“Chinese good voice” critical red: na ying barefoot and the blind girl sing (FIG.)

s na ying barefoot 5-star

s bosom eldest brother liu huan do

s explosion “Chinese good voice” red

claiming to be from rural yellow crane said, barefoot on stage singing one & other; In his hometown throughout the feeling of standing on earth &; .


judge na ying (left), not only with the blind girl yu-xia zhang (above right) sing on stage, with yellow crane (below right) barefoot acting together, at that time in weibo for & other; Implemented throughout the &; .

this summer, did not have the hunan satellite TV “happy girl” is still busy, have more than ten TV occasion aimed at the singing show this fat. As of yesterday, dragon TV have acoustic Asia, zhejiang satellite TV “Chinese good voice”, qinghai TV blossoming flowers “voices”, shenzhen satellite TV, shandong TV a capella group, liaoning TV, “passionate singing” and yunnan satellite TV programs such as the perfect voice “started.

in the history of the largest show singing the melee, zhejiang satellite TV as soon as “Chinese good voice” premiere scored the second, on the day of the TV variety shows in 32 cities nationwide ratings of 1.58%, second only to hunan satellite TV “day day up”. Week while at the same time period to hunan satellite TV broadcast drama, “online the xuanyuan sword” of 1.655%, but also successfully divide the part of the audience, because the scar of xuanyuan sword against “Chinese good voice” no ratings is 1.865%.

as of yesterday, about the programme weibo number has reached more than 570 ten thousand, including yao Chen, feng xiaogang and sicheng Chen celebrities is to discuss the program in the form of brush screen, this is any a singing show have not seen before. More surprisingly, the candidates for the program to the night, the hai-xing xu have sprung up in the program, Huang Yong, Zou Hongyu player has been a net friend & other A big bottom & throughout; . Only on the issue of “Chinese good voice” why, morning paper reporter to interview the parties know, mainly because of program form novel, a line of music teacher lowers himself no longer & other; Poison tongue & throughout; Fierce and iwom propaganda