Curiosity rover found ancient riverbed monuments (FIG.)

scientists in & other; Curiosity & throughout; Back to the photographs found on Mars legacy of ancient riverbed of gravel

international online features: according to the Associated Press and The Daily Telegraph reported on September 28, NASA’s & other; Curiosity & throughout; Rovers have discovered ancient riverbed traces on Mars.

, NASA scientists said 27 in & other; Curiosity & throughout; Back to Mars, found that in the picture in the Gale Crater (Gale Crater) northern edge and Mount Sharp (Mount Sharp) there are many has aggregated into a conglomerate gravel, between the gravel should be very fast when the water flows through here.

according to the size and shape of the rubble, the scientists estimate that the ancient Martian rivers flow velocity to about 0.9 m/s, the depth of the roughly equivalent to the height of the ankle between the hips. Some gravel have been very tactful, prove they are to arrive here after a long journey.

it is reported that scientists had found other evidence there is water on Mars, but this is the first time found the legacy of ancient riverbed of gravel. (statement)