 by the United Nations development programme (UNDP) named after China’s goodwill ambassador, dadawa start & other; Throughout the world to see &; National culture protection and development, goodwill, and expand the national music journey, leading professional team travel to yunnan, guizhou, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, field investigation, sample collection and sorting of the original music material. On this basis, the dadawa to protect, regeneration of two-way idea to make a music CD album, issued in 2012, and hold art promotion activities.

in November, the drizzle, dong girls Yang Chunnian came to small huangcun again. This is in southeastern guizhou province lush mountains in a dong village, stretches of faded brown wooden house is time. The day is cold, the villagers in a fire to keep warm in the room, black smoke curled up.

Yang Chunnian clearly remember, more than two years ago, dadawa to gather in the village of dong on the day of music is a light rain was falling. Just it is spring and summer, with green hills and water, wild flower color.

dadawa is China’s new music, with a song “sister drum” is famous in the world. In early 2009, she was appointed ambassador of the United Nations development programme (UNDP) China. To find the original music, the same year in July 4 to her with & other; Throughout the world to see &; Goodwill team with professional recording team & other; The world heard & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; National music search journey & throughout; To visit guizhou, yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, xinjiang five provinces, travel more than 20000 kilometers, collecting folk songs material 1000 more than the first. Dadawa described the journey for & other; For the different regions of China in search of voice baby & throughout; , and want to tell the local people & other; This is a valuable & throughout; .

it’s & other Baby & throughout; , due to lack of promotion, combined with the cultural resources are destroyed, and language communication obstacles, are faced with the plight of protection and development. How to save the land to grow out of China, the contemporary music, has been dadawa thinking of problem.