Dayu released the world’s first prohibition: later, as wine of subjugation

“wine letters patent” is China’s earliest prohibition


the tail and head of the year-end, the central & other; Prohibition & throughout; Impact, this year a lot of government purchasing drinks more than normal & other; Low profile & throughout; , quantity and price are lower than in previous years. In fact, & other; Prohibition & throughout; Into historical stage time for a long time, is one of the oldest law. Although there is no completely dry countries around the world, some countries about the prohibition of the legal system is severe.

the world’s oldest wine originated in when and where, now can’t prove that. A legend is: the first inventor of wine is du kang, who wrote in the short poetry & other; How dispel melancholy, only has the dukang & throughout; . In the han dynasty has & other; Du kang & throughout; As synonymous with wine, this term has been spread so far.

there is a saying, the wine is a call & other; Instrument DE & throughout; The women’s invention. According to the “ce” records: & other; XiZhe, emperor female make instrument DE for wine and beauty, jin zhi yu. Throughout the &; To this, also have the same record in our “peaceful”, & other; Instrument DE beginning wine mash, five tastes. Throughout the &; From the point of view of the “ce”, & other; Emperor female & throughout; Command instrument DE do wine, according to intellectual property law now, & other; Emperor female & throughout; Is the holder of the wine, instrument DiZao behavior is actually a kind of wine & other; Duty behavior & throughout; , so, in our country in ancient times, officials in charge of the wine also known collectively as more & other; Instrument DE & throughout; .

no matter how to say, China is recognized as the first country to invent the wine in the world.

“wine letters patent” : the earliest Chinese & other Prohibition & throughout;

with the production of wine, prohibition has become one of the oldest law into the stage of history. The world’s oldest prohibition appeared in our country, is almost at the same time accompanied by wine was born. According to the “ce” records, & other; Emperor female & throughout; That yao’s two daughters: the emperor moths, female British, instrument DE wine into to yu, yu feel very delicious after tasting, and said to the & other; Future generations will be in wine wu throughout its feeling emigre &; , so a ShouYu, imperial edicts DE don’t wine again.

itself as China’s first Wang Chaoxia great-great-grandfather, he released the prohibition of didn’t have any warning effect on later generations. According to records, the xia jie & other; Do YaoTai, financial resources of the people “, fervently MinCai, wine pool. The joy of longitudinal decadent, a drum and swig throughout three thousand &; Xia jie, eventually lost due to drink. However, succession rule of shells, seize didn’t get rid of the fate of national subjugation, king zhou & other; The wine for the pool, hanging meat for Lin & throughout; , & other; Make Luo phase by which men and women, for the long night of drinking & throughout; , most don’t even drink for seven days and seven nights at a time.

shang wu, after zhou ji fa for imperial past support, the son of the shang king zhou Wu Geng in alborada sealing the kingdom, and at the same time in order to prevent his restoration, beside seal again Bei, Yong and who to strengthen supervision, called & other; Three supervisor & throughout; . Featuring soon die, just turned 13, acceded to the throne as king, which makes the older many unhappy governors. Was used to monitor Wu Geng & other Three supervisor & throughout; , at this time should foster Wu Geng called shells past insurgency. After rebellion was duke of repression, caused the week of the royal family to think, why had both loyalty & other; Three supervisor & throughout; Rebellion? In addition to the struggle for power, it must be excessive drinking makes them lose your head. Duke of zhou and wang think prohibition is imperative, and the first in the history of prohibition of statute law & ndash; & ndash; The wine letters patent. Because wei is the core region of shang dynasty ruled, customs here mostly in wine, so this prohibition laws is for new seal in wei & other; Kang Shu & throughout; Do, must not warn him binge drinking harmful WuJi.

wine letters patent mainly includes several aspects: first, only if the sacrifice can drink. & other; But heaven life, cause my people, but yuan si. Heaven, my civil chaos bereavement, also let the wine but a line, the smaller the big nations with loss, also let the wine but koo. Throughout the &; Say is drinking alcohol is the cause of harmful drunk & other; Loss of DE & throughout; , this has already been former generation and mentioned in the present toward the validation. Second, drinking at the time of need to use moral discipline yourself don’t get drunk, do & other; Drunk, there can be no & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Will not let themselves drunk from people of virtue. Third, we should reduce the wine, love food. & other; Jui yue di boy but throughout TuWu & love my people; And here & other; TuWu & throughout; Refers to crops, and is a waste of food used for wine brewing. Finally, the wine letters patent of shang dynasty also past and the people did warn, let them take care of food don’t drink alcohol, for casual drinkers, once caught will be killed.

can be seen from the wine letters patent, this prohibition legislation purpose has two: one is to prevent harmful, 2 it is to protect the food. Punishment is also very strict & ndash; & ndash; Capital punishment. “Wine letters patent” had a great influence in the history of our country, after become the model of all previous dynasties followed in the prohibition.

The Three Kingdoms period Cao Caojie alcohol

after the western zhou dynasty, dynasties of China for a variety of purposes, are all more or less has some prohibition. At the beginning of han, prime minister Xiao Heceng decree & other; The forbidden group of drink & throughout; , & other; Drinking three or more persons cause group, four two fine & throughout; . This bucket is mainly in order to prevent the folk private, save food wine. In The Three Kingdoms period, prohibition time is multifarious, various forces emerge in endlessly, appeared a lot of fun.

Liu Beigang into shu, in order to raise and commissary, issued a stern prohibition folk wine is forbidden. Biography of the reflection & middot; jian3 yong, liu bei and jian3 yong walk on the road, accidentally saw a farmers home entities wine tools, liu bei is great anger, ready to the person punished. Admonition for liu bei this is too harsh, jian3 yong fingers and a woman walking by the road, said they will ChengGan, why don’t the tetrarch jeopardy? Liu bei. Jian3 yong said, the men’s and women’s body hidden ChengGan apparatus, this and was punished for possession of brew of is a reason. Liu2 bei4 laugh, then put the the possession of wine making tools of farmers.

lyu3 bu4 sneak attack liu bei had Pi city, is surrounded by cao cao army. In order to prevent the drinking broth, lyu3 bu4 special lifted the prohibition, the military anyone not drink wine. His general wilford waiting because I found the lost horse, wine and pressed lyu3 bu4, secretly. Only to deny, lyu3 bu4 turned against the wine all the will of the blow. General wilford, therefore with resentment, when you go to bed before lu bu the bundle, and then offer the city surrendered. Lyu3 bu4 couldn’t dream that, he will be because of the prohibition against the will, the heavily fortified green zone.

a contemporary of cao cao also because food problem and rectify folkway, determined to enact prohibition. Results under prohibition just less fu jung is the first jump out to oppose. Jung’s descendants, the governors, and all the way after take refuge in cao cao has been preoccupied. Although he production is a drinker, who wrote: & other; I debt more, public charmed few lines. Talk was once pour thousand Shang & throughout; The bold lines.

jung of prohibition against, not only at the king’s hall on the big, but also specifically wrote an article on the mighty “on wine banned books”, published in order to make fun of cao cao, he against the prohibition in the form of list: heaven have called & other; Wine flag & throughout; The stars, the earth has called & other; Jiuquan & throughout; County town, alcohol isn’t the stars of heaven and earth to jiuquan county was renamed? Hurried to save repeatedly, Dutch courage repeatedly cut white Dutch courage, scene emperor ang good drinks, and yuan qu yuan is not to drink, results in chu was bad luck. So, jung came to the conclusion: & other; Thus, what wine to zheng zai! Throughout the &;

article, cao cao also immediately post back, past dynasties to enumerate all subscribe to the king of the alcoholic LuanZheng as a rebuttal. Jung also wrote an article on the more critical response: history had monarch because too much love and lead to national subjugation and humility is to ban benevolence and humility? When lu perish because of too believe in the literature, to forbid people to write? All because of love a woman and Xia Chaohe shang dynasty perishes, isn’t it will be no marriage? To this, cao cao was speechless. Though the debate prohibition made jung, eventually at the expense of life, but the alcohol and the prohibition of jinxiu article is eternal, become a trivia in the history of prohibition.