Chow tai “ding” or for hot pot at the earliest The han people have to eat “yuanyang pot”

at the moment in winter. Hot pot, is probably this time point consumers favorite dish, according to the analysis of archaeological finds Chinese people eat hot pot is a traditional truly, as early as twenty-three thousand years ago in ancient chow, has begun to eat hot pot.

so, how did the ancient Chinese eat hot pot, like to eat hot pot?

chow period or eat & other; Small pot & throughout; In the warring states tomb found & other; Dog meat hot pot & throughout;

if the source of hot pot as the bronze tripod from chow.

tripod is chow tai people cooking, sacrifice the most commonly used cooker & ndash; & ndash; The pot of today. The two differs with pan, three feet, don’t need another stove, can be directly placed on the ground, cooking put the wood under burning line, after many tripod unearthed, there are the marks of smoky under, it is this reason, and that is exactly what the heating characteristics of the hot pot.

this tripod, is actually a kind of hot pot, to cook a combine with container together.

in November 2010, the second phase of archaeological site in shaanxi xianyang airport, cleaning out a 2400 – year – old qin’s tomb of the warring states period. Found in the tomb of a niche in a bronze tripod, a bronze bell and a lacquer residue. The tripod 20 cm tall, abdominal diameter 24.5 centimeters, covered, what astonished the archeologists is, ding had bone soup. Bones are identified, believed to be the dog bones, and prove that this is a dog soup pot, circle boring called & other; Dog meat hot pot & throughout; . This shows that dog meat hot pot ancient and modern Chinese people like to eat. The discovery after the media disclosure, caused a sensation.

in the earlier western zhou dynasty, even before the shang dynasty tomb archaeology, also unearthed a hotpot.

1974-1975, in baoji, shaanxi RuGuZhuang two western zhou dynasty tombs, unearthed one unearthed in the tomb no. 2, with inscriptions & other; White first well JiDing & throughout; . The tripod, strange shape with only one foot, the upper is made eardrum abdomen round pot, at the bottom of the central one column legs, in a three-legged tray. After analysis, it is not normal cooking pot, but the hot pot, can buy charcoal fire heating at the bottom of the dish, convenient to fire with the dishes on the table. From the point of its capacity, filled with food is only big enough for a person to eat, and then presumably dining situations, a person a, eat & other; Small pot & throughout; .

han people have to eat & other; Yuanyang pot & throughout; , dip dye furnace heat seasoning to rinse

by 6 times, more common people eat hot pot. From the archaeological findings, now has all kinds of hot pot, hot pot material is not confined to the bronze category, the iron pot, ceramic pot, etc.; In addition to eat in the form of separate eating & other; Small pot & throughout; , at that time, people also eat up can put a different soup and cooking different flavors of yuanyang hotpot.

museum in big cloud shanxi writing inside the territory of jiangsu xuyi archaeological unearthed a points ding, prove that were directly, the western han dynasty jiangdu Wang Liufei is a real hot pot & other; Version & throughout; . Moreover, not only proved that he likes to eat hot pot, also proved he eat & other Yuanyang pot & throughout; . Points ding, is ding into different cooking space, avoid different taste soup for changing, its principle is the modern diet yuanyang pot, convenient such as acid, hot, hemp, salty diners different eating habits. Ding points 5, intermediate round face to tell all the 4, can be pork, dog meat, lamb, beef, chicken, such as meat, put inside different lattice, thus can eat hot pot to five different flavor.

Liu Fei very can eat hot pot, beside the compartment ding have been unearthed at two & other; Dyeing machine & throughout; . A dye, is to eat hot pot put ingredients of the dishes. From the point of these archaeological discoveries in the coming year, dyeing machine have a plenty of the disk, or a goblet, if there is a heating device, it is called a & other; Dye furnace & throughout; . According to the analysis of dyed furnace unearthed han people eat hot pot with modern humans how to eat a little different, heat the seasoning, and then rinse with eating.

at the beginning of 2007 in the south-north water diversion project, hubei yunxian county on the treasure to cover site found a ceramic pot, with modern Chinese fondue design exactly the same. Identified, the hot pot cooking utensils during the western han dynasty period, visible at the time of the western hubei people also eat hot pot. Similar ceramic hot pot, chongqing YunYang 2000 years ago in a it is also found in the writing. It is a glazed pottery pot stove, kettle stove is equivalent to today’s hot pot, it should be, according to the real life were alive, and the same structures made the funerary wares. Visible, is famous for its hot pot of chongqing people, good at 2000 years ago the bite.