Cologne corpus to launch by the end of 57 exclusive authorization works worth $ten million

master li, chu, luk siu fung, shaw eleven lang & hellip; & hellip; A few people could these reputation ManJiangHu hero? Publishers to read the guest book, included 57 classic cologne martial art works will be released at the end of the year “in collection of cologne. And the sole authorization, let cologne works development management committee booked royalties.

films adapted super jin yong qiong precious jade

cologne is one of the most widely read Chinese writers have, is a generation of kung fu novel, he in enormous creativity write wonderful works, create a new road of wuxia novels. Cologne life produced more than 60 enduring classic novel, since 1971, by the cologne novel, dramas adapted works as many as two hundred more than, is & other; Is the film and television adaptations of the most frequently throughout Chinese writer &; , more than jin yong and qiong precious jade.

began in 1971, the controversy about cologne content adaptation is never stopped, from tsui hark to Mr. Wong, from Eric tsang to chor yuen, almost every director remake cologne works, each year from picky and abuse from cologne fan, recently hit more referred to as “tianya moon knife & other; Ray beings throughout the &; . Cologne I also have a lot to the film and television play adapted, had anger means & other; Producer & throughout; For & other; Making fool & throughout; . In order to present the ideal level of their own works, cologne had himself content producer.

it is well known that cologne novel man, largely due to his unique personal style, such as martial arts, prodigal feelings and artistic conception through the wisdom of the world human sentiment after, these can only feelings through words, through the film and television play and after the game, it means that it is hard not to loss. In order to cater to the market, many directors will consider joining the modern science and technology elements, these are not accord with cologne the temperament of the original novel.

tsui hark’s martial arts movies and wong kar-wai’s “east evil west poison” is recognized as the most close to cologne temperament of the film, in addition to other film and television play, almost lost the soul of cologne martial arts, so the real & other Cologne fan & throughout; , tend to be more passionate about cologne original books, games, film and television instead become a chicken ribs.

hope after 90, 00 after they also fell in love with cologne

the read guest books cost 10 million, heavily with cologne 57 exclusive licensing works in the mainland, will through the new packaging, launch & other; Throughout history the most collection value &; Cologne corpus. Cologne Zheng Xiaolong also the firstborn of the cologne the publication of the novel full of expectation. It was revealed that the process of editing cologne corpus is nervous, will take the lead in put out at the end of this year “xiao li fly knife” 4 in this series, “chu” series 4 copies, “the legend of lu xiao feng” series 7.

it was revealed that the preparations for the cologne of corpus is in progress, published reference for decades many cologne works version, made the redaction of abnormal strict processes and standards, and hired professional proofreading repeatedly, the old version of the wrong character, pragmatically, logic errors, etc all can be amended in the new version, strive for the charm of cologne works to achieve maximum condition.

Zheng Xiaolong said: & other; The cologne corpus is the latest and most all currently we cologne works version, see such a result, the father must be very happy. Throughout the &; At the same time, he also thinks, & other; Father’s work has transcended the martial arts category, love, friendship, the hero of the book, prodigal and many philosophical words, I moved to read special, there are also some enduring story and characters, young readers believe that the mainland will like, so very hope can through this publication, activate the cologne novel charm, let after 90, 00 after also fell in love with cologne. Throughout the &;

(jeng-yi shieh)