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xingjiao temple spirit bone by xuan zang spirit moved to sketch

xuan zang exactly how a person?

xingjiao temple and xuan zang have what relation?

xuan zang spirit bone status? & ndash; & ndash; & ndash;

recently, to tie in with the silk LuShen of work, relevant departments began to dismantle some xingjiao temple in ancient buildings, in one thousand because of xingjiao temple tower, xuan zang is the spirit of the bones in the xuan zang. So at that time, xuan zang and xingjiao temple topic become the focus of social attention. So, in the history of xuan zang exactly how a person? Xingjiao temple and xuan zang have what relation? Attention of xuan zang spirit bone situation how?

xuan zang origin

s load, the luoyang Gou xuan zang’s county (now henan yanshi) person. According to “the great temple monk biography of mage and the continued monk biography & middot; biography of xuan zang, common family name is Chen yi, he comes from Confucianism family, childhood with his father learn the Confucian classics such as” xiao “, & other; For general classic & throughout; , & other; Love GuShangXian & throughout; , formed the good morals. After his father died, and the second brother Chen Su in luoyang pureland temple monks, as long the mage. Xuan zang eleven years old that year, with long jie into the temple by the learning method of sutra, “d” by “and so on. & other; Thirteen years in accordance with the elder brother, late in life. Throughout the &;

after becoming a monk xuan zang, first in luoyang pureland temple follow scene mage the nirvana sutra, strictly mage learn the perturbation theory of mahayana (hereinafter referred to as “the perturbation theory of”), for six years. Tang Gaozu ‘first year (618 years), and his brother left luoyang to changan jie, then go to sichuan, in the air, scene two mages (HuiJing, perturbation theory scholars) study. The following year, xuan zang to chengdu listen to treasure Siam the perturbation theory, and follow the base & other Throughout all department &; “O abhidharma theory”, then in the way of vibration study “hair intelligence theory”.

to find the original code sends the foot west

in four or five years, by many famous refers to grant, xuan zang to & other; Big theravada throughout the theory &; , & other; Throughout north and south to theory &; , & other Theory of perturbation theory & throughout; All have the deep insight, such as famous shu. But he did not meet, wushu seven years (624 years) to phase state (now in henan anyang city in the Midwest), phase state was the center of the perturbation theory, from the hui xuan zang suspension “miscellaneous heart theory”, and to the zhaozhou (now in hebei province, zhao country), along with the deep study, real lun, hear back changan from tao yue “on all house”, and provide the wude years to China’s more than India in a polo and romy (hereinafter referred to as & other; Wave & quite throughout;) Consulting the dharma.

as early as the northern and southern dynasties, Buddhism academia began & other; Refer to mention being presence of Buddha & throughout; The debate. To xuan zang age, popular in the north has long “nirvana”, “into a real”, “abhidharma” and is in the south of the translation of travels “perturbation theory”, “all fish”, constitute the mainstream of the Buddhism at that time. But master xuan zang through learning that the deeply meaning of good translation is not good, the philosophical connotations and ambiguous, understanding is differ, the appearance is different also, to divide some important theoretical issues, difficult to merge.

wude nine years (in 626), by the nalanda monastery in India to teach in China of the doctrine of the temple monks wave to changan, in good hing temple “the great solemn by the theory of translation, the kai xian spreading theory. This year, xuan zang is chang ‘an temple of great enlightenment, must have been inspired by wave quite, learned that India has the highest institution of higher learning the nalanda buddhist temple and buddhist scholar kai xian where the teaching of the theory of yoga teacher to information, thus determined to the west, straight out of the original code, back translation, in order to unify the Chinese Buddhism ideological differences. Drawing two years (in 628), 29 of xuan zang, west to the foot.

dynasty nineteen years (645 years) in the first month, xuan zang back to changan, over 17 years in the study, is money. Since then, with the support of emperor taizong, he chang-an yu hong fu temple organization translation field, start the translation. In the meantime, he & other; Specialization henceforth, don’t fall into a brief moment seems to last a & throughout; . Translated by, & other; Twilight 2 speak daily diet of completion of the new theory, and states listen XueSeng constant throughout to never doubt please & righteousness; . Translated by blizzard, xuan zang dictated by the disciple to contend machine penned completed the famous book “the datang western region, fully documented he heard foreign study.

xingjiao temple several vicissitudes

(664) of the first year of Tang Linde xuan zang parinirvana. At the beginning of history, the spirit of bone was buried near chang ‘an white deer villiage, the mourners in more than ten thousand people. ZongZhang two years (in 669), the court for the change of buried & other; Datang protecting xingjiao temple & throughout; (the impromptu temple). Tang Su also for stupas pro inscribed tower & other; Xingjiao & throughout; The word.

but after thousands of years, xingjiao temple has several vicissitudes, experienced the vicissitudes of life. Tang middle, xingjiao temple has gradually decline. Li han tai two years (in 828), the tang government in view of the badly damaged temple tower, Ceng Chongxiu tower. Dajing years (1862-1874) BingXian xingjiao temple, in addition to the three stupas, fire the temple, and a few in ruins. 1922 monks raised hall, monks room more than 10, and successively by Zhu Ziqiao, cheng chien build and repair tower pavilion, the gate of the temple, the scripture-stored, etc., and repair of the tower.

after the founding of new China, the government grants refurbished twice. Now xingjiao temple main building are: the gate, drum tower, Ursa major, the dharma, meditation room, the scripture-stored tower, etc.

spirits bone by division several Ann

as for the spirit of bone, xuan zang of the tang dynasty is thought to, there has, for the sake of preservation, monks hence protecting with bone spirit into mount zhongnan ZiGe temple for burial. To zhao Song Duan arch first year (988), jinling (now jiangsu province) wellwishing temple abbot can be the political dachaoshan, found in the dangerous waste temple tower mage parietal, hence li bear in person, face to jinling wellwishing temple consecrate. Ming hongwu nineteen years (1386), temple monks maintain and householder Huang Fu lamp will mage parietal bone by long dry temple (namely wellwishing temple, later renamed the gratitude temple) moved to east hills, nangang, build monk tower in Ann. Qing xianfeng six years (1856), the temple was destroyed by fire. Here in the late qing dynasty built jiangnan jinling machine manufacturing bureau, the republic of China to jinling Arsenal.

in December 1943, the Japanese occupation nanjing in construction, from the monk tower ruins unearthed in xuan zang parietal Shi Han Ann. When the Japanese tight blockade news at first, because the nanjing patriots from all walks of life to protest, wang puppet government, under pressure, deal with the Japanese, the Japanese side had to promise the parietal bone is divided into three parts: a on October 10, 1944 in nanjing xuanwu lake built small jiuhua 2-foot-tall tower sacrifice; A welcomed by the then Peiping clergy to Peiping to by the Japanese after (points) to Japan; A crow temple mountain in nanjing was namely wang puppet central cultural relics preservation commission. After which a spirit bone in 1945 by nanjing clergy to meet please to which the temple consecrate, held in 1963 to xuan zang parinirvana one thousand three hundred mark, and parietal pander to were for.

& other; The cultural revolution & throughout; The parietal bone, nanjing buddhist association to city tube will be saved. Soul valley temple in nanjing to repair opening in 1973, approved by the relevant departments, temple from the parietal bone tube will please go back to worship, set up master xuan zang temple memorial, a memorial tower is center of 13 layer dense eaves nanmu, xuan zang mage Ann to serve in this spirit of bone.

was sent to Beijing at the time that a spirit of bone, then experienced more distributed, the migration process. Detachments in the first place, the Japanese attack to Japan, and sacrifice in Tokyo on temple, temple and monastery on the nara pharmacists temple etc. Meantime, in November 1955, please my Buddhism in Taiwan, Japan and distribute a small piece of bone to Taiwan, enshrined in the tower of xuan zang temple jion at the bank of lake. Stay in Beijing as part of the bone, and distribute around the domestic honours: dojo Beijing wide dhi temple, six banyan temple in guangzhou, chengdu and tianjin institute of great wenshu monastery. In 1956, Indian prime minister jawaharlal Nehru visit our country, put forward the ceremony please xuan zang parietal, after agreed by premier zhou enlai, will consecrate a great school in tianjin, escorted by the dalai lama, at the Indian institute of nalanda temple xuan zang memorial hall.

in September 1998, to carry forward the spirit of xuan zang in the Chinese people on both sides of the strait, approved by the state council, may dispense soul valley temple in nanjing one parietal andother xuan zang to Taiwan’s hsinchu university to xuan zang. On November 21, 2003, in memory of xuan zang’s 1400th birthday, xi ‘an temple and soul valley temple from nanjing to meet please master xuan zang parietal andother Ann in new monk xuan zang ‘hall of the great times.

changan xingjiao temple tomb tower has never been excavated

it should be pointed out that, in recent years there are a dozen of shaanxi scholars through the textual research, agreed that actually buried changan xingjiao temple tower of xuan zang’s tomb has never been discovered. From tang song yuan Ming to republic of China, the records of the temple rebuilt very much, but always well-preserved temple tower, especially in the northern song dynasty politics and five years (in 1115) rebuilt, build round test, base two stupas in xuan zang tower, on both sides are effectively prove the xuan zang’s tomb intact, it remains still Yi xingjiao temple. At the same time, some experts believe & other; Historiographical should distinguish religious beliefs and historical facts, monks can zheng travels & lsquo; Parietal & rsquo; To be religious, historical view should not do. Throughout the &; Thus xingjiao temple xuan zang bones is burial history, & other; Hair tower & throughout; And other bugaboos is weak, cannot be established.

of course, the fact how, if above the mystery can be solved, it remains to be further academic research.

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