Decryption “job-hopping” : refers to the original cast in love between men and women

the yangcheng evening news on December 3 issue of the words in the Ming and qing dynasties & other job-hopping & throughout;, romantic field started “, referring to & other; Job-hopping & throughout; The origin of the word and is used, the author added below.

today is often used in spoken & other Job-hopping & throughout; Understand, can’t literally. The source of the word, the Yang Ming dynasty in the Yang shen zhen “in a solution:

& other; Early Wei Ming emperor as king, YuShi as the princess, and acceded to the throne, tea has a pet and ding YuShi, charting the queen mother brings, YuShi yue: & lsquo; Around the good base, not to be able to make final, almost sure yi national subjugation. & rsquo; Then Mrs Guo has a pet, MAO love chi, also gives the death. & hellip; & hellip; They judged the yuan legend, the Ming emperor as job-hopping, saying this. Throughout the &;

according to Yang shen’s records, Wei Wen emperor first pet a YuShi and Mao Shihe guo lady, with a special feeling extremely. Later, the yuan dynasty legend will Wei Ming emperor the inconsistency of this behavior is called & other; Job-hopping & throughout; . So, the original meaning of the word, refers to the cast on the love between men and women.

although out of the yuan dynasty, but & other; Job-hopping & throughout; The use cases in the Ming and qing dynasties. Such as feng Ming dynasty folk songs set “hang ZhiEr”, there is a “jump” : & other; Love you, my criteria, and you in the same year, less two deep, sent off to, don’t go to jobs. Throughout the &; Men and women both parties express is with affection to desire. As a result of the romantic field clients, old and abandoned, prostitutes, a new love and use situation not proprietary in common, & other; Job-hopping & throughout; Nature also used for this. For example: Ming LingMengChu crucco spoils: & other; Have the help to drill a lazy one creature, lure him to jump. “A rich prodigal, mind the most is not often, draped will take root, saw a, just one. Throughout the &; And clear Shen Fu SCFL (six chapters of a floating: & other; Job-hopping means xiufeng today cui bright red, vulgar, or even a recruit two prostitutes. Throughout the &;

in the same way, for the employees, the new master, and & other; Job-hopping & throughout; The & other; Not only throughout the &; Similar, & other; Job-hopping & throughout; Was also used to leave the original career plan b. For example, Mr Qing “PinHuaBaoJian” : & other; That her favourite worse, if good, I also did not move. Throughout the &; This usage is now & other; Job-hopping & throughout; The commonly used. Cantonese from the qing dynasty, with the righteous.

to China in the 19th century British missionary w. obscheid, namely has the manuscript in 1869, guangzhou dialect dictionary includes & other; Job-hopping & throughout; And explain: to jump from one ‘s manager; To leave the an employ without cause. Show & other; Job-hopping & throughout; In qing dynasty used in cantonese spoken today is exactly the same.

& other; Job-hopping & throughout; From yuan dynasty to today, the meaning from the cast of love to the client a new love, and then to find another new employees, in & other; Not only throughout the &; Change all the way. Spread the word nor & other; Throughout all the flat &; , in common language already & other; Die & throughout; , although still in cantonese, but after the founding of the main use in Hong Kong and Macao regions.

in the 1980 s after the reform and opening to the outside world, and by the Hong Kong and Macao regions & other; Put back the clock & throughout; Back to the great river north and south, people to this stranger & other The old words & throughout; Quite strange, thought it was a new word, is retained in the cantonese a modern Chinese vocabulary.