Chinese and foreign temples tomb secret: silk mummy after thousands of years (figure)

silk fabric parcel Peruvian mummy

the well-preserved mummy was found in an ancient Inca tomb. Outside the tomb located in Lima, Peru, Puruchuco – Huaquerones near the site, is by far the largest ancient Inca found the tomb. Archaeologists in the tomb found dozens of ancient remains and a large number of cultural relics, s dates back to 500 years ago. Using silk fabric wrapped mummies, both adults and children.

qin shihuang terracotta warriors

the Terra Cotta Warriors, earthen soldiers with China’s first emperor of the buried underground. 35 kilometers east of qin shihuang mausoleum is located in shaanxi provinces and cities have established, more than 2200 years history. When carries on the excavation, life-size warrior figures emerge in front of the archaeological personnel. Emperor qinshihuang’s covers an area of more than 22 square miles (57 square kilometers), it is said that the use of 700000 people. In 1974, a group of farmers found the emperor qinshihuang when digging a well.