College students hand-painted sun yat-sen poker sun yat-sen history according to time in my life

since hand-painted map in 5 colleges and universities student mass organizations na Lin has greatly and design & other; Hand draw poker & throughout; , poker with lifelike, soong ching ling hand-painted portrait. And this special poker on May 18 in sun yat-sen’s mausoleum scenic area and south newsstand Lin, set limit to issues 2000 vice.

54 different beautiful hand-painted portrait

hand draw poker is a junior at college of art and design Xu Fuming mass organizations na Lin has greatly independent design, invested 8000 yuan, has spent nearly two months. A pair of poker, a total of 54, 54 of different hand painted portraits. Reporter saw this pair of poker width than ordinary poker 1 cm long, the first one is the portrait of generalissimo sun yat-sen in guangzhou in 1917, the last one is sun yat-sen and soong ching ling wedding portraits. Poker drawing near also equipped with corresponding text introduces historical events, the same design and color is from A to K, according to the time axis & other; Account & throughout; The historical events, & other; The same design and color, I first row of sun yat-sen’s historical events, and soong ching ling. Throughout the &; He said. Finish see this pair of poker, can probably understand the history of sun yat-sen and soong ching ling important in my life. Poker’s retro elegant decorative pattern on the back of around & other; Throughout the world for &; Have a good sense of the words,. Poker packaging design also very exquisite, pull open means, the tank is white, is more elegant.

& other; Sun yat-sen in nanjing has deep roots, soong ching ling is his wife, so I just choose creative depicting the they hand draw poker. Throughout the &; Xu Fuming introduces to the reporter.

from production to packaging to promote a person to complete

production processes of hand draw poker heavy and complicated, from drawing to software choreography, packaging design, colour collocation to look for the printing, posters, outlets, all made by Xu Fuming, although this is his first time working, but altogether only spent more than two months.

he studied art, painting language, deep & other; Be the work of spare time every day, only two picture failed. Throughout the &; Xu Fuming is good at painting portraits, he painted many times, deng xiaoping, sun yat-sen and other characters, all his paintings are a large number of reproduced online. In order to make the hand draw poker more perfect, poker modified before and after 6 times, box also changed three times, & other; These are all use photoshop to manufacturers throughout the printing &; .

more than two months, he had to go to sun yat-sen’s mausoleum at six or seven times. After confirm the market prospects, he took his poker template to sellers of attractions, & other; There is only one seller didn’t agree, the other promise to sell goods on a commission basis & throughout; He told reporters. Hand-painted CARDS will be coming ashore pioneer bookstore and the presidential palace, & other; If sales good, later also will sell in the Confucius temple there & throughout; .

will also be hand-drawn series celebrity poker

in the university, to reduce the financial burden on parents, Xu Fuming living expenses are on weekdays part-time and work-study programs to earn. From freshman year begins a design company in nanjing, a part-time job. He main adornment in the company, although to day, but also learn many things, & other; As some of lacquer painting process: shape, color, I learned to stick a platinum. Throughout the &; And his name stamp on the hand draw poker, also carved personally designed by him. Xu Fuming tells a reporter, if this is done is successful, he will continue to go the way of hand draw poker, such as hand-painted, hand-painted nanjing MAO zedong.