Conan Doyle’s 154th birthday Has been accused of suspected murder relatives

conan Doyle –

Beijing, May 22 (xinhua) today is & other; The father of Sherlock Holmes & throughout; And Britain – reasoning novelist conan Doyle’s 154th birthday day.

conan Doyle, born on May 22, 1859, father is a government JianGongBu civil servants. His teenage years in the church school, then studying medicine at the university of Edinburgh, m.d., Ph.D. Degree in 1885, then in line, west in practice. But he have a strong interest in literature, especially love reading detective stories ancestor Edgar – Allen POE’s works, and constantly to contribute cornhill magazine.

in 1887, he wrote to the protagonists are the first detective Sherlock Holmes stories, a study in scarlet. The novel named “at 1887, annual Christmas”, and the detective immediately attracted the interest of the people. Subsequently, a second piece “four signature” in 1890, was a huge success.

in 1891, conan Doyle decided to abandon the medical article, specializes in writing. From the beginning in July 1891, “Bohemia scandal” and so on 12 detective Sherlock Holmes stories are published in the journal of the seaside. Again at the end of 1892, conan Doyle published begin with “silver horse” 12 detective Sherlock Holmes stories, and in 1894 it is compiled into the publication of memoirs. In the novel ending, Sherlock Holmes in the stream of unfortunate fall & other; Drowning & throughout; . However, the end to the reader. Forcing Doyle and eventually back to Sherlock Holmes & other; Resurrection & throughout; .

life Doyle wrote a total of 56 short detective stories and detective medium-length novel 4, all Sherlock Holmes as the leading role. In his later years, Doyle began to believe that spiritualism, even had to give priority to write several novels. Somebody thinks, this and his son were killed in the war. Conan Doyle – died in July 7, 1930.

however, people did not forget the novelist. His book sold overseas, knowledgeable and eccentric personality holmes and reasoning one of the most famous detective in the history of the novel.

it is interesting to note that devoted his life to write detective fiction Doyle was junior alleges & other; Suspected murder & throughout; . Doyle’s nephew’s widow georgina – John Doyle’s “out of the shadows: conan Doyle first family secret book, said Doyle bullying, indifference of sons and daughters, stolen works of others, and incredibly still have suspected murder.

however, conan Doyle – has become a part of history. He left for the reader a rich literature wealth.