Cixi cherish “picture books” exposure is only to present his 60th birthday

“serial drawings & middot; laoshan Taoist painting

“serial drawings & middot; xia female” painting

“serial drawings & middot; red clouds painting

Each TaoMengQing

once upon a time, swept the country in the last century the picture books of comics, quietly killed a comeback, and become the latest must-haves in the nostalgic. In taobao and Tmall search & other; Strip & throughout; , a total of 360000 & other; Baby & throughout; ; And on the baidu search & other; Strip & throughout; There are 2.47 million results.

in the old bookstore, a more than 20 years before the original picture books, can sell & other; Antique & throughout; The price. Modern talents like comic books, but not the qing galeries lafayette is watching, courtesy of the picture books, in the national museum of the serial drawings, is that she is precious thing in the world.

1 60 birthday, only to see the present

don’t think that the store will only with a straight face all day long with minister said the military affairs, the dynasty, she just like us, also need a pastime. Look at picture books, is one of her pastime. China’s national museum of the serial drawings, is the red cap merchant in the qing dynasty seo yoon to galeries lafayette a picture books. This is according to pu songling “strange stories” drawn up.

in 1894, the dowager 60 birthday, she held a celebration, accept the ChaoHe court officials. Face pressed officials antique treasures, she no longer felt fresh, the only time a drama serial, comic books, let her feel very interesting, so that people have a look. See beautifully framed, illustrated the serial after, she is very popular.

according to expert textual research, drama serial, businessman seo yoon organization in the qing dynasty, is well-known painter at that time. Seo yoon, is the late qing dynasty famous red top businessman, formerly known as xu to Zhang, xiangshan county (now) zhuhai of guangdong province. Xianfeng years, he with his uncle doing business in Shanghai.

in the 1860 s, started with seo yoon to open tea, founded after the Marine insurance company, and in the publishing industry, founded in Shanghai in 1881 with brother Xu Hongfu stationery office, with orders from the imperial court, printing & other; Imperial palace throughout the do &; Radix stemonae “books integration”, including “dictionary”, “the child s essence”, “palin Wen Zhai painting and calligraphy”, “yi jin jing”, etc.

she announced his 60th birthday this year, he had heard that she likes to read, “liao zhai zhi yi” the painting famous together at that time, created this “serial drawings”.

in 1900, the g8 coalition forces of aggression against China, drama serial, by Russian troops plundered. Until 1957, when the culture minister zheng zhenduo visit to the Soviet union, the Soviet government promised to return the “serial drawings” to China.

drama serial, copies of the original 48, now only 46. Brochures for folding book, cover and back cover to tapestry framed, very beautiful. The book with 420 serial story. Each story of drawing, less then 1 page, more than five pages. Much to one page drawing with a page of text.

text to sense and stories, such as the sense of the journal HuanNian: & other; Occasional cause shelter in affectionate, willing to knot marriage failed to unexpectedly; Night static GengLan play a tune, good marriage by generation. Throughout the &; Acknowledged and then tells a wen scholar because shelter HuanNian adventure story. Next to the text, is a colorful picture.

so, a sense, a story, a painting, each page illustrated, vivid, the content of each serial story is clear.