“Death”, a philosophy professor hanging suicide Often encourage students to cherish life


yesterday morning, jiangxi nanchang red valley beach district, a philosophy professor xiao-jiang zheng to place the 18th floor roof of morning exercises, and fell to his death. After the preliminary investigation, nanchang police have ruled out murder.

no signs before fall

7 o ‘clock yesterday morning, nanchang 110 pury garden residents were reported to turning center, said someone fall. After that, the police and 120 emergency workers rushed to the scene, respectively confirmed hanging xiao-jiang zheng has died.

yesterday afternoon, pury garden fall incident confirmed a resident district. According to introducing, xiao-jiang zheng 56 years old this year, as professor of jiangxi normal university. His wife works in jiangxi publishing group, s.a garden for publishing group of jiangxi JiZiFang, xiao-jiang zheng family lived in one of the three layer buildings.

people familiar with the matter, xiao-jiang zheng have the roof in the habit of morning exercise, usually, he gets up around 6:30 namely. Yesterday morning, xiao-jiang zheng after getting up, and his father-in-law to the 18th floor roof morning exercises. Since then, his father-in-law go downstairs and have my breakfast first, wait for long time not see xiao-jiang zheng went downstairs, are thinking of looking for it, hear the neighbors call someone fall, didn’t know he had an accident. This, according to people familiar with the xiao-jiang zheng accident, in the usual morning exercise clothes and shoes, before going out, he didn’t show any abnormality, & other; The possibility of suicide note also is very small. Throughout the &;

slip fall or suicide

xiao-jiang zheng falling back, body was sent to the funeral home. But in view of the process xiao-jiang zheng hanging, the media did not find the direct witnesses. According to local press field reconnaissance, the roof and below the point is not within the scope of monitoring, & other; Morning fog over the city, even with a camera, didn’t take. Throughout the &;

last night, police in nanchang, after preliminary understanding and investigation, he may be killed.

55 points at three in the afternoon yesterday, jiangxi normal university official weibo said: & other; Our school professor xiao-jiang zheng this morning they are living in a village unfortunate accident fell to his death, you. Throughout the &;

to stumble fall, has doubts about these people, the more likely to think the suicide. Person, according to the analysis of residential building roof xiao-jiang zheng lived all around have guardrails, falling on the road or location of the guardrail is about 1.3 meters high, with adult chest height, to encroach, taking something need shoes, so remote possibility to stumble. In addition, the person also points out the relevant details: after zheng fell on his face, there is no blood on the ground, the ground position and only one or two meters distance between buildings, & other; Is almost directly from the roof fall. Throughout the &;

the relevant details, nanchang police did not reply. Police said that ruled out after him, suspend investigation procedure, no further investigation.